Reports that Harry and Chelsy have split up

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Jun 20, 2005
I read that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy have split up and they both agreed to a trial seperation.
It was said that Chelsy was feeling homesick and needs some time to find her own identity.
Palace sources have confirmed the split-up.
I was never a real fan of Chelsy but now my opinion has changed because this decision shows she is not desperate to be Prince Harry's girlfriend. This comes across as a very mature decision.
I think Kate Middleton could learn a lot from Chelsy who I think is much more sensible.
Whereas Chelsy wants to find her own identity to become an independent person, Kate is doing just the opposite: completely adjusting her life to that of her boyfriend.
Chelsy never came across as desperate to me...not like Kate does at times. She always seemed very chilled out and fine with doing her own thing...
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It really doesn't surprise me that Harry and Chelsy split. They are both so young and love to have fun. It seems to me that it will be a while till both of them settle down. They both had a hard time trying to be faithful.
The Alleged Split
*This is London/The Evening Standard, 10 November 2007 (cites from the Mail on Sunday)
*Associated Press, 10 November 2007

Chelsy Davy has split from Prince Harry, telling him she 'needs space' to carve out her own identity.

The party-loving Zimbabwean told friends she was having a 'trial separation' from the Prince while she studies at Leeds University and he pursues his Army career.

The couple began their separation in the style that has characterised their three-year relationship – partying hard at different nightclubs just a few miles away from each other in London.

Chelsy's decision to split from the Prince came less than a week after The Mail on Sunday revealed that the 22-year-old was desperately unhappy in Leeds.
Source: The Daily Mail, 10 November 2007
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well they are very young...
Well if it is true, I hope they're doing it for the right reasons. As in they really want time apart and are focusing on themselves and NOT what Prince William and Kate Middleton are doing which is just confusing and annoying the media with their 'are they-aren't they?'
I saw that too.......... I wonder if it is true.......we will probably not know for sure until Harry is out and about considering that the Clarence House doesn't comment on their private lives.
I can't say that I'm that surprised, or that sad. I didn't like Chelsy very much, she was too "hot" in my opinion, too wild, to much into partying. I mean, so is Harry, but I'd like to see him with a girl who could have a bit of a calming affect on him.
I think they both were really too young. I really didn't think they were going to last very long. If they did, I assumed they both will be like William and Kate, 5 or more years together until they are really committed. Keep in mind William and Kate both went out with each other almost the same age. So we can't say Chelsy was not educated, cause she is going to collage. I just think he should find someone who is not the same as he is; someone who is opposite, who will change him for the good. Who knows, lets see what happens next year or in the few months, but for sure this was the year of the break-ups of William and Harry.
I have a dream.............


Prince Harry has fallen in love with another woman.......

No, not a TV presenter, not some "mysterious brunette"

Well, she is a brunette, and I suppose that she is mysterious, but ........

She is a writer, a journalist, well..... an intern really. And she has my name, well my TRF nickname, as it's her actual surname.....



She is sure to change him. She changes all who lay eyes on her. For the better.

I, for one, am not surprised at this news. I think, too, that it's not remarkable that Harry and Chelsy, given their ages, might well have another close relationship or two before finally deciding to marry.

One factor which I think is worth considering is the apparent dichotomy between the two, i.e. Chelsy has a university education and is now engaged in pursuing a higher degree at university. Harry, dear Harry, possibly isn't anywhere near her intellectual equal? This matters less when enjoying the pleasures and exciting life style which youth and money can offer, but as time goes on, disparate interests can become quite marked and a source of impatience and irritation. My experience of university, particularly higher degree studies, is that partying and wacky pleasure is always welcome and can be a life-saving diversion, but, when the chips are down, one's intellectual interests are paramount, and it's difficult if your partner doesn't understand or can't respond to those interests.

Well, I don't know if that's true, but it's what I think has possibly prompted Chelsy to call it quits with Harry. There's nothing untoward, of course, with Harry's lack of engagement with academia - it's not for everyone, after all - but perhaps the non-stop partying and drinking has worn her down, or she merely wants less of it. If Harry doesn't, then that's as good a reason as any to separate. Chelsy, obviously, has much more serious turn of mind than does Harry, who, despite his expensive education, doesn't seem to have learnt very much (was ignorant of the Nazis and the SS, for one thing).

