Rose Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2023

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Charlotte and Caroline look amazing in black and Albert and Pierre. Andrea look great also . So from what it looks like no Stephanie
BurberryBrit said:
Charlotte looks divine!
She does! she looks soo beautiful this evening, and I love how shes wearing the black nail polish again
BurberryBrit said:
Tatiana and Melanie are also there.
I think the Casiraghis have done the same thing as last year - arrived with a big group of friends.
Both Caroline and Charlotte look radiant:)
I like the way that Caroline is wearing black with gold and Charlotte has black with silver.
It's nice to see Caroline, Charlotte, and the rest, it would have been good if Stephanie attended. Both Charlotte and Caroline look stunning and elegant and dressed according to the Ball's theme.

I think Charlotte looks much better this year than a year ago, impressive earrings.
BTW it seems this year the same friends of the Casiraghis attended the Ball like a year ago, I like this new youthful air for the Ball. Can't wait for pics of the party.
monaco70s said:
BTW it seems this year the same friends of the Casiraghis attended the Ball like a year ago
how can you tell? I mean I don't know about you but I haven't seen any group pic yet even though I've been ckecking getty every so often
Well pics this year are few...The Casiraghis look great. Caroline is charming
Maya something seems to be wrong with that link! I'm not sure if it's just me or not
Is Charlotte's dress a bubble skirt? Not sure if I like that (flashbacks to proms in the '80s--personal problem) but I like the rest of it. Great earrings.
I guess I'm in the minority here. Because I don't really like Caroline or Charlotte's dresses. I really think the upper part of Charlotte's looks weird just the cut and the way the underarm part is. And Caroline's dress is just too much for me to handle. Sorry but neither dress is pleasing to me.

Also why do they have to always not only catch Charlotte but feature her in all those "sex kitten" type of poses. I noticed the way her hair is being flipped around in one pic and in other pics her mouth is formed more sexy like. It's just weird to me I really think she's just being natural but the photographers are snapping pics so fast and are only publishing some of the ones that make her look sexy. It really bothers me.
victoria_89 said:
i love that Prin. Caroline's dress has a gyspy flare to it, but is also very modern.. Like usual Charlotte is looking radiant and is looking more and more like her mother. Boys looked good. My own fault with the rose ball is the lack of photos so far
Yes, this year is very slow on pictures. Hopefully, we'll get a big load after it's finished. Charlotte, Caroline and Pierre look great, unfortunately from the pics of Andrea so far, can't say the same - he looks like he's lost even more weight and is just generally unhealthy. His face and fingers look like he's only skin and bone. But it could be just the angle of the pictures.
If you check back the getty link - looks like the dancing has begun:flowers:
Lovely Ernst:
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