Queen Máxima as UN Advocate for Inclusive Financial Services 1: 2009 - Aug. 2023

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The Princess was in Berlin,Germany today to attend and speech,at the Responsible Finance Forum organised
by the German Ministry for Development and the International Finance Corporation.

The Princess attended,and speeched at,a G20-meeting in Frankfurt,Germany today on financial services to small and medium sized companies.
The Princess will attend a Micro-Credit Conference early april in Nairobi ,Kenia.Other distinguished guests are HM Queen Sofia and Mohammad Yunus.
HRH is in NYC and Washington for several days this week.

Today she speeched at the ;" Fourth High Level Dialogue on Financing for Development" in New York.

On thursday the Princess will attend the ;" State of The Planet" Conference in NYC,organised by the Earth Institute of Columbia University.
HRH is a member of the panel.

In Washington DC HRH will have bilaterale talks at the US Department of State and the Finance Department.
The Princess,UN SG Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance,attended and speeched at the AMIR Conference,Kigali,Rwanda yesterday.

Het Koninklijk Huis
Can you give me the page where I can find the photos? :)
I love the picture of Princess Maxima chatting with Queen Sofia! I think it should be a great best picture candidate!!
i love the pictures (1, 2) of queen sofia embracing princess maxima. they both look like they are good friends and genuinely enjoy each other's company.
Princess Maxima, as special advocate of the UN, arrive at the G20
SME Finance Data Working Group meeting of fiancial services for
small businesses at the Johan de Witthuis in The Hague, May 25,

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In her role as UN Advocate Princess Maxima spoke during the event
"Growing SMEs: it's time to invest" in The Hague on June 2nd 2010.

The event is focussed on connecting investors to entrepreneurs from
Third World countries.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** belga/anp **
Good to see that the princess is able to perform public engagements, after she cancelled her attendance at the Four Freedom Awards earlier. The outfit seems appropriate for the kind of event she is visiting.
I really enjoy seeing Maxima doing financial related events. And from the looks of she seems to enjoy it too. She may not be working as an investment banker anymore but she's still able to use her financial background.
Its good seeing her at such events that she does enjoy or seem to enjoy especially as she worked in the same/similar work before.
Not a bad look for the event. Looks like she got a hair cut?
Princess Maxima spoke at a meeting of children and finances in Zandvoort,
Monday, June 7, 2010. Aflatoun, an organization dedicated to social and
financial educate for children, is organizing the conference which takes
place from 7 to June 9.

Maxima attended in her role as UN Advocate for Inclusive Financial Services.

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