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Aug 29, 2003
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Can we have a thread of speeches from royal weddings? If not in English, please provide a translation at some point, please.
What a great idea. :)

Speech by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik to his Bride

Issued Friday May 14, 2004

Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, my Dear New Family.

Dear John,

What a privilege, what a thrill, what an extraordinary feeling of happiness you have created in me. One might say that Mary also belongs to you - but as of today:

she belongs to me - and I belong to her.​

But there is much more to that sentence than just words.

It signifies the end of a period of freedom, of trial and error, where accountability was up to me alone. The sentence also has another side which is only just beginning. To me it means responsibility, trust and sharing.

By allowing me to take Mary’s hand and lead her onwards in a new life for better and for worse, you have shown me that you trust me to be capable and responsible in that act throughout life - it’s called love. For that I am very grateful to you.

I love her and I will protect her with all my heart. I will do my best to make her feel confident and at home in her new country.

Dear Mary,

In the year 2000 in Sydney, 5 Olympic rings were united for the 25th time. Australia at that time was an unknown and undiscovered continent for me – symbolised aptly by the fifth and lowest Olympic ring. I found myself in an unknown country amongst happy, festive foreigners. My only luggage at that time was my high expectations of my visit, and a certain degree of confidence.

Almost 200 years earlier another Dane, called Jørgen Jürgensen, arrived under completely different circumstances, but with just as high hopes and just as much confidence. He left Sydney quite soon after and sailed to Tasmania – your own country – one of the states of Australia. Here he managed to create a reputation for himself which ultimately led to his death.

I had only been in Australia two days before our fates were sealed, even though neither of us was aware of it. But your radiance shone clearly for me from our very first meeting. Since then I have been blinded and totally dependent on it.

Until that moment in my life, I had been striving to achieve greater independence, without limiting any of my freedom. My opportunities were plentiful, and my world was often lonely.

But both were continually strengthened in time and in space because my curiosity and positive faith in the definitive, the ultimate, drove me onwards.

Then you walked into my world, and already much has happened. Now, there are two worlds – possibly even more - which from now on we will explore together, side by side. In light and darkness, in summer, autumn, winter and spring – always.

The joy and strength you give me is like the sun in the daytime which, with its radiance, melts all doubts and darkness on earth. And like the moon at night, you shine with a watchful and delicate beam of gentleness, which extinguishes the mischief and deceit used by the symbols of darkness.

I often like to compare the dawn’s light on a new day with the rebirth of the untouched, the inexperienced, and the innocent. A little naive perhaps - but nevertheless it is wonderful to pretend that everything begins anew. A new world is born again with the light of a new day.

This moment is “us” - the two of us – newly together, young together, innocent together, in love together – simply “together”.

You give me security, joy and happiness.

I am almost bubbling over with curiosity as to what the near and distant future has in store for us - and it is you who must answer.

But I will try to control myself, for two questions have already been answered with a simple “Yes” from us both. It is an answer which will hold good for us always. And if we need light in our search for answers, all we need to do is to lift our eyes and look towards heaven. There lies eternity, which can always show us the way back to the path which sometimes we lose.

I love you Mary. Come, let us go! Come, let us see!

Throughout a thousand worlds, weightless love awaits.

Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses,

May I ask you all to rise, and join me in drinking a toast to my bride.

Taken from:
Wedding of Princess Märtha-Louise to Ari Behn

Ari's Speech

Your Majesties
Your Royal Hignessess
Your Excellence, Mr President of the Stortinget
Dearest Märtha

We met in our dreams when we were little. Let us continue to meet in our dreams. So the moments we meet, will be double in length.

Thank you King Harald. Thanks for those good and warm words that were given us like a lunch-packet with strength and food for Märtha and me on the walk ahead.

First of all, let me start by thanking you for being the world’s best parents. Cause such a daughter like Märtha I never have met before. Yes it’s obvious whom she is related to. You are two unique persons. And now I don’t think of the roles as our country’s dear royal couple. I am thinking of this unique strength of heart and goodness, which you possess.

