Summer Vacations 2009 - 2023

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May 10, 2006
The Royal Family of Norway started their summer vacations 2009.
They'll return to duty on 7th of August.

The King and Queen will spend the vacations in Mågerø; their summer residence.

Maybe we'll get a few nice photos of the CP Family in their vacations like we did last year. :)
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Where does Princess Märtha Louise and her family spend holidays?
And does we know where the Crown Prince Family will spend their summer holidadys?
Family Behn will spend their vacations in Hankø.
It's not known where the CP family will stay. Maybe in their summer house...
Her_Majesty, there will be any photoshot of the Royal Family to mark their summer holidays?
If we're lucky we'll get a photoshoot :flowers:
Last year we had one because of wedding universary of the regning couple.
Some times The crownprince cople organized a shoot at Sskaugum - what is nor very possible this year since it is being renovated.
I think the CP family will spend there summerholiday on Mågerø this year:)
I think the CP family will spend there summerholiday on Mågerø this year:)
Where did you hear that?
So they spend their vacations with the King and Queen?
I don't think that they spend the holiday on Magero. Because they have the own holidayhouse, and other site MM said, that she loves travel through Norway, because it is so very private, nobody knows, where they are.
Summer Holiday in Corsica: 2012

Pictures of the NRF at their summer holiday in Corsica. Seems they are there altogether :flowers:
MM is going straight from one holiday to another. Not very flattering pictures of her when smoking on the beach.
I love this family. By the photos I could see that princess Martha Louise and her daughters were there too.
Any info about where they are in Corsica? I see, they are there with the Norge. How many days need this ship from Norway til Corsica? The royals travel from Oslo with the Norge or they travel by plane to Corsica?
Dear Lawd ... is that the back of Queen Sonja in a bikini? Sorry, but I don't think that a 75-year-old woman can carry off a bikini ... btw, neither can her 30-something-year-old daughter-in-law. ;(
Mette-Marit put on flesh a bit (saying in a gentle way).
Ingrid-Alexandra is very brave - she jumps from such a height.
Mette-Marit put on flesh a bit (saying in a gentle way).
Ingrid-Alexandra is very brave - she jumps from such a height.

I think the girl who jumps is the eldest daughter of Princess Martha Louise, Maud Angelica :flowers:
Look like they are all having a good time. The Queen looks fantastic, if I was 75 and looked that good, I might think about rocking a bikini too! MM, she doesn't look terrible, but a one piece might cover up the "pooch". And my gracious, Haakon is HOT! That man is way too handsome.
Haakon is a gorgeous hunk of man lol! Mette Marit has the extra pooch that many women (not all) have after having children, but I think she looks great. I love that they're all there together (though no pictures of King Harald).
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I would respectfully disagree with the comments about MM. She looks great, and most would be ecstatic to have a figure like hers because she looks like a real, and healthy, woman.
I see nothing wrong with Mette-Marit's figure as well; she looks healthy and lovely. Not everyone wants to or can be stick-thin.
Nice to see the royal family, including Martha Louise's family, relaxing together. :)
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I don't put bikini when I have rollers on my belly. Just a confirmation of facts.
I think Mette Marit looks fine and healthy. A lot of that abdominal 'pooch' would magically disappear if she'd stand up straight, (and I say that as someone with horrible posture myself).
Only women who look at the pages of Vogue and think the models represent a normal healthy woman would think MM is overweight.
Is Mette-Marit pregnant? I saw a picture of her in a bikini cradling her stomach today, and wondered.

Poor woman probably just ate a big lunch or something, and I'm jumping to conclusions. I'm glad no one takes pictures of me at the beach! :)

Even I would be very pleased if Mette-Marit were pregnant, but I doubt that a child is on the way. The Norwegian Royal Court might have announced it.
Are they OK with photographers taking their pictures on a private holiday? Either someone was on their boat taking sanctioned photos or this was another long-distance lens. I say this in context of the William and Kate honeymoon photos and the furor over breach of privacy.
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Why would MM wanna cover up her pooch? She's on vacation, relaxing and just having some nice time with the family, it's not like she's walking the cat walk or anything. I think it's really inspirational to see a Princess who isn't all skin and bones.
What lovely pictures of the family, looks like they're having fun.
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