Royal Women with Illegitimate Children

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Some stories on this report are true, some other are just estrapolations
Stillborn son of Natalia Alexieyevna (Wilhelmina of Hesse-Darmstadt) could be a child of her lover Andrei Razumovsky and not future Paul I Romanov.
Would you be willing to provide some examples?

The most obvious ones are Princess Margaret and the body double:lol: and Charles/Camilla with their secret hidden son, conceived when the PoW was a boy of 17.:whistling:
Also the Mother of that Xenia is no Princess at all (as in titel) but only Princess by NAME

because Germany doesn't have a Monarchy anymore; Germany doesn't recognise any German Titels anymore

For the House of Wettin, the mother is a member of the private society of House of Wettin; not so the daughters because out of wedlock

Out of courtesy some Germans still adress Members of once existing Houses by once existing Titels, courtesy titels and form of address.

that does NOT give it any legal function what so ever.

Thank you for putting it succinctly.

Private societies in the Federal Republic of Germany undoubtedly have the right to determine their own qualifications for membership and the unofficial titles used internally between members of those private societies.

What private societies in the Federal Republic of Germany do not have the right to do is to issue determinations about who is or is not a Prince(ss) which are binding on non-members.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, a female-line descendant born outside of marriage and a male-line descendant born in a marriage are equally private citizens and equally legitimate carriers of the surname Prinz(essin) von Sachsen (Prince(ss) of Saxony) with equal rights to be addressed with their surnames as courtesy titles in whichever private societies or circles will accept them.

When other carriers of the surname Prinz von Sachsen decide they will not recognize Xenia as a "real princess" because she was born out of wedlock, because she was born through a female line, or under any other criterion they please, that is (legally speaking) their right.

Equally, if Xenia decides she will not recognize those same distant relatives as "real princes", under any criterion she pleases, that is her right.

And neither determination could bind members of the media or the general public, who are entitled to decide for themselves which carriers of the surname Prince(ss) of Saxony they recognize as Princes(ses).

Regarding the argument that no illegitimate or female-line children were entitled to royal status under the traditional house laws of the House of Saxony: Following the same logic, one would expect the argument that Joséphine and Oscar O'Hare are not Princes(ses) of Belgium or members of the Royal House of Belgium, given that the traditional house laws of the Belgian Royal House did not recognize female-line or illegitimate descendants as Princes(ses) of the Royal House of Belgium. But actually nobody has made that argument, at least not in this particular debate. I suppose I will repeat my question from a very similar discussion:

The fact that most people are supportive of the Belgian judiciary awarding royal titles to Delphine as a special favor restricted to her and her children without altering the unequal situation of other out of wedlock descendants of nobility, but - at the same time - adamantly criticize the laws of the republic of Germany which allow all children of titled families to receive the same titles in their names without discrimination on the basis of legitimacy - confounds me, to be honest. From my perspective the latter approach is more equitable than the former. Would anyone explain why most people have the opposing stance?
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i dont think that the allowing Delphine to become a princess was a good idea, but stil Belgium IS a monarchy, while Germany is a republic. So the whole thing of still using titles in Germany or getting aeriated about them....whether from legitimate lines or not, seems silly. If you live in a republic, give up the titles.
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