Romanian Castles, Palaces and Residences

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Marlene Koenig from Royal Musings received ther Medal of Loyalty at the Royal Palace (now Museum of Arts . She took pictures of this Celebration, King Michael's Throne is restored.

The day after she was invited at Elisabeta Palace for a Brunch (outside ) She took many pictures.
This Palace is modern and completely devoted to the Royals of Romania. Such a lot of Paintings of them on the Walls , the Coat and Uniform King Michael wore on his Wedding Day, Wedding Dress of the Custudian and her Veil , Romanian dresses worn by Queen Helen, the seat of King Michael at King George VI Coronation etc..
The Custudian Office and her Personal Throne .
This did remember Visit of Queen's Marie Balchik palace now in Bulgaria.
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From the exterior the Elisabeta Palace looks quite modest but the interior seems homely inside.
Wonderful to include the village and the school.
"The Christmas tree from Săvârșin Castle. Happy celebrations!"

"On Saturday, 18 December at Peles Castle, the Peles Royal Heritage Association organized the 2021 edition of the project "Traditions and carols in Peles".

On this occasion, the Children and Youth Choral Ensemble "Symbol-Jean Lupu", led by Luminița Guțanu Stoian, held a carol recital in the Hall of Honor of the Castle."
The hard white LED-lights outside are not my taste but the Christmas interiors inside are very warm and homely.
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A tour around Peles Castle, in Romania, the Summer Residence of the Kings of Rumania - Margareta, Custodian of the Crown, is mentioned at the 10:27 mark.

Interesting trivia after the mention of Margareta is the castle's coat of arms doesn't have Transylvania, because this principality was annexed after the First World War with the fall of the Austrian Empire.

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I went last summer. It was one of my favorite day trips ever. The whole town of Sinaia, the grounds of the castle, and the exterior and interior of the castle are fabulously beautiful.
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