The Countess of Wessex's Fashion and Style, Part 11: November 2020 - June 2022

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 11 of the thread for The Countess of Wessex's Fashion and Style!

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** The Countess of Wessex's Fashion and Style, Part 10: April 2019 - November 2020 **

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Really nice look on the Countess today the coat and hat were perfect for the event.
I love the Countess of Wessex's outfit. Does anyone know of a blog that covers her fashion and where she gets her pieces?
Sophie always looks so well suited to her engagements here is lovely as well
Not her best but not terrible .. as I recall Sophie had a series of those hats at the beginning of her marriage she wore one with the gelato suit ... the are not my favourite I adore the colour
I quite like the look!
Too bad the boots were not the same color as the hat.
I don't like the hat but admit it is eye-catching!
The Countess of Wessex during a virtual visit to organisations of the city of Forfar yesterday:

** Pic **
The Countess of Wessex presenting the result of a craft session this week:

** Pic **
The Countess looks really lovely as always.
She looks lovely. And a nice photo of the couple behind her as well. I used to have a similar coloured laptop so stylist work choice there as well Sophie. ;)
The Countess of Wessex virtually attended Surrey’s Local Resilience Forum:

** Pic **
Really appropriate low key outfit love it
Together with the Duchess of Cornwall and Queen Silvia, Sophie is one of the ladies who always, or almost, get it right for every occasion. This outfit was great.
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