"The Queen's Garden" (2014) - ITV Documentary on Buckingham Palace Gardens

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Sep 4, 2012
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The Queen’s Garden: ITV's Two Part Series- December 25th, 3:10pm-December 28th, 6pm:

"For those who promptly time their Christmas Day celebrations around The Queen’s televised speech at 3pm have got another treat in store to add to their festivities this year! After Her Majesty has finished her annual message to the nation on BBC One, viewers can eagerly flick over to ITV at 3:10pm to watch The Queen’s Garden – a two part series beginning on Christmas Day which looks at the diverse gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace continues to be a top-spot for tourists when visiting London. However, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the centre of the capital are 39 acres of land and extensive gardens, some of which are not open to the public. In this series, gardener Alan Titchmarsh takes viewers through this haven of flowers, wildlife and trees, discussing the current upkeep of such vast gardens, and the history behind Royal horticulture.

Speaking about the series, the director of factual commissioning at ITV, Richard Klien commented: “There is something magical about a garden hidden behind high walls, and no more so than at Buckingham Palace. The Queen’s Garden is a delightful and charming exploration of that magical world, with a light dusting of royal history.”

Preview of ‘The Queen’s Garden’ with Lucy Worsley

The Queen’s Garden to be shown on ITV. Presented by Alan Titchmarsh | presscentre
Thanks for posting this,I'll probably have to set the dvr to record this as its on during my Christmas dinner time but perfect to watch later when I'll have some quiet time.
Thanks for this information. I'm in America but I'm sure this show will eventually be shown on public television here. I'll be looking for it. I love gardens.
Thank you very much Dman, completely missed that and it is now set to record :flowers:
I wonder if ITV will be re- showing this as my dvr never recorded it for some strange reason and I don't see it on the current ITV schedule.
It was a really interesting documentary and beautifully filmed over several months,looking forward to part2!
It was a nice, sedate documentary. Exactly as I expected. The photography was wonderful. I hate to admit, though, that I fell asleep before the end. And I am a gardener.
Does anyone have the link for Part 02 of this program?

I think the one on YouTube is the whole thing. I watched on PBS. It's starts with a summer garden party and ends with one thus completing the year.

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Actually, I just re-watched the youtube version and it isn't the whole thing. It ends with the decoration of the Christmas trees at Buckingham Palace and then cuts away with the host stating next time he will be focusing on spring and preparations of the summer garden parties.
So if anyone can access the Part 2 on the internet, that would be great!!!
From what I gathered part 2 hasn't been released yet and may not have been filmed yet.
There is a software program called expat shield that will change your IP address to a UK one.

With that running you can watch ITV and BBC online programs.

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Maybe it will get a dvd release shortly?
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