Royals At Famous Hotels

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definitely, although the name of the hotel (and the destination) of their honeymoon was publicized shortly after (or even during) their honeymoon, shortly after they left the hotel, i believe. their honeymoon seemed to be a tour of many destinations in a row so as soon as they left one, the press seemed to find out about them. not sure how many of them are actually genuine destinations they visited. the list seemed way too long for the period they took for their honeymoon (approximately 1 month, with visits in spain at the start, a break in jordan to attend the wedding of the heir (plus some private visits to petra), plus a private part of the honeymoon visiting many exotic destinations like thailand, fiji and india).

anyway, they clearly liked it as they came back with the girls after. i assume they must favour this sort of secluded destinations to get some privacy.

Thank you for the info about their honeymoon! I was very young when F&L got married, so I didn't know about the disclosure of hotetls etc, and knowing that they are very good at keeping their privacy I was even more surprised!
Well, I have to ell you a story of more than 50 years ago.
Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg and her husband were invited to a Hunt in Belgium.
On their way back to Luxembourg the weather was that bad that they decided to stop and going for the nght in a Hotel in the Ardennes.
They had a small car and wore dirty shoes. They were refused for the night.
They went to another hotel just at the other side of the Road and asked to bring to the former Hotel their Card : Leurs Altesses Royales La grande Duchesse et le Prince de luxemborg.!
Mohamed VI and his family have been at the Saratoga Hotel during their trip to havana, cuba, which they have booked fully for their use and the use of their committee (occupying three floors between family members and the entourage, so a large delegation, i assume)

the Saratoga is one of the city's most modern hotels and Is located on the edge of the historic center. Decorated in a New York style, the lobby of the Capitol building and the Gran Teatro de La Habana, home of the National Ballet of Cuba, and popularly known by its old name, García Lorca Theater
william at kate stayed at the The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, India and the The Taj Tashi in Thimphu, Bhutan during their official tour.

A cousin - who travels independently a lot - told me how she rolled into the Taj Mahal Palace very late at night a few years ago and just jumped back into her crumpled clothes to go down to breakfast the next morning.

No combing the hair, no shower etc - just to get a feed before starting the day after a long trip to get there a few hours before.

She shared the elevator ride down with an immaculately dressed lady - outfit, hair, make-up, jewelry, the works - also on her way to eat.

Princess Michael of Kent and her entourage!
felipe and letizia stayed at Hotel Des Indes, a five star-hotel close to Noordeinde Palace, for King Willem-Alexander's 50th birthday party.
During the Second World War, King Peter II of Yugoslavia was exiled from Yugoslavia and spent most of the war living in the Claridge Hotel in London, England.
When Prince Louis II of Monaco dined at the Hotel de Paris, he requested the orchestra play The March of the Foreign Legion.
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