Royal Family of Egypt 1: Ending Aug 2023

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The latest story about king Farouk life is a very funny one ,a woman suddenly appears to the whole world claiming that she is the daughter of king Farouk.She even made a web site for her self,her daughters,and her latest husband.She gives her self the title of H.I.R.H ,and to her friends the tiltles of the duke of Alex,and Aswan.I don't know from where did she got thoses titles.In Egypt we don't have the title of duke at all.

Princess Liala Farouk
Hello hoda,
This is realy very funny.that woman not only alleged that king Farouk is her father but also came back into life princess Mafalda of Savoy"who was killed by Nazi at a concentration camp during ww2 "and alleged that she is her mother.It seems like a sciencefiction film.:lol:

About the mbc episodes of king Farouk,I realy enjoyed it very much.I always thought he wasn't that bad and these episodes certainly showed that.
I enjoyed watching the hero Tym Hassan as Farouk esp. during the scene you've mentioned and during the scene of 4th february1942 event.
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An interview with king Ahmed Foad II

An Arabic magazine made an interview with king Ahmed Foad II

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Ahmed Pasha Hassanein

An Oxford-graduate Egyptian, grandson of the last Admiral of Egyptian fleet before the British dismantle it upon occupation on 1882, son of Al Azhar Professor, diplomat, Olympic participant in fencing, veteran Photographer, established writer in Arabic and English, King's tutor, politician, ladies charmer and a world-famous daring explorer of the 1920s.
Ahmed Hassanein is certainly one of the most influential figures in Egyptian politics as the Chief of the Diwan and Chamebrlain to King Farouk, the monarch of Egypt from 1930s to 1950s.

Ahmed Hassanein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hassanein Bey's Biography

Egyptian chronicles: The Scorpio explorer

Fliegel Jezerniczky Expeditions
Prince Kamal El Din Hussien

Prince Kamal El Din Is the only son of Sultan Hussein Kamel who ruled Egypt from 19 December 1914 until he died in October 1917.He was enthroned Sultan of Egypt by the British. After this declaration Egypt officially became a British protectorate. After the death of the sultan in October 1917, his only son Prince Kamal El Din Hussein abdicated the throne.

Prince Kamaleddin, who was for a short while Egypt's heir apparent and commander of its army, preferred trekking the desert or travelling around the world to his more official responsibilities. Collecting Oriental artifacts was far more absorbing than attending to affairs of state. He was a Sufi mystic who subscribed to the beliefs of the Biktashis, a reclusive sect claiming concealed origins in Albania. Having made considerable donations to this saintly order, Kamaleddin was made one of the sect's honorary Brothers. Either because he shunned public life or because he had no secular ambitions of his own, Kamaleddin renounced the throne a few days before the death of his father, Sultan Hussein, in 1917, thus enabling his uncle Fouad to become sultan of Egypt, and later its first king. Kamaleddin died in Toulouse in 1932 at the age of 58, following the amputation of a gangrenous leg. His only wish was to be buried in a specially built vault in the Muqattam Hills, near the Biktashis' monastery.

Prince Kamal El Din & desert:

Prince Kamal El Din & Biktashis:

Al-Ahram Weekly | Spicial | The people of the cave

Prince Kamal El Din Palace(Palace of sorrows)

Al-Ahram Weekly | Special | Palaces of change

Prince Kamal El Din & horses:
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how did queen nazli die? and is it true that her daughter,married to riad ghali, was shot dead by her husband?
Reply to me7teli

Queen Nazli's life is a very puzzling one,even her death.During her last days she was very poor,and had to work in very disrespectful jobs that did not suite her as the Queen of Egypt.She was very sick,and when she died she was buried in a catholic cemetry in LA.Princess Fathia was shot by her husband Riad Ghali .Both queen Nazli,and princess Fathia died poor.

Two Women destroyed his life on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

princess Fathia video:

YouTube - الأميرة فتØ*ية Ùˆ الملكة نازلي في أمريكا Nazli & Fathiya

Queen Nazli's life:

Her Majesty Queen Nazli

Queen Nazli video:

YouTube - Nazli Sabri (/ نازلى صبرى)
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HM King Fuad I

Fuad I, born Ahmed Fuad, (Arabic: فؤاد الأول Fu'ād al-Awwal), (March 26, 1868 - April 28, 1936), was the Sultan and later King of Egypt and Sudan, Sovereign of Nubia, Kordofan, and Darfur. The ninth ruler of Egypt from the Muhammad Ali dynasty, he became Sultan of Egypt in 1917, succeeding his elder brother Sultan Husayn Kamil. He substituted the title of King for Sultan when the United Kingdom formally recognized Egyptian independence in 1922.

