Royal Family of Bulgaria 2: March 2007- Aug 2023

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What are King Simeon’s Sons doing for Bulgaria.
They are living in Spain since always , they married beautiful women (mostly models) who certainly are not interested in Bulgaria. Do they speak their language.
Years ago i thought that King Simeon should really return as King .
Will Kalina’s boy titled Prince of Bulgaria be King Simeon’s Heir ?
Kalina is King Simeon's youngest daughter; even if she had succession rights, she would be preceded by her older four brothers and their own children. I don't think there are much chances to skip all them.
To Mafan,
Who is the Official Heir of Bulgaria ?
Sadly KIng Simeon’s eldest son had such a terrible car crash and seems alas still injured .
Kardam's status

Has there been any update on Kardam's medical condition? Does it remain unchanged or has there been any improvement?

Please correct if I wrong/misinformed, but I believe the last update I saw was that he was conscious (no longer in a coma) but not really alert or aware. It must be very trying for all of his family but particlarly for his wife and sons.
King Simeon's heir is his eldest son, Prince Kardam.

As for Prince Kardam's health conditions, the last news I've read about him (back on last spring) were that he's recovering at his home in Madrid, but that he still is immobile and unable to communicate.
News and updates on Prince Kardam's health can be found in this thread:
Thanks for the update, MAFan. Such a tragic situation.
Has Kyrill officially divorced? I know they attended the Swedish Royal Wedding together in 2010 so are they reconciling?
I do not understand why HRH Prince of Preslav does not live in Bulgaria.
Could someone on Royal Forums who is more specialised in Bulgaria's Royal Family please clarify and up-date me on the official status and position of The Bulgarian Royal Family in Bulgaria since their return, and now since HM King Simeon post-PrimeMinister?
Im particularly interested in their official status and position, property restitution, income status (State salary or pension), any official State role or position, etc, in comparison with the various positions and status of other returned Royals in - Albania, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia?
These other Balkan Royals status and official positions i am more familiar with.
Thank you.

Interesting recent BBC Magazine article, includes HM King Simeon II in Bulgaria.

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | What do monarchs do next?
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King Simeon II and Queen Margarita live in Sofia. Most of the time. They often travel to Spain.
So far the problem of properties of the King is not on the agenda here. Their official status is "citizens" of Bulgaria, but most people call them King and Queen, though.
Bulgarian Royal Family.

Thankyou for that update!
I once wrote to HM King Simeon, some years ago in the very early 1990's, when he was still living in Spain, and he very kindly replied personally, hand-writing a letter to me, and sending a signed photograph of himself and Queen Margarita, and enclosing some articles and a speech he had written and given.
So i am a big supporter!
It is interesting and good to know they do mainly live in Bulgaria.
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Simeon Hassan Munoz has turned 5 today, March 14!

As every year a photo session was made on the occasion of his birthday - this year not only together
with his parents, but also with his grandparents King Simeon and Queen Margarita. It's cute to see what
a little gentleman Simeon has become and how attentive he is towards his grandfather (see pic 5).
The pics were made in at Vrana Palace in Sofia, Bulgaria.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 **
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What a precious little boy! :wub:
His parents and grandparents clearly dot on him.
Princess Maria Garcia of Bulgaria (the wife of Konstantin-Assen, Prince of Vidin) is on vacation in Ibiza, Spain.
Pictures from July 18, 2012.

- Picture 1
- Picture 2
- Picture 3
- Picture 4
- Picture 5

If moderators think it's a good idea, this post could be moved to a new thread dedicated to Konstantin-Assen and Maria Garcia.
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Prince Kyril attended the Vanity Fair magazine "Man of The Year" 2012 award ceremony at the Italian Consulate in Madrid, Spain, on September 17.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Is he divorced now or still just seperated? I remember he and Rosario attended the 2010 wedding in Stockholm together.
Is he divorced now or still just seperated? I remember he and Rosario attended the 2010 wedding in Stockholm together.
Kyril and Rosario may be separated but they are most definitely not divorced. They have appeared together on several official occasions (such as Crown Princess Victoria's wedding) after news of their separation surfaced; that may mean that either the separation is very amicable, or they they decided to reconcile.
I noticed that Kyril attended the Luxembourg wedding with his sister in law and not his wife. He is still the most handsome of the Bulgarian brothers (great abs:ohmy: ).

Princess Rosario attended the VIP view of Valentino: Master of Couture at the Embankment Gallery on November 28, 2012 in London.

** Pic **

Princess Rosario attended a party of Giancarlo Giammetti, honorary president of the Valentino Fashion House, in London at the beginning of this month:

** Pic ** gallery **
I believe that is Princess Rosario's daughter Mafalda next to her. In the gallery, you can also see a picture of Mafalda with Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece.
Where does Princess Marie Louise live these days? Bullgaria? New Jersy? Ontario?
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