Rose Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2023

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I really hope to Charlene there again this year as it is while she we have seen her and Albert at an official function

The Rose Ball and Red Cross ball arent quite the same as in the days of the late Princess Grace as she really did bring that extra bit of glamour that is really lacking
The Fratellis, they are amazing.
Wonder how they came to be picked?

Prince Albert and Princess Caroline are very heavily involved with the picking of entertainment (as was their Mother before them) and so they must have at least heard of them. I've even seen quotes in interviews of performers that say that the Prince (or Princess) called the performer directly to ask them to perform.

It's also not unknown for either of them to appear at the venue to make sure things are being decorated correctly the day before.
The Fratelli's are one of my favorite bands! Their most famous song here in America would probably be Chelsea Dagger.
Poor Ernst, I hope he gets well soon. I think Caroline will attend because she's Monaco's First Lady and the Ball's organizer, but without a doubt I'm sure she'll want to be by Ernst's side.

I wonder if the Ball will begin an hour later due to the Lights Off movement tonight around the world.

There is no minimum age to attend the Ball, I remember reading that in 2007's Red Cross Ball there were kids running around the Sporting Club! And also Caroline attended her first Ball when she was 16, so did Albert.

It's quite interesting to see that the musical choices for this year are not big names like those from all of the other Balls. Definetly a great opportunity for all of these new artists and a great way to bring the young generation to the Ball.
I am sorry to hear about Prince Ernst.:sad: I hope gets well soon. I can understand that Prince Ernst won't attend at the Rose Ball. At least, I hope Princess Caroline will attend tonight.

I am excited and can't wait to see the pics!:rolleyes:
Oh, no, I am sorry for EA accident. He and Caroline make nice couple during events like Rose Ball. I only hope that the rest of family will appear like always.
Getty already has images of the Sporting Club's decor. It says Prince Albert and Charlene will attend.
3 pics of Charlotte are up on Getty Images!!! She looks BEAUTIFUL!!

Caroline and Charlene are there too!!!!! YEAH!
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Caroline is an incredible woman , stunning and charming, Charlotte wonderful like her mother, thereis also Beatrice Borromeo !
Charlotte looks stunning, too bad she wore black again! Princess Caroline seems to have made up from last year, yet black again....her handbag is original a motorcycle helmet with some roses. Beatrice Borromeo is there, as well as Melanie and Julliet Maillot.
Wow Charlotte looks gorgeous, and Pierre is handsome as ever. All 3 C's are wearing so-so gowns imo. Can't wait to see more pictures, especially of them dancing.
yes they are there. so far i'm not liking charlotte's outfit. the hair and make up are good though.

and did pss caroline cut and dyed her hair in black?

i love her chanel outfit though it's not really theme-related.
Loving Charlotte's earrings
Yes, Alex Dellal, he is walking behind the group in some photos. It seems Andrea and Tatiana skipped the Ball this year again. Too bad Stephanie didn't attend, I thought she would due to the theme.

You can see Alex Dellal in the photo where they focus on Charlotte's dress, she's walking over the Route 66 sign. Andrea Sabrier is also there.
Just checking ... I did not see Antoinette either (or her daughter and Melanie for that matter). Did they also not attend?
Melanie is there, I suspect Elizabeth Ann is there too, she never misses it. I really doubt Princess Antoinette is there due to her age, she's 88 I believe.

I agree with Pyschoduck, all three ladies look stunning hair and makeup wise. It seems they read our comments from last year lol Princess Caroline looks so young and Charlotte looks a lot like her mom when she was moreless her age.
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Way to go Princess! YOU'RE A REAL QUEEN!!!
Well, Caroline almost never disappoints me, although i´m fed up of seeing both mother and daughter in black.

And i don´t get what Charlene did to her hair, horrible, and being so tall!!
rose ball 09

In mho , all the ladies have really teerrible hairdresses , especially Charlene . As for Caroline , she is stylishs whatever she wears and Charlotte has still a long way to go .
Charlotte looks gorgeous! So disappointed Eugenie is there. She seems really snobbish and I'm afraid it's rubbing off on Charlotte. I wish Charlotte would hang out with Valentine again.
Charlene has an 80's hairstyle -- if you lived in the era, you remember the tall bangs. It's part of the "theme" of the event. Princess Grace herself often attended the ball in costume and was criticized for her dress (and in once case had hair so tall she couldn't fit in the car). It's part of the part they play and simply a fun part of the theme.
In my opinion ,they look horrible.They have no taste,no glamour,no elegance.It is a pity to have money and dress so horribly.Caroline has horrible earrings and an horrible bag,of course the gown is horrible too.Charlene is bad combed and the gown is horrible and Charlotte also as always in black,horrible too.It is so sad to see them,it is a pity:angry:
Well, Caroline almost never disappoints me, although i´m fed up of seeing both mother and daughter in black.

And i don´t get what Charlene did to her hair, horrible, and being so tall!!

Well Caroline isn't totally in black - just the jacket. I hope we get some better of her later in the evening
Charlene's dress is perfect for her figure, but that peacock detailing! :ohmy: And that hair! :ohmy: So close!

I like Charlotte's dress and it is also perfect for her figure in giving her a more noticible waistline, but I agree in wanting to see her in come sort of color. The absence of color does not count.

Pierre looks dashing, and I love the pictures of him escorting his sister in. The little smile, too? Oh, stop it! :wub:

I like Caroline's fashion choice this year, but not the bag. The bag is hideous and should have been thrown in the bushes. Everyone's wearing all black, though (though I expected as much from the men). Rock n' Roll doesn't always require black. Red? Dark Blue? Silver? Gold? Hm...
Prince Arbert and Charlene don´t look like a couple, no chemistry at all. It´s so obvious it´s almost ridiculous.
I love Beatrice's dress, so elegant! I like Charlotte's outfit, minus the earrings. I don't particularly care for Charlene's. The glove isn't necessary and I don't like the hair.

Other than that, everyone looks great!
Which is the bag versus the the flowers? What I've seen is a bucket type bag (looking closely) with earphones and flowers in it. That's the flowers the presented her. It has a Rock'n Rose logo on it.

and I looked closer. Caroline was not carrying a bag or purse. She is carrying the flower bouquet that is a helmet with headphones and flowers. Not beautiful but not a fashion accessory - just a prop of the event.
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