Swedish State Visit to South Korea: May 30-June 1, 2012

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Here is the program of the state visit, which begins unofficially already tomorrow:

Tuesday, May 29
- The royal couple arrives in South Korea on Tuesday.
- The program in Seoul begins with a reception for Swedish citizens in South Korea on South Korea's National Museum followed by a tour of the museum.

Wednesday, May 30
- The state visit begins formally on Wednesday with the laying of a wreath at the Memorial Tower and continues with an official welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace, the Blue House.
- Afterwards, the two heads of state have a conversation in which the Swedish cabinet ministers involved. The Queen and Mrs. Kim Yoon-ok meanwhile hold a separate meeting.
- The King attends a luncheon hosted by the Korea-Sweden Cultural Society
- The Queen attends a lunch with Korean women leaders at Ewha Women’s University. Afterwards, the Queen opens The Swedish Film Week at the university.
- In the afternoon the King and Queen visit the War Memorial Museum of Korea and Chgangdeok Palace.
- The day ends with a state banquet with the South Korean presidential couple as hosts.

Thursday, May 31
- The King participates in a seminar with the business delegation on the theme of Innovation and a research seminar organized by the Royal Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Korean Academy of Science and Technology. The program also includes lunch with the Federation of Korean Industries and a visit to Autoliv Korea.
- The Queen opens the Sweden-Korea Dementia Forum and visits Buchon Geriatric Medical Centre in connection with a seminar. The program continues with lunch and a visit to the International Vaccination Institute.
- The afternoon program will conclude with a press conference for Swedish media.
- In the evening, the royal couple gives a return dinner for their Korean hosts.

Friday, June 1
- The morning begins with a visit to Panmunjom and a meeting with the Swedish delegation in the demilitarized zone between South Korea and North Korea.
- The royal couple then visits Yeosu World Expo, whose theme is the living environment of the oceans and coastal areas, after which the state visit is concluded.

The Swedish Government will be represented by the Minister for Enterprise Annie Loof and the Minister for children and the elderly, Maria Larsson. An accompanying business delegation is led by the President of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Kenneth Bengtsson.

Statsbesk till Sydkorea 30 maj - 1 juni 2012
Queen Silvia always looks so well put together and seems so gracious. She has a wonderful smile. Perhaps she's trying to make up for her husband's lack of emotion?
Thena said:
Queen Silvia always looks so well put together and seems so gracious. She has a wonderful smile. Perhaps she's trying to make up for her husband's lack of emotion?

I don't think so. I think that's just her personality. People are always very hard on King CG's attitude, but almost every reigning king or queen acts like that IMO. I think Queen Elizabeth and King Harold lack emotions, but then again, they're heads of state, I'm not expecting them to act like drunken fools.
Several more photo galleries from yesterday can be found on this page from the South Korean President’s website:

Swedish queen's visit to Seoul's int'l vaccine body Visiting Swedish Queen Silvia (2nd from R) receives bouquets from South Korean children during a visit to the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) at Seoul National University in Seoul on May 31, 2012. In the right is IVI general director Christian Loucq. The institute, the first international body headquartered in South Korea, is devoted solely to the research and development of vaccines for the poor.

Pic 1
Her Majesty looks wonderful,always has a warm smile.
Article with video interview from today :)

Därför bjöd kungen Chris och Sofia | Nyheter | Aftonbladet
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Therefore, the king invited Chris and Sofia

"The most natural thing in the world"
SEOUL. Estelles birth and Count Carl Johan Bernadotte's funeral.
The king and queen has had a tumultuous year.
In a long interview with Aftonbladet says the couple on their first grandchild, the state visit to South Korea - and why they invited Chris and Sofia at Estelles baptism.
- It's the most natural thing in the world. It is always a good reason, if nothing else, to meet, says King.

