The Duchess of Cambridge Charities and Patronages 1: 2011- Sep 2022

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Mila is such a sweet and brave girl. (A tweet from her mother suggested that she's in hospital again :sad:. Hopefully she'll get well soon).

As for this series of phone calls (which is said will be released gradually later), by telling stories this project will not only can be linked to Catherine's photography patronage, but also Mental Health. For a "simple" project about sharing photos, this seems to grow bigger than it seemed. Well done, what a brilliant initiative!!

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A number of phone calls from last autumn between the Duchess of Cambridge and participants from the Hold Still photography project have been released:

** twitter post **

My admiration for the Duchess of Cambridge continues to increase. I recently watched, again, the engagement with the Cambridges. She very humbly commented at one point that she hoped she could make a difference even if it was in a small way.

By taking her spotlight and placing it on the heartfelt and poignant stories of others', she seems to be making a big and lasting difference.
Catherine has got "all the right stuff" of what it takes to do all the things she's supposed to be doing with her role of being consort to William as time goes by. She's been able to take the talents that she has and use them in the best way possible that highlights what she's trying to make a difference in. We don't see any hint of ego or self aggrandizement with this woman. It's why I admire her immensely.

She may be a silent worker behind the scenes or the camera but she's definitely a strong woman that is all put together and just keeps on growing in her role.
This book is a great idea, as others have said a historical record. I hope we get to see it in Australia. I know I can pre order from the National Gallery. The extra bit of excitement for the big kid in me is the treasure hunt for the book all around the UK with a letter from Kate. Another great idea. Agree with everything you said Osipi. If this is a portent of what lies in Catherines future ie; what she is capable of doing, I look forward to further adventures from the Duchess.
This woman gets a gold star from me.
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Well, I for one have cried buckets while watching this incredibly moving and heartfelt tribute to these two lovely people. It wasn’t just the phone call, but the additional pictures with their family, on their wedding day, and generally about their lives. I don’t know them at all, but it made them very real. And Catherine was very real in talking with their granddaughter Hayley.

The other thought that occurs to me about this project is how art such as photography expresses emotions in a way that mere words just can’t.

I have not cried much at all during the pandemic but this picture and story allowed me to shed cleansing tears - thus helping my own mental health. What an incredible project! I do hope the book will become available in the US. ?
"#NursingNow Royal Patron, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge salutes worldwide campaign to raise nurses’ profile."

Lovely message by the Duchess that I especially appreciate being a registered nurse myself.
Mila looks much better now. So happy! And good for Catherine, of course.

Mila is lovely.
Mila looks so healthy and thrilled to be meeting Catherine who also kept her promise to wear pink. :flowers:
A fourth phone call for the Hold Still photography project has been released:

That's great, I remember pictures of these guys in the papers last year as well. So simple but very effective at cheering people up.
The latest addition of the phone call videos:

I like the way they're spacing these out and mixing and matching the type of photo and story.
Here's a video from todays visit to the Natural History Museum
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She keeps bees. That's great. Urban nature is increasingly becoming a thing in cities so it's interesting that the NHM is following suit.

Seems like a fun engagement for everyone.
According to Roya Nikkhah and Martyn Ziegler from The Sunday Times, The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly taking "on patronage of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and Rugby Football League (RFL)". These two patronages were previously held by The Duke of Sussex.

Now competition in the Cambridge household is set to intensify, with Kate taking on patronage of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and Rugby Football League (RFL).

The patronages, formerly held by the Duke of Sussex, are expected to be announced in the coming months, before the rugby league World Cup in October and November.

Safe pair of hands: sports fan Kate grabs offer of double rugby patronage

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