I thank you for meeting me with trust from the first moment and a kindness, which has touched me deeply. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. It has given me the security when I needed it mostly. To fall in love with a princess is one thing. But to receive her yes, makes it like whole the nation reads the music as if it was a melody sung for open doors.

As coming parents-in-law you took care of me warmly when I felt I was stumbling and losing foothold. I have become fond of you both and I am looking forward to spent more time together in the years to come. I also thank you so much for this enormous party you have made for us.

Dear Mette-Marit and Haakon,

You both shine of joint knowledge and energy. Thanks for those good advices and the care you gave me at the moment it became clear for the nearest that Märtha and I wished to join our lives. Talks with both of you have given me special experience, and I thank you for meeting me with insight and gladness. I however have to admit that there was not too much joy from my side when finding the Crownprince smashed me completely during a ski trip in the mountains. But I can tell you all that this gave me a final insight. First man at the top, this is a very good exercise with untrained brothers-in-law. Thanks for this run, dear Haakon. It learned me that you are made of the same material as your sister, which gives a guarantee for coming Eastern-holidays and coming tides. An old hero has preached that marriage is like skis on your feet in the mountains. You need strength in upward slope, if not you’ll be out in the first swing.

Dear Mother and Father

Thanks for, after given me life, never failed to take me seriously. This is the most important gift someone can achieve out of childhood. It is this source, which makes me to stay here today as the one I am, and I am grateful for that. Dear Anja and Espen! Thanks for being these open minded and bright persons who I am proud of to call my brother and sister. I also thank the rest of my family who is around me just now. All of you have taken part in giving me an education full of cultural and creative values.

Dear Märtha,

I have never met a person with more strength than you,
I have never met a person with such a big heart as you,
I have never seen a woman with such an inner beauty as you,
You radiate an irrestistible mix of wisdom and beauty, charm and decisiveness.
You are irresistible and powerful, sparkling and playful, and serious all at once.
Yes, you are irresistible when you always let me finish a discussion with the words: Yes, my beloved - you are completely right!
On the wings of love I flew over,
because no wall can shut out love.
What love manages, it will dear.

These are Romeo’s words, he who lost his love, Julie. A bitter misunderstanding made it that they did not get each other when alive. An exaggeration and thoughtless lie may make love between two persons to an impossibility. Even in our time, which easily can be changed to tides we like to think of as those masterly made intrigues of Shakespeare. I know about nights when I believed that ten years could be the apportioned time for a wandering in the wilderness for both of us, when waiting for that, which happened today. That which solved the tangle was the clear and silvery tone through the night. Ten years is no impossible time to wait. We would manage that; only it should be us at the end.

Dearest Märtha,

You are the light that conquers the darkness. To know that you exist, makes me to realize that God is near. Together with you I do not fear dead anymore. Through you, Märtha, life is worth living. You are a viewer, and you are not afraid of telling us what you are seeing. You are that person who have seen me with an open eye as I never have been seen, where all my weaknesses were displayed, but they did not scream you. You are miracle; there is no other way to explain this breathtaking feeling that you today has answered yes to become my wife.

Many may believe that it was a fairy tale the way we came together. And of course they are right. It is always a fairy tale the way two people come together and decide to share life.

Yes indeed you are Norway’s princess, but this cannot separate you from which you also represent. You are build by your heritage and your role, which makes you the person you are today. Ripe and ready for the tasks you have chosen in your life, we see you as a revelation of sincerity and diligence. And during the time we have known each other I have constantly been thinking of this: Are we really mend for each other, then God will surely arrange it all to the best.

Today life welcomes us. Today you and I are life.

I love you I pray the audience to participate in a toast for my love to the bride.

You can see the original Norwegian version here (also where this English version is from):
Wedding of Princess Märtha-Louise to Ari Behn

King Harald's Speech

Dearest Märtha and Ari,

By seeing you be married today Märtha, shows in many ways the end of one of life’s most important phases for Mother and Me. Now you and Haakon are married and have got your owns. We are not anymore the nearest.​

You Märtha, enter a new phase of life, Ari is now your nearest, and you both start building your life together.
The base of this companionship will be the love which you have confirmed for each other to day. I am pleased to be able to follow the life which you both are going to build. I am sure this life will not become a ”standard life” No one of you can in any way be characterized as being A4-persons. You both will search your own way, and this way is often exciting, original as well as unexpected.