Just a week after Estelles baptism left the King and Queen of Sweden with a government plane.
And on Tuesday morning, local time, they landed at the military airport in Seoul, launching his state visit to South Korea.
The couple have been invited by President Lee Myung-bak and his wife Kim Yoon-ok and stays until June 1.
On Thursday Aftonbladet had a long interview with the king and Silvia who were both excited to be visiting the country.
- It's always nice to visit Korea. I have had the opportunity to visit it several times over the years. But this is on another level because it is a state visit. We have political relations at high level. Sweden's been a neutral country and helped Korea during the long period of time. Especially during these difficult years, during the Korean War, when we were here with a field hospital. It has firmly established this contact between Sweden and Korea, says King.
On Friday you will visit the demilitarized zone between South and North Korea. What are the feelings for it?
- I've been there before. So it is not remarkable. We have been there for almost 60 years and there is a trust that we have with some other countries. But it's an odd situation. The country's in the arrest. This is actually still a war. Therefore, monitoring this route continuously. It's very strange. But one would hope that something will normalize, says King.
He and Silvia will be gone for five days and the Queen admits that she misses her newborn grandson.
- Of course it happens so much now. She is barely three months and things are happening all the time and she developed. There is a little person in there. Before she was a cute little doll. But now she can laugh and watch. You get almost a conversation with her, says Silvia.
When Estelle was renamed the Royal Chapel was just over 400 guests invited. In normal circumstances, neither Chris O'Neill and Sofia Hellqvist have been allowed because they are not yet engaged with Madeleine and Carl Philip.
But this time, thought the royal family on.
What do the King that the whole family was gathered in the Castle Church in baptism?
- It is quite natural. Right? It was the most natural thing in the world. But it is obviously always fun when you can not only collect the small and close family. Without even friends and relatives and so on. It is always a good reason, if not to another's, get together. It is not always we meet at regular times, says the king.
Many have seen the decision as a modernization of the monarchy, but the head of state thinks that it seemed quite natural.
- Glad we get some credit. Lovely. But there's nothing remarkable about it, says King.
Read the full interview with the royal couple in tomorrow's Aftonbladet, where among other things, tells more about her state visit to South Korea, the family's summer plans and when they think we'll see the next engagement of the royal family.

from Expressen>
"Estelle kan ju bli hundra år" | Nyheter | Expressen | Senaste nytt - Nyheter Sport Ekonomi Nöje *** translation
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Här är Silvia kung | Nyheter | Aftonbladet
Here is Silvia King

Hundreds flocked around Queen
In South Korea, the Silvia who rule.
The queen created hysteria when she visited a university - and the security personnel had to fight to hold off a hundred students.

The king and queen is currently on a four-day state visit to South Korea. The program formally started yesterday, with an official welcoming ceremony at the presidential palace.
"Nice to be here"
But the highlight of the day turned up later in the day, when Silvia alone went to the Ewha Women's University to eat lunch with a dozen Korean women in leadership positions.
After meeting the Queen walked down through the campus and it was not long before hundreds of students flocked around the Swedish royalty.
Security personnel had to fight hard to keep away the curious.
But amid all the chaos remained Silvia calm, and instead of allowing themselves to be escorted away she took time to talk to students.
- It's very nice to be here, 'said the Queen.
Swedish film festival
Silvia seemed almost amused by the hysteria, but in the end, she headed off to the next agenda item: the inauguration of a Swedish film festival.
There, said Silvia about his secret meeting with one of cinema's greatest icons - Greta Garbo.
- She is often mentioned when talking about Swedish women on screen. And I had actually personally the great pleasure of meeting her in New York City, said the Queen.
State Banquet
In the afternoon visited the royal family since the War Memorial Museum of Korea and Changdeok Palace.
The day ended the king and queen, together with the South Korean presidential couple who had invited to a state banquet.
Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia talk to reporters in Seoul on May 31, 2012.

Sweden's Queen Silvia (R) and Chairman of Daniel Medical Foundation Kang Dae-in attend the Sweden-Korea Dementia Forum in Bucheon city, South Korea, May 31, 2012.
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