The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2012

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January 2012: Buckingham Palace announces Queen’s programme for the year, expected to include lengthy tour of Britain but no foreign trips.
Other members of the Royal family will carry out extensive programme of foreign tours to represent the Queen abroad.

January to March:
Government will announce which of the UK’s towns is to be given city status to commemorate the Jubilee. One city will also be granted a Lord Mayoralty.

Tuesday, March 20:
The Queen will address a joint session of Parliament in Westminster Hall.

March to July: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will travel around Britain:

29 March: North London
26-27 April
: Wales
1-2 May
: South West England
15 May
: South London
16-17 May
: North West England
2-5 June
: Central Weekend
13-14 June
: East Midlands and East Anglia
25 June
and 25 July: South East England
2-6 July
: Scotland (Holyrood Week)
11-12 July
: West Midlands
18-19 July
: North East England

May 10, 11 and 13:
The World Comes to Windsor. More than 500 horses and 800 performers will put on a 90-minute equestrian display at Windsor Castle.

Saturday, May 19:
Military parade and muster in Windsor.

Saturday, June 2:
The central Jubilee weekend begins with the Queen attending the Epsom Derby.

Sunday, June 3: Jubilee River Pageant. Central event of Jubilee weekend, featuring 1,000 boats from around the world processing down the Thames led by the Queen in the Royal Barge.

Sunday, June 3:
The Big Jubilee Lunch: Millions of people are expected to take part in street parties and garden parties to toast the Queen’s reign in their own communities.

Monday, June 4:
The Diamond Jubilee Beacons. Thousands of beacons will be lit around the world, particularly in Commonwealth countries, to light up the sky.

Monday, June 4:
BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace featuring performers from around the Commonwealth.

Tuesday, June 5:
Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral and carriage procession through London.

Saturday June 16:
Trooping the Colour. The official public celebration of the Queen’s birthday.


1. Royal Barge (artist's impression)
2. Royal Progress
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May Her Majesty live that long! It's too early to plan such celebration, since a lot can happen in four years. Once you're over 80, every day could be the last day. I am always maximally pessimistic though.
As the three-month Jubilee celebrations are going to tie in with the London Olympics the planning for both has to be done at the same time.
Olympics planning takes years, as every resident of a city that has hosted a modern Olympic Games knows.
In 2005 when it was announced that London had got the 2012 games one of the newspapers (I was in Oxford at the time so bought all the papers the next day) had a FAQ about the Olympics and one of them related to the Jubilee. The answer was along the lines that the Jubilee celebrations would be planned not to crowd the Olympics but be close enough for people to attend both. I have no idea which paper now as I didn't keep them and, of course, the next days and for most of the rest of my trip, the papers were full of the 7/7 bombings (the Olympics were announced at lunchtime on the 6/7).
Millions of workers will be given a special four-day weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, it was revealed last night.

To mark the Monarch’s 60 years on the throne, her official birthday on Monday, June 4, will be declared a one-off Bank Holiday.

The traditional late Spring Bank Holiday will be moved back a week to Tuesday, June 5, to provide a four-day break.

Read more:
Plans for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations are causing organisers a major headache.
The aim of the 2012 event is to determine the best way of reflecting ‘Britishness’ – but courtiers and Government officials are torn on how to define the term without being seen as either too politically correct or zealously nationalistic, Palace aides say.
‘Britain is such a multicultural society, and this should be reflected, but organisers are worried that it could be perceived as either too Right-wing or far too PC,’ says my well-placed source.

Read more:
The government today has announced plans The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, including an official Jubilee Weekend on 2nd-5th June

Source: Press releases from Royal.Gov.UK
She's spent her entire life in the spotlight and it would seem fair to assume we've seen every possible image of the Queen.

Her image graces stamps and currency across the world and she is the one of the most recognisable public figures in history yet a new exhibition promises to reveal a new take on the British sovereign.

Dozens of portraits of the Queen - including a holographic image - are going on tour to mark the monarch's Diamond Jubilee, with Lucian Freud and Sir Cecil Beaton among the featured artists.

