Queen Letizia and the Press

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Jaime Peñafiel scathing attack on queen Letizia,he does not like her at all!

That is certainly his right. Many in media dislike [almost hate] others and write about them whether they be entertainers, royals or politicians. It is life. The media of the world definitely curves the thoughts about millions of people and subjects to their way of thinking. It is our responsibility as thinking individuals to either believe or disregard as false or twisting events. People will always have an agenda and want others to follow. I don't read certain well-known reporters articles anymore as I know for a fact that some of what they wrote were lies as I knew the individuals. If this reporter has his facts 100% correct and he wants to write about them, perfectly moral as long as he can verify. If any false or just rumor, they should never be repeated as 100% fact. JMO
I don't speak Spanish but I can still see some hate videos against Queen Letizia on YouTube. This pains me a lot since I believe she's the most hardworking Queen Consort. She's so classy and relatable.

How is her relationship with the press?
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