I like them both. I liked Chelsy for her loyalty to Harry, even when I suspected that it might have been more one-sided than was acknowledged and that he was more taken with her than vice versa. Harry's still young enough to play the 'naughty boy', which can be endearing, just so long as he doesn't trade on it to the degree that he alienates those who have his best interests at heart and whom he currently charms.

Let's wish them both well and hope that they'll find new, more appropriate and loving partners, very soon.
Well here's my two cents on this. First, Harry is very immature despite his army training he needs to emotionally grow up. The drunken binges are really getting out of hand again and he needs to get a handle on that because it does effect relationships. Chelsy for her part looks to be pretty grounded but she is far away from home and in grad school both very taxing on her - very stressful. I think she is a women of substance and it shows. She is doing the right thing by separating for a while to get her feet on the ground at law school and to grow as a person. I wish Harry would. I do think that in the long run they are good for each other but only if they grow up and grow together otherwise it's best that they find out now and not after the wedding. JMO
Well, probably Harry will do a William and get back together with Chelsey after a cooling off period.
I kinda saw it coming not cause I think they're not right for each other or anything like that but more so it looked like for the past month or so there had been some sort of build up of tension and you could so tell especially in the pictures well atleast in my opinion. I think it has to do with alot of things in my opinion those things could be (Chelsy adjusting to life at Leeds, Diana's inquest, Harry wanting to go to Iraq and fight, his excess drinking although I don't think she's any better when it comes to that subject anyways.... I could go on but I'll stop there.) I think once they sort through most of those problems I could definitly see them getting back together (from the pictures I saw 2 weeks ago they still looked to be ok to me I could never tell a split was coming, well when they left the club that was a different story but inside they looked fine.) Again that's just my opinion though. (btw I'm new as you can tell. Hi everyone!)
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I would love to see these two fact it's my secret dream...i don't understansd why people want absolutely her to be with william..she needs a man...a funny one who makes her laugh....

if only dreams could be true :wub:
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Clarence House quit on split claim

Clarence House has refused to comment on reports that Prince Harry and his girlfriend have split.
Chelsy Davy ended their three-year relationship after the Prince missed her 22nd birthday party to go to the Rugby World Cup Final in Paris, it is claimed.

It's The End For Prince Harry And Chelsy |Sky News|UK News
Why would reporters keep asking Clarence House to comment on something like this? They know the answer ahead of time, which is to say they know it's pointless to ask. I completely share empathy with the Clarence House and BP press offices. The media is annoying and redundant.

Speaking of redundant though........ only the same in Spanish....
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I'm not sure I believe that they've split up. I suppose time will tell...:ermm:

I actually thought they suited, and were good for each other!
Kate & Wills back together, Harry & Chelsy "taking time" or something.... It's a crazy mixed up life. If only Love were as straightforward as mathematical formulas.... Some people say math is hard. I say Life and Love are the hardest things of all because no one seems to get their heads around them.... you can learn math. Who learns Love, who learns how to Live? We all think we have it figured out sometimes.... then it jolts us with a massive shockwave.... :dizzy:
About time that relationship seemed like a train wreck. Harry needs to get his priorities straight before he enters into another relationship.
" *Love Is Like A Rose In Winter, Only The Strong Survives* My Favorite Rose: Felipe & Letizia

:eek:you think? i found harry too gorgeous for her haha....they were a bit odd together... like casiraghitrio said, he needs a classier chick...sometimes she looked like a bimbo :rolleyes:
wow, am I the only one who is supprised by their breakup? I thought they were quite perfect for eachother, they seemed happy togehter.
^Their relation seems not to be perfect:) I only hope, he is not too sad (if it is true that SHE finished their relationship) I'm sure he will have a new girlfriend soon. Or maybe he has already one and that was the reason why they have split . . . who knows

To be honest I'm not sad about their breakup. I've never been a Harry&Chelsy fan.
It's not that I don't like Chelsy (how could I say this if I don't know her) it's only . . . how can I say . . . she's not the girl that I can say: WOW, this is a great girl and would be a perfect princess!
i think these two will be back together in no time. i think it was just very low point in their realtionship when they couldn't connect. once this faze will pass and they'll cool off a bit they'll be back together.
I like how certain news places are spinning that he dumped her and vice versa...LOL
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