Read more: Queen Elizabeth as you've never seen her: 60 portraits unveiled to mark Diamond Jubilee | Mail Online
The Governor General of Canada - Creation of the Diamond Jubilee Medal

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, announced today that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has approved the creation of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. The design of the medal, created by the Canadian Heraldic Authority, was unveiled by the Governor General today, at Rideau Hall.

The Governor General of Canada - Diamond Jubilee Medal

A new commemorative medal is being created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne.
Diamond Jubilee emblem unveiled, 21 February 2011

Buckingham Palace and the BBC’s Blue Peter programme today announced details of the official emblem chosen for Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
The emblem is the winning design following a national competition for children aged between 6 and 14. It was designed by 10-year-old Katherine Dewar, from Chester....

Press Release
Link to Emblem (English), Emblem (Welsh)
BBC News - Queen's diamond jubilee to be marked by Thames flotilla

A 1,000-strong flotilla will sail along the River Thames in a celebration of the Queen's diamond jubilee next year, it has been announced.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Royal River Pageant will have 1,000-strong flotilla | Mail Online

On a Sunday afternoon in June 2012, a thousand boats of every shape and size from all over the world – carrying tens of thousands of people – will create the largest flotilla assembled on the Thames for centuries.

At its head, in a newly crafted royal barge, will be the Queen. The organisers have suggested that a million people will be lining the banks.
The BBC Today programme just reported that, on the Diamond Jubilee, the Queen will head a flotilla of a thousand boats.

The other good news is that the Napoleonic fire beacons will be lit again !!
I used to live in Lancashire, at the foot of Ashurst Beacon, and it was very exciting to see it lit...
Announcement of plans for the central Diamond Jubilee weekend in 2012

Buckingham Palace has today announced plans for the central weekend to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

  • Saturday 2nd June, 2012: The Queen will attend the Epsom Derby.
  • Sunday 3rd June, 2012: The Big Jubilee Lunch, The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant
  • Monday 4th June, 2012: BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace, The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons
  • Tuesday 5th June, 2012: Service of Thanksgiving and Carriage Procession
Detailed description of the events planned for 2-5 June 2012


Saturday 2nd June, 2012

The Queen will attend the Epsom Derby.

Sunday 3rd June, 2012

The Big Jubilee Lunch
Building on the already popular Big Lunch initiative, people will be encouraged to share lunch with neighbours and friends as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. This may take the form of a traditional street party or a picnic lunch in small or larger groups.

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant
This event will take place on the Thames and consist of up to 1,000 boats assembled from across the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world.
The Queen will travel in the Royal Barge which will lead the flotilla.

Monday 4th June, 2012

BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace
There will be a televised Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace organised by the BBC with tickets being available to UK residents by public ballot.
The musical programme for the concert is still being planned and is expected to feature British and Commonwealth musicians.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons
A network of 2,012 Beacons will be lit by communities and individuals throughout the UK, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Commonwealth.
As in 2002, The Queen will light the National Beacon.

Tuesday 5th June, 2012

Service of Thanksgiving and Carriage Procession
There will be a Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral and a formal carriage Procession by The Queen.

The Diamond Jubilee Medal

The Queen has approved the design of the new medal to be issued to mark her Diamond Jubilee.

The Medal is silver in colour, with a formal image of the Queen on one side and a hexagon with the crown and royal cipher and the dates 1952-2012 on the reverse. It is suspended from a red ribbon with blue and white stripes.

The Medal is a commemorative medal (e.g. as opposed to a decoration for gallantry) and will be presented to members of the Royal Household, the Armed Forces and members of the Emergency Services next year on the 60th Anniversary of the Queen's Accession, i.e. 6 February 2012. It will also be awarded to holders of the Victoria Cross and the George Cross.

Members of the Armed Forces will have to have completed at least FIVE FULL years of service to the Crown on 6 February 2012 in order to qualify for the award of the medal. Both regular and reserve members of the Services will be eligible. Further details of the qualifying criteria are expected shortly.

