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Jun 26, 2003
Toda I asked someone in my class, who is from Japan to ask what she thinks anout te RF. I sated to ask her about the Crown princess, I wanted to know how to pronouce her name. But she didnt know who i was talking. She said she know of the crown princess and knows his daugther's name, but not anything about is wife. ISo, i just wanted to know if japanese teens know much abou the RF?
Hi sky,

I think that almost all Japanese know the Crown Princess's name at least...

However the almost Japanese teens aren't interested in the Japanese Imperial Family very much. My acquaintance's teens know the Crown Princess's name but they don't know the Crown Prince's name. And almost of them also don't know other imperial family's name.
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Hi Jun5 Thanxs for teling me. I kind of figued that most teens wouldnt know the names of lesser royals. Un how do you pronouce the crown princess's name?
I have a friend who has been teaching English in Japan since June and she is back home for a short visit before going back. My friend and I are in our mid-twenties and I think we are fairly intelligent people, but even she struggled with the titles of the royal families let alone their names.

She couldn't figure out the difference between 'Imperial' and royal or King vs. Emperor. And she thought she'd be so smart by telling me that the Emperess had the shingles and was recovering ...!

I think the media coverage of the Japanese Imperial family is to a much lesser degree than the European royals, and certainly dramatically less than the British and Monco royals. Does anyone think that if the Imperial family had more media coverage more individuals around the world and younger Japanese citizens would be more interested in their royals?
I doubt their intrest would expand, if the was more media coverage. I think japanese teens would be intrested in their royal if one of the royals were around their ages and did something forbiding or something like that.
Originally posted by sky@Jan 24th, 2004 - 11:37 am
I doubt their intrest would expand, if the was more media coverage. I think japanese teens would be intrested in their royal if one of the royals were around their ages and did something forbiding or something like that.
You make a very good point, sky. I was just thinking that it is not only teenage girls (and girls in their early twenties) who think that Prince William of Great Britain is very good looking and are interested in his life, but older, more mature women, too, and that might be the case with the Imperial family if they might receive more press coverage. But you're right, if there was a good looking young man in the Imperial family there might be lots more ink spilled about him! Maybe when Aiko is William's age there will be more interest in the Imperial family as she could very well be the future Emperess of Japan.
Many countries' royals prefer to stay out of the spot lights and media coverages. Even British royals really want to stay out but they pity themselves for they don't not have the luck and the bless.
Thank you for your very interesting opinions, Alexandria, sky and Poppy. :flower:
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I am really sad to know that there aren't much news about the royal family. Though I know one reason is to protect their privacy. I am really proud of the Japanese people especially the press because they follow the rules or instruction given. They really respect their Royal Family.

I think it's just the same with some Royal families who are also strict when it comes to privacy. ONe thing also is that the Royal Family only goes out when it's very necessary. I haven't seen a picture of the princess shopping! ;)
I asked my Japanese friend how to prounounce the names of the members of the Imperial Family and basically you just pronounce it as the way it is spelt.

like Crown Prince Naruhito is like: Na-roo-hee-to.
Crown Princess Masako: Ma-saa-ko.
Emperor Akihito: Aah-key-hee-to.
Empress Michiko: Mee-chee-ko

something like that. hope it helps! :blush:
Do members of the imperial family have to pay taxes in Japan?

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Ah, no, I don't think so. They are supported by taxpayers' money and they have few private properties unlike the other royal families. Most of the family's wealth/properties were confiscated after WW 2. It was said that Princess Sayako, upon being a commoner when she got married, get to vote, have a surname and pay taxes for the first time.

