The Crown Prince family's trip abroad

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I will look forward to their return- it has seemed to go quickly to me.
I think everybody in this forum is allowed to have his or hers opinions. For myself,don´t see anything wrong with this trip since the norwegian ´people are aware of ir and don´t contest it. As for costs, etc... I can only laugh, living in a Republic where politicians scandalously rob us blind. After all, these Elected officials at the most only have eight years to fill their pockets.
a little story of a Norwegian woman who travelled to India this year
Two high priests and an Indian wedding | I Don't Do Camping
She was with her husband in the village Sadri, nearby the Jain temple in India, and met a High Priest of the famous Ranakpur temple. He told them that "Your prince and princess were with me before." and "We were just in the temple. I took them around; prince and princess, and small kids, like these girls", he pointed to the two small grandchildren that were on his lap. "They were on private holiday, and then they went to Goa."
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