I have never had any specific meaning about the man you will be married to Märtha. Mother and I always wished that this should be your own choice without our guidance. However this does not mean that we have been without any interest, we have had many thoughts about whom should at the end fit you. There is one specific feature we clearly have seen one needs to be married with you, and that is an open mind. Therefore is it good to realize, if we should summarize your character Ari, that you are a person with an open mind. You meet dawn with expectation, and in trust that this will bring luck into your life and the life of those around you. You never deny a new thought and you are living in the present, open for challenges and gladness that every day can bring. This your attitude to life has given both The Queen and Me a new dimension in our life.

Now, when you will become Märtha’s nearest, I also am very glad to learn that you are both cheer and attentive. But most important of all Ari, you are the one who got Märtha to shine!!

This we have noticed during the last couple of months and most of all, we have seen it to day!
You have always been a ”happy girl”

Your laughter is always nearby, and when it comes it is extremely catching. Your good sense of humour is the most clearest proof of you, being an emotionalist, but your emotions also appear by your involvement and your temper. Laughter is the most prior, but when you are angry or feel unfairness, it is surely easy to discover this also.

Predictability is a description that in no way fits you. You are a fair person, it does not only concern your physical/practical level, but maybe even the mental and intellectual level. This all together with your strong curiosity makes it always very exciting to follow your steps. Probably sometimes too exciting for us, your parents. And here I must warn you Ari, things will occur which you not always will be ready for or not aware of. But I believe that you will have the same experience which The Queen and I learned – she tells about it always..…afterwards.

Märtha, you have an extraordinary talent to always land on your feet, unless when playing with Chinese jump rope. You have collected enough practical experiences which I am sure you’ll take with you further on and will help you by your future challenges.

Ari and Märtha, you both are humans that live in the present, and when I may use a modern expression, you are going to start a “team building for two”. This will be a challenge which I know you are working with and which I do wish you all success. You are on the start of a companionship, now you are going to create something which no one has done before. This is to become yours alone. We all are most happy to be audience.

I will congratulate you with the choice you have confirmed to day, and wish you all success with all your choices ahead.

You can see the original Norwegian version here (also where this English version is from):

Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary

H.M. The Queen's speech


The day has come! – A day of happiness and celebration, which we have all looked forward to since the Engagement in October. Indeed, many will say that it has been much longer. Actually, as his parents, the Prince Consort and I have probably always looked forward to the day when our eldest son would stand before the altar together with his bride, and we would welcome her into our home, into our family and in our country.

Frederik, ever since you were very young, you have been surrounded by love and affection both in your family and throughout the country; but as Denmark’s Crown Prince you have also attracted much attention from an early age, that has not always been easy. However, over the years we have seen how you have developed, how you have matured, and how you have found your own place in life through solid work and by using the many qualities with which you are so richly endowed. You have a warm heart which strikes everyone who meets you. You inspire confidence. You are a person to rely on. Much of this is the result of your own efforts. However, we your parents, Papa and Mother, know very well how you have found your true self. That happened when you met Mary. It brought springtime into your heart, and everything blossomed around you, as we see season in full bloom on this day in May.

Mary, today all Denmark welcomes you with open arms, and your new family welcomes you with great joy. We have come to know you, and we have seen how your cheerful disposition graces your every act. You have met us, your new family and all your new countrymen, with warmth and great dignity. You too inspire confidence, around you too the Garden of Denmark is decked with flowers.

On this day of celebration, there are two people who are greatly missed: your mother, Mary, who we never came to know, and Mormor, your grandmother, Frederik, who did not live to see Mary come into your heart and into your country. On this day, these two as well as your French grandparents, Grand-Papa and Grand-Maman, will be in the thoughts of all who knew them, and I believe they would all have rejoiced at seeing your happiness, and would have appreciated your choice.

