Silkeborg, Crown Princess Mary's First Solo Engagement: June 13, 2004

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Aug 24, 2003
Just a post to remind anyone online to report about Mary's first engagement!!! :clap: :clap: (coz it's already really late here in Australia but I believe the report/articles should be coming up soon!).

Dennism I bet you she'll be wearing..... beige! :lol:


13/06 04
H.K.H. Kronprinsesse Mary overværer samt overrækker præmier ved Danmarksmesterskaberne i ridebanespringning for ponyer, som afholdes af Sportsrideklubben Silkeborg i Silkeborg, kl.13.30.
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Article from and foto and video special. Press Fotos: Kronprinsesse MAry til rideseævne


She looks nice and relaxed, but the plastic flower looks cheap IMO
hi! she's an attractive peroson and very pretty but the flowers and necklace looked bad with her outfit. maybe a smarter necklace?
thanks for the photos :heart: personally I think she looks lovely! :)
I don't like her outfit! :( I don't know, it makes her look so....manly! :lol: But I think if she wore her jacket with a dress or something different underneath she would look better. Something more colourful underneath maybe....I'm usually ok with her style and she usually looks lovely...but this time was a tad too manly for me! :p

BUT I want to add that I think she looks really happy there and she looks so relaxed..and that makes up points for the manly outfit! :lol:
thanks so much for the photos. It's nice to see her enjoying her new role :)
thks for the lovely pics.
I agree that she seems and looks more comfortable now than before the wedding.
Perhaps, it's all the stress of a wedding and learing the ropes. But she does look like she's been doing this royal business for a long time.

think she's a great asset to Denmark!!
I think Mary has done well for her first engagement! The only suggestion I have is maybe some bolder colors?? I think with her coloring she would look great!!
Great photos. Thanks for posting them. Bravo to the Court for picking such an event for Mary as her first event. Something that she is comfortable around. Horses and horse people!
LOOK I think this is so sweet!! :flower: :heart:

I think Mary received and inserted a red flower to her jacket!! Of course I might be wrong, but I always imagined that happening!! (not specifically with mary of course, but princesses tucking flowers received from the public into their hair/clothes etc :p )
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Thanks for the additional pics carlota!

I just realised that if the coat was first seen in 2002, then it's nearly at least 2 years old! :blink: . Lol.... I wonder if designers would still be interested since she doesn't change from year to year, let alone season to season!

But I approve... the two prada pieces in succession were starting to worry me :p
Thanks for the new pictures, and thanks for accurately posting the polfoto pics, Jasl! I'm still trying to figure out my new laptop :wacko:

I have to say, I agree with Jasl. After two successive PRADA encounters, it's nice to see a coat that's from her "pre-princess" days!!
I thought Mary looked fabulous! Liked the outfit and accessories alot but didn't really like the flowers in hair or the sunglasses. However, I do think that the flowers in the hair show a bit of flair/colour - but I agree with a previous poster that these particular flowers looked a bit plastic. Real flowers would have been nicer. As I said, didn't like the sunnies too much, she has nicer pairs. I think she must have a weakness for sunglasses... she seems to be accumulating quite a few pairs and always has a pair with her.

Overall, it was nice to see Mary looking so relaxed and happy on her first official engagement. I must say that she looks gorgeous when beaming that big natural smile.
you are welcome, jasl! :)

mary was really great dressed today: nice colours and a very refreshing and young look. she is improving everyday.
I only know 3 peices from Mary that's non-Danish. Most of her other clothes were identified by an Australian magazine as definitely Danish.

And wedding gown of course Danish and not by some international designer. ;)
IMO, Mary's best feature is her nose, I find her very pretty in sideview shots. Although there are photos were she looked very pretty, there are also unflattering ones- like when it shows her thin lips and long chin.
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I like her nose too. But it is her nose that makes her look snobby, even if she might not be. ;)
Great Photos of the CP first official visit. I must say, I don't feel that the fake flower looks cheap, well from a far side view. She looks beautiful. As for the manly thing, she had a choice of many outfits I am sure, but, HRH does ride, so I am sure that she wore this outfit because of the atmosphere in stead of worriing about being manly!! :)
i think she is getting better and better handling her royal duty by her self
This thread has been cleaned up. Would anyone like to add pictures of this event. Thank you in advance.
Mary at Silkeborg Pony Showjumping Championships
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