Royal shoes and Socks: Part 2

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Jul 18, 2004
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Royal shoes and Socks - Part 2
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I totally agree, what's up with their prices? This doesn't seem to be an issue for Letizia, of course. ;)
Very Very Nice Picture Combination , Princess Marie Looks So Beautiful & Elegant & Chic In All Pictures , I Like Most Of Her Shoes . Thank You For Posting Muhler .
Nice Shoes I Like it , Thanx For Posting marine2109
:previous: Love Kate's shoes! They are simple, elegant and beautiful! Nothing too much. I also really love these purple shoes!
she wore it a Lot But It’s Nice and Suitable with all her outfit , Nice One and Nice Color too

Thanks for posting
Prince Henrik has some quirky fashion ideas, that's one of the reasons I like him.
In official photos, Queen Maxima is wearing shoes that feature the colors of the Dutch flag:

I absolutely love Queen Silvia's shoes at Victoria's wedding:

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The shoes are a beautiful color and an exquisite design. They go perfect with the entire look.
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