Mr. Donaldson,
This is a day of celebration in which we all share, but for you and for your family it is not without a note of sadness; for one person is greatly missed: Mary's mother, who we in Denmark shall never know, but who should have been at her daughter's side on this day of happiness.

No wonder if you and your family may feel a touch of apprehension; for it is also the day when your last and youngest daughter is leaving her family, as she has already left the country where she grew up, to settle very far away. Now she takes up a new and challenging life. Her new countrymen receive her with enthusiasm, not only as Crown Prince Frederik's bride but also for the qualities they already perceive in her. As we have come to know Mary we, her parents-in-law, have come to love and admire her. She has great inner strength and she exudes a calm warmth that inspires confidence. She has shown the courage to place her future life in Denmark, may we always be worthy of her trust. The Prince Consort and I welcome her into our family and in her new country.

Frederik and Mary, you face many challenging tasks. First of all you have a home to build together, and a life of your own; at the same time you are embarking on a life filled with demanding obligations, of that you are both well aware. It can be hard work, and it may feel lonely. That you know, Frederik, and Mary is aware of it. However, you have your youth, your great strength, your warm hearts and your courage; and you know how much pleasure may be derived from doing a good job, from doing something for others, from devoting all your strength to the service of your country – and from doing it with a smile.

Now is the season of flowers. All around you, there is great joy and happiness. But it will not always be summer. There are rainy days and rough weather, and in spite of fresh breezes, the Danish Garden may sometimes feel a little cramped, however lovely it may look. But tonight there are no bounds. For it is not only here at Fredensborg Palace that we are gathered around you. Throughout the country, in the Faroe Islands and in Greenland, indeed as far away as in Australia, your wedding is celebrated. Let us now bring together our thoughts in wishing you great happiness and unity in your lives and in your work - together and for Denmark.

I ask you all to join the Prince Consort and me in a toast to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.
Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary

H.R.H. The Prince Consort's speech


As I welcome our guests from near and far I do so in a spirit of joy. This is a significant day as our eldest son begins his life's journey together with the woman of his choice. A significant day as we sense the entire nation taking part in his resolution, a resolution of great importance not only for the future of the young couple but for all the nation.

Therefore it is a pleasure for the Queen and me to assemble members of our family, heads of state with strong family-ties and friendship, representatives of government and public life in Denmark as well as close friends from all over the world.

You are all most heartily welcome to this celebration.

There is no doubt that the shining star of this beautiful day is you Mary, full of grace and charm. In finding the way to the heart of our beloved son, Frederik, you have followed your own heart as well as your instinct.

I have noticed from the first encounter with you, your reserve, your sense of duty that matches the strength and mastery of your feelings - these are important qualities in your coming life that opens its official gates to you on this happy day. Welcome in our family and in our hearts where you will always find a warm refuge if you need it.

We are happy to see you surrounded by your closest family and friends from far away who have chosen to be with you and to encourage you on this special day as you begin your new life in Denmark.

I bid a warm welcome to all our guests, close family, representatives of related royal houses, official representatives and friends from all four corners of the world.

On this joyous day in Denmark all who are gathered here around the newly-wed Crown Prince and Crown Princess rejoice with us in the choice of our son and join us in showing them their affection and in wishing them all happiness.

Lastly I want to tell you, Frederik, how happy I am for you on this day. I perceive in you the same joy that I felt on the day your mother and I exchanged our vows. From a distant island you bring a fresh and lovely flower to grace our Danish isles, I know that you possess the qualities to make that flower thrive and flourish here with us.

My warm congratulations to both of you and a hearty welcome to all

Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary

Mr John Donaldsons


Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Distinguished Guests, Famliy and Friends,

In the 12th Century, the marauding Vikings were driven out of Scotland after much savage fighting by a band of men led by the grandfather of the first Donald the founder of the Clan MacDonald. He would have wondered why he went so much trouble when, some 8 centuries later, we take account of today's union between the Viking Frederik and Mary of the MacDonald Clan.

For almost 4 years, my wife, Susan, and I, have watched the relationship grow to full bloom, culminating in this magnificent occasion.

