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May 4, 2005
South Africa
I was wondering if it would be possible to start a thread with pictures of the bridesmaids outfits worn for royal weddings. If anybody could post clips/photos I would be grateful.

This is a GREAT idea!

Sarah & Andrew's wedding was in the height of the 80's, but the bridesmaids still looked very cute! I really liked the floral wreathes in their hair. The bridesmaids at Andrew and Sarah's wedding were:
Lady Rosannah Innes- Kerr (daughter of friends)
Alice Ferguson (Sarah's younger step-sister)
Zara Phillips
Laura Fellowes (daughter of Jane and Robert Fellowes, Diana's sister)

In comparison, Diana's bridesmaids 5 years earlier were in much "fussier" dresses and seemed to be mini versions of her dress:

Some of my favourite bridesmaids were Lady Frances Armstrong-Jones, Zara Phillips and Tara Noble at Sarah Chatto's wedding:

In comparison, I didn't like the outfits worn by Serena Linley's bridesmaids- they look very austere and not really suited to children!

Maybe she was trying to contrast their very plain outfits against her spectacular dress?

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look at little Zara Phillips at Prince Andrew's wedding. I forgot she was in it. Without a doubt, favorite bridesmaid's dresses were at Lady Sarah's. How utterly classic and beautiful!
Does anyone have pics (or the link) of the Earl Spencer's wedding? Not sure if he qualifies for this thread. But I did love the outfit that Prince Harry wore. I believe they were taken from an actual painting from Althorp.
Zonk1189 said:
Does anyone have pics (or the link) of the Earl Spencer's wedding? Not sure if he qualifies for this thread. But I did love the outfit that Prince Harry wore. I believe they were taken from an actual painting from Althorp.
Here you go!

the portrait

Full wedding party

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I believe the children above were:

Eleanor Fellowes (daughter of Diana's sister Jane)
Prince Harry
Alexander Fellowes (Eleanor's older brother)
Emily McCorquindale (daughter of Diana's sister Sarah).

This seems to be Regency period costume- on the second page of the Charles Spencer and Victoria Lockwood wedding thread on this site

one of the members posts that "the outfits were inspired by two paintings hanging at Althorp House. The pageboys outfit was inspired by a Joshua Reynolds 1779 portrait of Lord Althorp."

I hope that helps as well!

Thanks Eliza and Azile1710! I tried to find the pics on the board but I am fairly new and still trying to find my way. I believe those outfits will age well when the pics are pulled out twenty years from now. Thanks again :)
Aussie Princess said:
I really like those necklines- what do you call them?

I'm not sre Aussie Princess- the bridesmaids seem to have round necklines but the bodices are very fitted, I believe from the use of lace-up corsets. Sarah's dress is a more square neckline.

Does that help? Maybe someone else has some fashion terminology to help?

The other two Dutch weddings in recent memory had plainer bridesmaid's dresses (and fewer bridesmaids!):

Maurits and Marilene

I don't think that Bernhard and Anette had any bridesmaids.

And Mabel and Frisco; (lots of bows, obviously Mabel's desire!)

I didn't like the dresses of the adult bridesmaids- they seemed austere and rather boring with the dark skirts. But, that's just my opinion!

Haakon & Mette Marit's wedding was more formal, and this was reflected in the clothing of the bridesmaids and Marius:

I think the most lovely bridal party was that of Sarah Chatto (nee Armstrong-Jones). Beautiful dresses and lovely flowers:

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Wedding of Archduchess Catharina von Habsburg and Count Massimiliano Secco d'Aragona:

I love these ones, from the wedding of Archduke Karl of Habsburg and Baroness Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza:

(Photos scanned and posted by mtbcm at the respective thread)

From the wedding of Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin. These costumes were designed by Lorenzo Caprile and were inspired by the routes of Santiago de Compostela:
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My favorite so far has got to be Sarah and Andrew's! Even though it was the 80's the girls looked cute in the dresses and they weren't over done or too plain.
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Not very keen of Infanta Elena's bridemaids!
but I do like Infanta Cristina's
Hi everyone thanks for posting I had forgotten that I requested these pictures. I just find it very interesting to see how brides dress their bridesmaids. Do royal brides have the same input on design and colour etc. Or do you think advisors and wedding co-ordinators choose. Also you don't won't the bridesmaids outshining the bride so there are some really hideous dresses/outfits out there. (obviously also some lovely ones).
azile1710 said:

Lady Sarah Chatto's wedding dress and bridesmaids' s dresses were my favourite. The deep pink flowers against the white were amazing
Right, Claudia was Princess Letizia's cousin
I am not keen on the Infanta Elena's bridesmaid dresses. I dislike the dress of Serena Lindleys bridesmaids.
what about bridesmaid of Prince Edward and Sophie-Rhys Jones's wedding in June 19,1999 i tried find that pictures in pro crobis but no there! "Prince Edward's Wedding" i wanted see bridesmaid and bridesgroom with Earl and Countess of Wessex after ceremony.

i watch video says have small kids bridesmaid and bridesgroom and no adult bridesmaid i dont blame Sophie what she wanted it
I do love the flowergirls from Maurits and Marilene. This bleu is a beautifull color. And I also like the dresses of the flowergirls and boys from the wedding of Felipe and Letizia.
Two photos of the the bridesmaids and pageboys from Princess Maxima and Prince Willem-Alexander's Wedding. I'm not too fond of the boys wearing tights and mary-jane type shoes.

This is from Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde's Wedding DEcember 4, 1999 Nice red colour because its my second favourite colour after blue. But I'm not feeling the tights and bows on the boys.
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There are not many bridesmaid outfits that stand out across the board for royal weddings except for Lady Sarah Chatto's bridesmaids. The little ones all look very cute however I am no fan of the all three Spanish Royal Weddings bridal party outfits and Princess Mary's bridesmaid outfits.
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