Fuad I of Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Photos for the king:

The Reign of HM King Fuad I - a photoset on Flickr

Videos about the king:

YouTube - الملك فؤاد الأول ملك مصر
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Can someone tell what was a reason for King Farouk to divorce Queen Farida?
Queen Farida was very loved in Egypt, Right?

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Dear Friend,

The reason behind the divorce is unknown to us ,but Queen Farida said once ,that they were divorced because they were so young ,and many people around them made the bad use of that to destroy their lives.King Farouk used to be so jealous,so as her.Some people also said that the reason behind their divorce was her inability to give him aboy to be the next king.
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Thanks, hoda!

Well, they were very young when they got married.
After the divorce Queen Farida left Egypt right away or she remained there, (because of the children). How the girls got along with Queen Narriman?

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Well,after divorce,Queen Farida stayed in Egypt .She didn't leave ,she used to see her daughters so often,but after the revolution she had to stay in Egypt in order not to lose her nationality,as for the children relationship with queen Narriman,they didn't have adeep one at all.
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Well,after divorce,Queen Farida stayed in Egypt .She didn't leave ,she used to see her daughters so often,but after the revolution she had to stay in Egypt in order not to lose her nationality,as for the children relationship with queen Narriman,they didn't have adeep one at all.

Thanks again, hoda.

And what about Farida's daughters and their half brother, at some photos they are shown together, looking content to be together. Did they had good relationship?

Dear Monalisa,
Yasmine isnt HRH King Farouk's daughter but grand daughter and her mother is HRH Princess Ferial.

Great pictures but may i make a small correction please.
The first photo is HRH King Ahmed Fouad with his sister HRH Princess Ferial and not HRH Princess Fadia.
Reply to Daniela

Dear Daniela,King Farouk asked his daughter princess Ferial to take care of her brother ,and her two sisters.Their relationship is very strong.When princess Fadia ,and Fawzia died king Ahmed came to bury them in Egypt.His relationship with his eldest sister remains the strongest ,he calls her three times aday.
Well,after divorce,Queen Farida stayed in Egypt .She didn't leave ,she used to see her daughters so often,but after the revolution she had to stay in Egypt in order not to lose her nationality,as for the children relationship with queen Narriman,they didn't have adeep one at all.
She became a known artist, she had exhibitions in Paris for her own paintings.
I have found a picture of Princesse Fawzia Latifa D'Edypte. It was in 1998 when she was introduced to the high society in Europe by attending an event called La Haute Couture,
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The "New Debs" at the Crillon Hotel[/FONT]​

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Each year at the "Crillon Ball", twenty-four girls from well-known families are presented to 300 guests and to the Media for the benefit charity. In a modern twist on the grand European tradition of the debutante ball, the girls are introduced to the assembled guests wearing Haute Couture ball gowns and jewellery. [/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Princesse Fawzia Latifa daughter of King Fouad II was a participant during the 1998 debutantes ball. she is La belle wearing a light Green dress with long and beautiful light brown hair. She sits on the second row, third from the right. she is the princess of Egypt that we don't know anything about her weherabouts except that she used to live in Paris with her mother HRM Queen Fadila and her two brothers TRH Prince Mohamed Ali and Prince Fakher El-Din. I would appreciate if anyone knows anything about her to let me know. The anniversary of her Grandfather, HRM King Farouq is on 3/17 and I would like to give my respect to her and her HH's Royale Family of Egypt.[/FONT]
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I wanted to know if the Royal Prince Mohammed Ali (Egypt's) was married and when was his wedding date , his marriage?
A brief articles about the palaces that were used by the Egyption royal family members beginning with the king,and his family.
Montaza Palace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Is the Casino still operational in the Montaza Palace?
Did u guys see the series about King Farouk's life?
A few years back, I accidentally found the book by William Stadiem " Too Rich" It is a fabulous book and details all of the different aspects of King Farouk's character and relationships.
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