Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik Picture Thread, Part 1

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Thank you for posting these, Eya. I recently watched some YouTube documentaries about former King Constantine - very interesting. Sad to see the condition of Tatoi palace, which used to be very beautiful. On the last picture, next to Constantine is his mother Federica and his sister Sophia. Who is the man sitting between them?
You are welcome MidwestMom ! The article does not mention it and he does not seem good enough, but I believe that this is perhaps the then Greek Prime Minister Panagiotis Kanellopoulos without of course be absolutely sure.

No he is not because on 18 April of that year will be celebrating and 50 birthday of Queen Frederica. And came from madrid only Princess Sofia with her daughters Elena and Christina. Felipe was not yet born. Here one picture from all the family

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Couldn´t it be King Juan Carlos, since he and Sofia were married at that time? :)
:previous: Thanks for another amazing photo, Eya. :)

The hairstyles from that period always reminds me of embalmed samurai helmets.:blink:
How did they manage to sleep without having to do a full tour at the hairdresser the next day?
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:previous: Thanks, Polyesco. :flowers:

What a warm portrait, in every meaning.
Has anyone ever noticed the queen Elizabeth II have a portrait of queen Margrethe II and one of prince Henrik in one of the state rooms in Buckingham Palace? It is a room where she usually recieves heads of state and other dignataries for conversation.

here follows one of those:


Queen Margrethe's student hat was rediscovered. 60 years ago, these days in June, she had removed it after her final exam

- a nice little anniversary:

** instagram gallery **
That would have been at Rebild Hills not far from Trend.
Back in the 70's on 4th July, celebrating the US Independence, that is celebrated each year at Rebild Hills and have been so for more than 100 years, except for a few years during the Occupation.

QMII had a habit of tripping back then.

ADDED: IIRC that was the incident where she broke her arm.

ADDED: No, she was not injured. The incident was captured on film BTW.
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Looked like a really nasty fall!
Yesterday, Prince Henrik's sculpture "Torso Feminin" was inaugurated in Fredensborg city. The sculpture is a gift from the Queen to Fredensborg Municipality, who has decided to erect it permanently on Langedammen in front of Kulturhuset Fredensborg Gl. Bio, from where you can see Fredensborg Castle.⁣

That's a lovely photo of the couple from 1973. Margrethe was a very attractive lady.
Such sweet pictures!

Recollections of eternal love!
The late Prince consort had a wonderful smile and what a great look back.
Engagement Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark:
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Gosh, Henri was handsome. (And Daisy looks very hip and chic. Which makes it sadder when she said all these decades later "I will never understand what he saw in me".)

It's amazing you can't see her engagement ring in any of that. That thing is huge!
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