Mary made a reluctant entry into the world but ever since she has eagerly embraced its offerings. Growing up under the combined influences of her mother, Henrietta, and her grandmother Mary, she has grasped every opportunity to broaden her horizons and has developed into a wonderful woman with many fine attributes. Memories abound of the bonding between Mary and her mother, the daily tours on the backseat of a bicycle around Clear Lake City when we lived in Texas, the many early, very early, car journeys down to her first loves of her life, her horses in Tasmania and the myriad communications when she moved after her graduation from the University of Tasmania to Melbourne. Henrietta would have been so happy for Mary on this her special day.

Min datter er meget smuk, tres belle, not only, as is obvious, in appearance but in many other ways including how she cares for her family and friends and the manner in which she is approaching the exciting and exacting task that lie ahead. I am the proud father of a very loving daughter.

Although fathers these days have little say in such matters, It is with great pleasure and confidence that I entrust her to the care of Frederik, an intelligent, sporting, debonair, delightful young man - what more could a father-in law ask? To Frederik, velkommen to our family. I offer a verse for your reflection from the Scottish National bard, Robert Burns

'To make a happy fireside clime
to little ones and wife
that is the true pathos and sublime
of human life.'

Your Majesties, your Royal Highnesses, friends, please join with me in a toast to the Bride and Groom wishing them a long and happy life together.
Does anyone have the speeches from Prince Felipe's Wedding?
Felipe's speech:

I imagine it is obvious to all, because I can neither hide it nor wish to: I am a happy man. And I am certain that this is because I have the feeling of seeing and taking part in a dream come true: I have married the woman I love. To combine
reason with the strength of love and feeling has always been one of my goals in life. That is why today we are celebrating that Letizia and I are uniting our lives in a communion of love, reponsibility, work, respect and mutual giving. Our union will last forever, and we offer it to our families and above all to our destiny, intimately linked to the future of Spaniards.

We face our future with very deep hope and illusion. To serve Spaniards is the great personal and institutional commitment with which Letizia and I set off on this new stage in our lives.

In it we are sure we will find the lasting happiness that every family seeks and desires. Our hope is to start a family. And we wish to reach the necessary balance between what is public and what is private, between duties - which are for life - and the legitimate and necessary family life; knowing that our lives require enough serenity, dedication, constancy and wisdom to weave together the political life and the human life.

Letizia: little more than a year ago we took the first steps that, with love and serenity, have brought us here. It is not a long time, it is not too short a time, but enough to have discovered mutually, sincerely and transparently, that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Day by day our knowledge of each other and our mutual respect, our complicity and the way we complement each other, have grown and bolstered what has so strongly led us together and to marriage. It is also very important - and you have told me this many times - that we find in each other the peace necessary to reflect, enjoy, and share eveything that makes us grow as persons, that makes us proud and helps ut withstand the intensity of our lives. And it is even more important because it must be the fount of family harmony and happiness. I have no doubts that we will achieve this.

Ladies and gentlement:

Today Letizia and I made a commitment that transcends the merely personal. Ever since childhood I have been conscious of my responsibilities, and loyalty to the King and my sense of duty have guided my life. So I take pride that from this day on, and with conviction and responsibility, Letizia joins me in this project. And I want everybody to know how grateful I am to Letizia for her determination and her wholehearted commitment to all that this project entails.

On the road we must travel we have before us the invaluable example of their Majesties the King and Queen: His Majesty the King, who together with a generatio of great patriots achieved the reconciliation of Spaniards, had the leading role in the establishment and consolidation of democracy, and has carried out impeccably his constitutional duties. Her Majesty the Queen, with her unfailing and permanent support for the King, her responsibility, accessability, and her example. Both of them have made the Crown
an institution that serves Spain and that has become beloved and respected by SPaniards.

And although circumstances, and people, may be different, my vocation to continue with this model and with their example of service is firm and unyielding.. It springs from the intimate conviction and my permanent commitment that the Crown continue to contribute to the institutional stability of Spain, to the integration and cohesion of Spaniards, and to act as a guaratee of their liberty and progress.

