The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Address to Parliament: March 20, 2012

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On 20 March 2012, the Queen will be presented with addresses from the House of Lords and House of Commons commemorating her Diamond Jubilee in Westminster Hall, after which she will address both houses of Parliament.
BBC1 will be airing the event live at 10:30 AM GMT. C-SPAN2 in the United States will be airing it at 6:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time. (As North America has changed its clocks and the UK has not done so yet, the usual difference in time is reduced by one hour.)
I'm looking forward to this. I believe a new stained glass window in Westminster Hall commissioned to honour the Queen is due to be unveiled tomorrow also?
I recently saw a clip of the Queen`s address to Parliament in 1977, to commemorate her Silver Jubilee. I was too young to remember this event and most of the people she addressed in parliament, that day, the Peers and Mp`s etc, will either no longer be with us or will have long since retired and been forgotten. Yet the Queen is still here, now celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, a constant source of stability and trust. Unfortunately, i am working tomorrow, so i will have to watch a recording, but even so i will watch it with a genuine sense of pride in what is after all, our Nation`s greatest Lady.
Houses of Parliament address Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - News from Parliament - UK Parliament

On Tuesday 20 March both Houses of Parliament will present addresses to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Her Majesty's Accession to the Throne.

The presentation of addresses will take place in Westminster Hall, with the ceremony starting from approximately 10.30am.

This will be followed by the unveiling of the Diamond Jubilee window, a gift from Members of both Houses to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
I didn't know there was to be an address, thank you for staring this thread, wbenson! :flowers:
Hopefully, members of the Parliament will come up with an address that will adequately honour a woman who has been their Head of State for most, if not all, of their lives - and quite a brilliant one too!
Unless the video is blocked from streaming due to copyright restrictions, there should be a live stream available here. Afterwards, I expect that it will be available to view here.
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A nice shot of the stained glass window paid for personally by members of the House of Commons and House of Lords, created as a tribute to HM. This window will be installed in the South Window of Westminster Hall, facing a depiction of her father's coat of arms. This is a tremendous tribute to HM, Westminster Hall is the oldest past of the Palace of Westminster, dating back to the 11th Century.

Guests Look At The Newly Commisioned Diamond Jubilee
A well deserved standing ovation and HM looked absolutely lovely in her buttercup yellow outfit. I particularly liked the contrasting shades on her hat.
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What a lovely address! Most deserved standing ovations indeed. :)
I liked how Her Majesty stressed the importance of family and her resolution to continue serving her country till the end.

'My constant strength and guide': Queen pays touching tribute to husband Philip in historic address to both Houses of Parliament for first time in a decade

She thanked the nation, looked back on her reign, re-pledged her allegiance and praised her loyal family... and before her time was up, she even squeezed in a few jokes. The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee today with an historic address to both houses of Parliament in which she paid a touching tribute to Prince Philip, her 'constant strength and guide' over 65 years of marriage. In a gilded display of very British pomp and pageantry, the ceremony at Westminster Hall saw MPs, peers - and prime ministers past and present - rub shoulders in honour the octogenarian monarch's reign of 60 years.
Mr. Bercow said:
Mr Bercow described her as a 'kaleidoscope Queen of a kaleidoscope country in a kaleidoscope Commonwealth'. He went on: 'Sixty years of stability. Sixty years of security. Sixty years of certainty. Sixty years of sacrifice. Sixty years of service.'

The details of the lovely Diamond Jubilee Window; very beautiful and appropriate tribute.
I also really like this picture of former, current and hoping-to-be Prime Ministers; you can see that their political views notwithstanding, they all respect and admire their Monarch - and what more could a Head of State wish for?
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It was a nice speech and a nice occasion to see several Prime Ministers attending the event.
Bercow is a complete and utter waste of space. He loves the sound of his own voice. He and his awful wife bring their own particular brand of shamelessness to what was previously one of the most storied offices in the country.
I would love to have heard the DoE's comments about Bercow's remarks on the drive back to the Palace.

I thought Bercow's speech was absolutely atrocious. I felt there was a tone of condescension in there, and that's just not appropriate. However, the Speaker of the House of Lords did a fantastic job. Her speech was reverent and touching. She acknowledged Her Majesty's importance not just to the United Kingdom, but to the rest of the Commonwealth, and I really loved that.

Bercow is a complete and utter waste of space. He loves the sound of his own voice. He and his awful wife bring their own particular brand of shamelessness to what was previously one of the most storied offices in the country.

I couldn't agree more. This is the first time I'm seeing this man speak, and I'm not impressed. He is throwing around his own importance on an occasion that has nothing to do with him.

Her Majesty's speech was fantastic. I loved the touch of humor, and the acknowledgement of her husband and family. Also, I loved the look on Prince Philip's face; it was pure adoration and respect. He wasn't seeing an elderly monarch, but the young girl he fell in love with all those years ago. His pride in his wife radiated off of him, especially when he closed his eyes during the National Anthem. It was lovely to see the standing ovation initiated by the Prime Minister. A display of affection and respect for a person who has done a great deal for her nation without being asked, and has rededicated herself to do more just last month. The window is a touching gift, and I bet it will look gorgeous during sunny days.

I would love to have heard the DoE's comments about Bercow's remarks on the drive back to the Palace.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall...:D :whistling:. I'm sure he had a mouthful of witty one-liners that would leave one in tears from laughter.
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