The Duchess of Cornwall's Fashion & Style Part 8: May 2015 - June 2016

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I do not have words for Camilla. It begins to be stylistically one of my favorites. Another one beautiful appearance elegant chic. And I love that necklace.
Poor Camilla, I knew as soon as I saw this photo, what had happened:

You have to understand the life of luxury and ease of the royals.

Firstly, the Air Force (RNZAF) flys you in on a military aircraft that is pretty darned basic. No first, second or business class for them, it's cattle class all the way.

Secondly, instead of landing and hauling up at a civilised terminal with a skywalk, you get the military terminal on the other side of the airfield, steep (and I do mean steep) metal stairs to navigate down to an open tarmac and, since its Wellington Airport, it is either:

a. Pouring down with rain;

b. Blowing a howling gale, or often and in this case;

c. Both!

Sensible Camilla left the hat off and tied her elegant pashmina like a scarf. Plenty of time to play lady's later and, when she dons her hat, it will cover a multitude of sins created by the weather. Not sure whether the umbrella survived.

Welcome to New Zealand Camilla, it's good to see you back. :shock: :photo:

ps: Flying into Wellington Airport on a day like that is pretty hairy and definitely not for the faint of heart.
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:previous: I think it is new and she looks lovely in those blues because they have more depth than pastels which wash her out.

Photo with Steve Hansen: Coach and Richie McCaw: Captain of the All Blacks and the Webb Ellis Trophy.
Camilla so far to this trip is just amazing. Very elegant and chic always.
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That particular shade of blue looks stunning on Camilla. She does have such a unique style all of her own and I really do like it.
I absolutely love the coat. Camilla looks very classy and that shade of blue is to die for.

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Always Camilla of course don't loose her elegance but this specifically the look I do not like the color of shoes you choose.
:previous: Ah, but yesterday was their day off and they dressed down a little at Government House, but were spontaneously invited to crash the All Blacks welcome home parade. They were noticeably casually relaxed. I don't think they packed any jeans.

Actually, I don't like this coat, the colour yes, the style no. It is somehow too fussy with the gored panels flaring quite dramatically, looking almost as if it had been gathering at the waist.

I also didn't like and the neckline which was higher and would probably have looked better with one of her pearl chokers rather than the single strand that was often obscured making her neck looking oddly bare.

Overall Camilla has done brilliantly this time round. During October and November, we usually experience high winds that are either frigid (SW) or scorching (NW), sort of four seasons in one day. Perhaps Camilla took that into account when she packed and deprived us of all but one piece of her magnificent millinery. I loved that lovely, extra long and wide, pink floral scarf that she used in several different ways.




Strangely enough, her windblown look went down really well. Seeing so many lovely ensembles was a real treat and that she and Charles obviously enjoying themselves hugely was the best bonus of all.
Is the blue polka dot a recycled dress? If so, I recall it was very flattering on her.
Another spot on look! I don't care for the shape of the jacket on the bottom, but Camilla looked very much trendy!
If she's going to wear "nude" pumps...

...they should be the color of a nude human, not an Oompa Loompa.
I can't decide if I like it or not. Leaning towards not. Something's off. The size of the dots perhaps...
The buttons on the jacket make it look like it doesn't fit. I don't know if it's meant to look like that

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They seem more of a butterscotch or caramel color to my eyes- not tan. It's not a color I would choose to wear with blue, but they're her feet!

We are all entitled to our own choices and opinions, but I think the shoes work perfectly well.
They seem comfortable to my eyes.

They are probably her most comfortable pair of dress shoes.

This is especially true for a 68 year old woman who was going to be doing a lot of walking and standing.

Her 'job' isn't exactly sitting at a desk. It is meeting people while walking and standing.
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