Your Majesty: Never doubt that we will always think of Spain and that all our lives will be dedicated to the welfare of Spaniards

Today we have sealed our love before God and society; you are all witnesses to that, and to how authentic it is. That is why we are specially happy to share with you, with Madrilenos and with all Spaniards, such a crucial moment in our lives.

We wish to express our gratitude for the constant tokens of affection and generosity that have arrived from so many parts of Spain, and even from outside our country. Also the affection, the efforts and the dedication of the institutions and the thousands of people who have contributed to the good outcome of these days of celebration. It is not possible, but we wish we could show these people our gratitude personally. It has also not proven possible to have with us so many people who are special to us, and to whom we sent our affectionate greetings from here.

In this chapter of thanks and memories we wish to have a spcial mention for our families. We are partly the result of their efforts and throughout these months they have given us their support and understanding, which have been vital props and will continue to be so. Beside, we would never have reached this point without their help, and that of other people, among whom I especially want to single out my sisters, the Infantas, and their husbands. Above all, it would have been impossible without their Majesties. As a son I have had much to thank them for throughout my life. Today, on my wedding day, I want to publicly acknowledge and express my deepest appreciation for their unceasing affection and support. It is not possible to understand my happiness without theirs.

Today I have acquired two more parents and two more sisters, and four grandparents - for my granparents are no longer with us. From them I continue to draw inspiration and my memories of them accompny me and fill me with pride. From hers I receive a warm closeness and the valuable experience of their lives. Accept my respectful and affectionate gratitude.

M for Madrid, May and Memories; The departed will always be with us, those who criminally and brutally were not allowed to continue living their dreams and hardships, and also those who lost loves ones and who cannot enjoy with them, freely and civically, this Spring in Madrid that embraces us and lifts our spirits.

In the presence of those we remember, allow me to offer a toast to Letizia, their Majesties the King and Queen, and Spain.
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Thank you so much for posting this speech. It seems to be those most romantic out of all of them.
Does anyone know where I can find a video on the internet of the speeches at the Spainish royal wedding? I have looked but can't seem to find one.
Does anyone know where I can find copies of speeches at royal weddings other than the recent Danish and Spanish weddings?
I read these speeches that were posted and bravo to those who posted the ones so far. They were very touching and makes one full of joy to know that these people have found the love of their lives and were able to share the union of themselves and their beloveds in front of family and friends. Also makes one´s heart heavy if such a love that these couples have has not found its way to the reader´s life yet. My favorite speech was Frederik´s but Felipe´s was very good too. John Donaldson´s was nice as well.(especially the lines from Robbie Burns). Those lines reminded me of the famous lyrics of one George Whiting:

When whippoorwills call and evening is nigh,
I hurry to my Blue Heaven.

A turn to the right, a little white light,
Will lead me to my Blue Heaven

I'll see a smiling face, a fireplace, a cozy room,
A little nest that nestles where the roses bloom;

Just Molly and me, and baby makes three,
We're happy in my Blue Heaven.
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does anyone hve a link to a video of CP Felipe's speech

I think his and CP Frederik's speechs were one of the more romantic ones.

thanks to all who has posted
Don Juan Carlos' speech, at Felipe&Letizia wedding toast:

«Thank you very much to all for your presence and affection, when sharing with my family the deep emotion of this day. Thanks also for the very generous expressions of affection that the Spaniards are offering us.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to express the enormous illusion with which I have waited for this date, an illusion specially shared by the Queen and also by all my Family.

Today I feel an enormous happiness, always difficult to contain, as father but also as King.

Dearest Letizia, we received you in our Family with open arms and the greatest affection. Thanks for the enormous joy to which Felipe and you have contributed, when solemnly sealing today your union to us. The Queen and I wish you a whole life full of happiness and mutual dedication.

Your union, which is born from the love and the firmest mutual commitment, is simultaneously symbol of hope, seed of dynastic continuity and guarantee of stability for the Parliamentary Monarchy, established by our Constitution.

As King, I am convinced that Felipe and Letizia will always know to accomplish with rectitude, care and exemplarity, their obligations and responsibilities, first as Princes of Asturias and, when it comes the moment, also as King and Queen.

