The Countess of Wessex's 50th Birthday: January 20, 2015

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Am I the only one who thinks Sophie looks a lot like the actress Gillian Anderson? I see it even more so in her birthday photo.

Gillian Anderson
Sophie may no longer be the second or third lady in the land, now the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge is present, but Sophie work very hard on behalf of the royal family and beautifully support the Queen. I think she's a wonderful figure in the "Firm."
My post: HRH The Countess of Wessex: New portraits of The Countess of Wessex ahead of HRH's 50th birthday

Really? Wow!! As someone both w/a degenerative eye disease and Family Members dealing w/vision issues/diseases, hearing about this use for a smart phone is awesome. For an Organization like say...Doctors Without Borders, who practise in the Third World or even Doctors in Rural Areas like the Canadian Arctic, where they aren't able to access the equipment needed in order to do even the most basic of eye testing for some of the most common eye diseases, this is beyond huge. It's going to help so many people in the future.

Is this part of the Vision 2020 charity/foundation/program Sophie is the Patron of? Even if not, it doesn't surprise me at all Sophie will be spending such a milestone Birthday trying to bring attention to the advancements in the fight against Blindness/Vision Loss. After all, this is not just an important cause worthy of the support of Members of the BRF, but as we all know also a deeply personal one for TRH too.

As I said to my Aunt and Mom once, both are dealing w/Macular Degeneration, Sophie and Edward are *our* BRF Members and I look forward to lifting a glass of Ginger Ale in the direction of the UK in honour of HRH's 50th next week. :)

After the visit to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to see demonstrations of the Avoidable Blindness Programme supported by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, Sophie will be officially named as the new vice-patron of the Trust which supports those in need across the Commonwealth and is chaired by former prime minister Sir John Major.

In March, The Countess of Wessex will visit Dhaka region of Bangladesh in her capacity as Patron of Vision 2020: The Right To Sight, the global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness.
I knew there would be a photo of the pair taking photos in the smart phone for PEEK!
A celebration pic with her family would have been nice !!!!
They did the whole family pic last year for Edward's 50th.

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Edward and Sophie make me chuckle. Sophie blowing out the candles and struggling and you can hear Edward saying, "Do you need some help?" and the look she throws him is hilarious.

I too am disappointed there was no family photo for her birthday but as Skippyboo said - they did do that for Edward's last year.
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i thought the three Harpers photos were just beautiful and whilst i liked the one the Palace released for Sophie's birthday, i really – wistfully – would have liked one in full Royal Regalia... but i'm happy we got any pics really; the Wessexes have never released many professional portraits of themselves...

Happy Birthday Sophie

...and wasn't the picture of her when she was a little girl in the ballet outfit really sweet!
Just a really lovely day by the photo accounts she looked beautiful loved everything..
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