Anyone else to verify this?
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yeah they lose the females lose their royal status and stuff when they marry a commoner and have to do all the things u just mentioned
Sorry for my uter ignorance but...Did Japanese royals not have a surname? :ohmy:

Vanesa said:
Sorry for my uter ignorance but...Did Japanese royals not have a surname? :ohmy:


The Imperial Family do not have a surname. For instance, Princess Aiko is known as Toshinomiya Aiko in school (following the Eastern tradition that the surname is written first). But Toshi no miya isn't her surname. It stands for "Princess Toshi" in English and it is her royal title. As she doesn't have a surname, her royal title Princess Toshi acts her surname, then followed by Aiko (given name).:)
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While it's unlikely that members of the Imperial Family pay any kind of income tax, on the few occasions that they venture out privately they do pay GST ( goods and services tax) of 5% that is levied on everything in Japan. I do realise this isn't something that happens very often but does occur, Masako when she had her initial breakdown went and stayed with her mother at her parents' villa in Nagano prefecture not the Imperial villa for a month. ( She took Aiko with her) The press after she returned to Tokyo were also asked not to follow her when she left the palace to give her peace so there are occasions when Imperial Family members leave privately. The Japanese press is quite respectful and the paparazzi pretty much unheard off, all the pictures released of the Imperial Family are done officially. (And the members of the Imperial Family know they are being photographed)
If I were a Japanese royal princess, do I have the option of never getting married?

If I were a Japanese royal princess, do I have the option of never getting married?
(in order to remain a royal for as long as I live)

Thanks! :)
I think that you may keep without marrying being a Japanese princess or a commoner. I do not know if IHA is related to marriying royals or not...I suppose they give their opinion over the marrying candidats for a prince or for a princesse, but I'm not sure they oblige royals to marry. However, you must know that even in the West, marriage is important for royals, and all royals are persuaded to marry someone. They are excpected to marry, and much more if they are heirs to a throne or something so important as this.

Yes, I think the IHA laws state that an imperial princess can choose to be single and retain her title. But I don't think it has been done to date.
Yes a Japense princess can marry but to keep her title she must marry a royal or noble no commoner because then she would lose her royal title.
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i would agree with posts

if you getting married to Japan Royals and im sure if your families is rich or not like as heir,noble,baron,etc.

IF Princess married to commoner they will lose the HRH or HIH dues parent's decision they Japan Princess will still known as Princess of Japan without titles.
i'm not sure about still being called a princess after marrying a commoner, i think they will instead use their husbands surname. i also dont think there are any nobles left since the class system was disbanded after wwII.
A Japense princess could marry a foriegn noble or royal if she gets perimission from the monarch so she still keep her royal title.
If that happened, I would bet that the whole IHA would be throwned into total chaos since they have such a fear of lossing the imperial line to such a problem. But perhaps it would be a good thing to shake hings up a bit like this. Would it be even possible?
Total chatos what are you talking about? A Japenese princess is not allowed to be state I don't see that as a problem if the monarch approves of the marriage. It seems wrong to judge someone just because there from another nation and do not even know them and that is what I find not right at all. The imperial family still continue without the princess being she has siblings and they have children.
Stores that the Emperor/ Imperial family patronised?

Stores that the Emperor/ Imperial family patronised?

I'm wondering if there are some specific shops that the Emperor or the imperial family commissioned them to made stuff for the imperial family.

I know that the Muramatsu flute was commissioned made a flute for Princess Masako, I wonder if there's any sword smiths,silk makers or other kind that specifically handle requests from the royal family.

Memoirs of Prince Mikasa?


I am trying to get hold of the memoires of Prince Mikasa for some research I'm doing (for a book), but I'm having some trouble tracking them down.

I don't know if they were published in English but even in Japanese would be okay. Not that I speak Japanese - but I can get them translated!

Any idea where I can get hold of them?

Many thanks in advance
Hello Blake,
HIH the Prince Mikasa's memoirs were not published in English yet. I am pretty sure you have googled these two things, but just in case that they might be of some interest for you:
Library of Congress with it's awesome digital collection, and The Imperial Household Agency. They are both available for e-mail request of a copy of the memoirs, as far as I know.
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