Do always think about Spain and dedicate, with love and devotion, the best of your efforts to the Spaniards, to fulfil their hopes, to share their illusions and always mingle to their feelings and difficulties. I know that the passion to serve this great, diverse and plural country, proud of its coexistence in democracy and freedom, animates you.

Thanks to the Government for its affectionate declaration of depth institutional feeling emitted yesterday, and for its decisive support to the good development of this celebration. Thanks also for the warmth of all the other Institutions and Independent Communities represented here, in particular to the City council of Madrid and to its citizens, for so much generosity and affection towards this wedding; a gratitude that I extend to the whole Independent Community of Madrid.

Now I request you all to toast the happiness of T.R.H. the Princes of Asturias, their familiar and institutional continuity that they incarnate. So that, in sum, their happiness is always ours».
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Speech of Marit Tjessem (Mother of the Bride) at Haakon and Mette-Marit's wedding
(Translated by me.)

Your Majesties
Your Royal Highnesses
Dear Bride and Groom.

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart on your big day, dear Mette-Marit and Haakon. This is really a big day for all of us, and we're thrilled to watch the happiness and love you radiate.

As most people in this country, I had never thought I would be able to come to the Palace. The King's castle is sort of something that belongs to fairy tales and fantasies. I have to admit that it is rather unreal. I have always been certain that you would be a beautiful bride, Mette-Marit. When I look at you today, you're even more beautiful and more magnificent than I ever could have imagined.

Throughout your entire life, you have been something special to your parents and your brothers and sister. You have been a ray of sunshine that has been a huge blessing for all of us. Now it is my hope that you can be as much of a joy and enrichment to Haakon and everybody else you meet on the path you're on. We're very proud of you. It's a large and important task you're taking on. It is my wish that you'll be a support to each other and encourage each other. Practise taking care of each other. Good luck, both with living together and working together.

I know that some of the most important things in your lives are the good conversations, either just the two of you, or more. I hope that you'll use time and energy in the future to treasure such golden moments. You have an incredibly good man, Mette-Marit. Haakon has charmed us all from the moment we met him, and we've become really fond of him.

Thank you, Haakon, for the way you have received Mette-Marit, and all of our family. I would also like to than the King, the Queen and Princess Märtha Louise for the warmth we have been met with. We have felt welcome, and surrounded with love and care from the first moment. You have included us and taken care of us in a touching manner.

On behalf of our family I would like to thank you; King Harald, Queen Sonja and Princess Märtha Louise for the support you have been to us, and foremost for the manner in which you have received Mette-Marit in. Congratulations, dear Haakon and Mette-Marit.

I'll wish you everything good in live, with the poem:
"To be great" by Tove Houck.
"It isn't admirable deeds that make you a great person.
The deeds are most often just an expression
over the abilities that life has given you.
But the love that warm your actions,
the good that smiles in your hands,
shows how great you truly are."

Thank you.
LaMinka said:
Here are videos of Ari and King Haralds speeches in Märtha Louise and Aris wedding:
Ari Behns tale
Kong Haralds tale

I didn't understand a word, but was moved to tears at the warmth King Harald displayed while toasting his daughter, he must really love his daughter!:eek:
Layla1971 said:
They don't seem to work for me, a new screen comes up for a second and then dissapears, nothing.
Do you have Windows Media Player? You need it to view the videos.
It worked for me! thanks for posting it Danielle!
Does anyone know links to the speeches of Haakon, Freddy, WAlexander, and Felipe?
Unlike the other royal houses, the Dutch receptions seemed closed to any press. I doubt there are any videos of the speeches from the Dutch weddings unfortunately.
SpiffyBallerina said:
Unlike the other royal houses, the Dutch receptions seemed closed to any press. I doubt there are any videos of the speeches from the Dutch weddings unfortunately.

thats right. the RVD usually releases one photo from each reception but that's about it. at the "bruiden van het loo" exhibit there were some photos from the receptions displayed but you'd have to go to the exhibit to see them.
I don't know if I'll make it to The Netherlands soon enough, so unless the exhibit continues throughout the month of May, I think I shall miss it! :(
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