The medal has been designed by Tim Noadm, the well-known calligrapher and illuminator. He also works as a heraldic artist for The College of Arms.

I hope this is of interest to members of TRF.

Thank you Alex! :flowers:

I'm interested in seeing what this medal looks like as well as in the people that will be receiving it. This is going to be one exciting year for the House of Windsor.
Don't know where to post this, as the Diamond Jubilee thread has just been locked closed again, so I cannot answer roseroyal, so if the moderators are reading this, perhaps it could be moved to an appropriate place, please.

Plans for the Diamond Jubilee are gradually being released and I've been getting my Royal Windsor Horse Show information through, and can advise forum members that on 3 nights of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, instead of the Tattoo of previous years, a huge celebration of around 1000 horses round the world is to be presented. The Queen and Prince Philip are attending the final performance [i.e. on the third day] and the spectactular is going to be far bigger than 'All the Queen's Horses'.

Press announcements are following,

...on 3 nights of the Royal Windsor Horse Show a huge celebration of around 1000 horses round the world is to be presented.
Queen's Diamond Jubilee: 500 horses from around the world will put on equine display in Windsor - Telegraph
2 November 2011

Queen's Diamond Jubilee event, May 13 2012:
500 horses from around the world will put on equine display in Windsor

More than 500 horses will be flown to the UK from around the world to put on a spectacular equestrian show for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The pageant at Windsor Castle in May will be the first major event of next year’s celebrations and will feature performers from as far away as Chile and New Zealand to represent countries the Queen has visited on more than 250 State visits.

The TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh, who is an ambassador for the event, described it as “the most wonderful and appropriate celebration” possible for a monarch who is famously passionate about horses.

Among the performers from 16 foreign countries will be Inuits from Canada, cowboys from Oklahoma, presidential bodyguards from India, Cossacks from Russia and Huasos from Chile.

"The World Comes to Windsor" show will take place on May 10, 11 and 13 and will be attended by the Queen on the final night.
It will be broadcast by ITV.

Video: Diamond Jubilee equestrian pageant 'will be mindblowing' - Telegraph

Diamond Jubilee equestrian pageant 'will be mindblowing'

Alan Titchmarsh, Angela Rippon and pageant producer Simon Brooks Ward describe the equestrian "global ceremonial" that will be on show to celebrate the Queen's 60 years as monarch. The horses will be accompanied by 800 human performers including riders, dancers and musicians. Among the participants from 16 foreign countries will be Inuits from Canada, cowboys from Oklahoma, presidential bodyguards from India, Cossacks from Russia and Huaso horsemen from Chile.

The link contains a video.
Queen's Diamond Jubilee china goes on sale - Telegraph

Queen's Diamond Jubilee china goes on sale

Hand-decorated cups, saucers and plates featuring a blue and gold oak leaf pattern are being made by the same six potteries in Stoke-on-Trent that produced souvenirs for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in April.

The design, which incorporates the national symbols of rose, daffodil and thistle, is based on a dinner service which was first used by Queen Victoria, the only other monarch to celebrate 60 years on the throne. Perhaps surprisingly, it does not make any direct reference to the Diamond Jubilee, other than including the year, 2012.

Instead the tableware closely follows the design of the 144-piece Rockingham Service, which was first used in 1838 at the coronation banquet of Victoria, and is still used at State banquets including the visit of President Obama in May. At the centre of the service is William IV’s coat of arms, which has been specially redrawn for the Diamond Jubilee.

V Diamond Jubilee China
Image is promotional material and not subject to copyright


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Royal family global tour to mark Diamond Jubilee - Telegraph
"Queen's Diamond Jubilee: the Royal Family's global tour in pictures."

A photogallery.
"Diamond Jubilee: Royal Family will visit every Realm."

"Diamond Jubilee: Queen's tour of UK."

"Kate and Wills head to Tuvalu: Couple to visit Pacific island as Royal Family tour globe in huge celebration of Queen's Diamond Jubilee."

Wow! this is an exhausting schedule~ I'm looking forward to observing each and every stop on the Royals tour.
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