The King's Choice -Movie on King Haakon VII

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Should be interesting! - A very dramatic story, also in real life!
Any chance it will be shown in the US and in English?
Its set for a USA release in August 2017 and I'm sure its subtitled ,the Norwegian title is Kongens nei .
I'm glad to see another non US related WW2 film coming to the states.
Its an excellent movie with some very good performances,I watched it recently.
I think I originally watched this on a royal/history-related whim, with bad English subtitles... and I was still struck by how good it was. The cast is excellent, the love between Haakon and Olav (Haakon for everyone, really) is very poignant, the sinking of the Blucher is still wowing fans on YouTube... It really fueled my interest in the Norwegian Glucksborgs.

Not just a fantastic royal movie, but a good movie, period. ❤️
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Glad you enjoyed and what I really loved was it brought a little-known story and so often overlooked in history into the limelight.
The strange thing is I was originally expecting it to go know. The two months Haakon and Olav were on the run trying to avoid being killed or captured after that and how they finally got out of Norway? :flowers:

Which is surely enough for another movie in itself, and I do completely understand why they ended this one where they did, but it makes it fun and informative to watch this with Atlantic Crossing and vice-versa.

Current-Haakon at the TIFF festival telling a nice story about the Norwegian premiere:
(Spoilers: everybody sat outside the palace in the park to watch it).
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