The Nicholas and Alexandra Picture Thread

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It's funny how some of us in the early 21st century appear more taken aback by innocent and private nudity than they were at the beginning of the 20th. Photographs of a naked Tsar (see Russo) and film of him diving naked (see Pamela) have been around for yonks. It would be a rare family, commoner or royal, that didn't and doesn't have photographs or home movies that are considered "family" and private and not intended for public consumption.

Sorry, but I don't understand why these recently released pics of the Tsar's bare bottom should cause such surprise when more revealing pictures are on the record.
It's not as if these images of nude Nicky were postered around St Petersburg or reproduced on cigarette cards to be swapped and collected by schoolboys.

Imagine,In those days swimming nude was normal practice among men,it's the prudes that rule today that muffle and stumble thinking how rediculous they might look doing so.These "objections" had no ground in those days,as I said,it was normal practice in Russia at least as that was always way less prude then the "West".No,you won't find any of these pics in official albums on the family,but why should they,they are "private" moments all of us,btw,see appearing in a Romanov thread for the umptiest time,and still people blush.Telling tho...:whistling:.
Agreed. In most of the books we all have read the authors tell us when the IF was sailing around on the Standart they thought nothing of taking a skinny dip in Finnish waters, hunting for mushrooms and having a picnic. All perfectly normal things for a family to do.
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Amazing photos of Alix and Nicky.

These are truly magnificent photos of a younger Nicholas and Alexandra.
Nicholas resembles his cousin, Prince George, Duke of York like they were twins in a mirror.
These pictures of Alexandra remind me of some of her mother when Alice was first married to Louis of Hesse.

Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra during a hunting expedition in the Bialowieza Forest in 1897
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Alexandra's faced is pinched and hard, unlike her mother, who had a sweet look on her face.
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