Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 3: April - July 2005

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"Letizia was a splendid speaker; its main virtue was the improvisation "


Mari Sun Alvarez of the Valley, yesterday, in the seat of the Six of August.

"the great difference in the radio is that before great voices looked for and now professional titleholders who know to transmit the information"


To Mari Sun Alvarez of the Valley the mass media do not pillan to him of new. Not in vain, it takes more than forty years after a microphone; first like speaker and at the present time like pedagoga of the voice. Nevertheless, the newness is that for a time she it has been happening to be the interviewed person and not it interviewer. Enormous the similar one with its sister, the popular Menchu Alvarez of the Valley, does not let it pass unnoticed. Far from taking advantage of the situation, the aunt grandmother of the Princess Doña Letizia rejects to comment out any on the Royal Family. That yes, cannot avoid that the name of its niece fills to him to the gesture of pride when pronouncing, the one that will be the future queen of Spain. Leonine of birth and Madrilenian of adoption, Mari Sun Alvarez of the Valley affirms to feel Asturian. During this week, it distributes a course on locution of voice in the Athenian academy.
- In its family a great journalistic tradition exists. Were you pioneering it in beginning in the profession?

- I began in the radio with 11 years, at the same time that my Menchu sister, who is a little greater than I. With 19 years I removed a seat in Madrid and I left Oviedo Radio. The following years I made a program very well-known in RNE, "Study 15-18", in which it worked next to Jesus Quintero and Eduardo Sotillos. Later I got up myself to Radio 5, where it made "Drop curtain of bottom", a very touching program that remembered the years of Spanish postwar period. Yes, it is certain that in the family the tradition has been followed; my Menchu sister knew to transfer her passion to her son Jesus and his Letizia granddaughter.
- Note some change between the radio of before and the one of now?

- the difference resides in the voices of the speakers. Before great voices looked for and now titled professionals look for that they know to transmit the information. The locution has been left a little side; in the faculties of Sciences of the Information they do not have locution like subjet.
- It thinks that you have something to see with the good one for doing of Doña Letizia like journalist?

- I was his professor in máster that she attended once finalized his race. He was in the center IPEA, in which he distributed myself to máster of radio and television. When I retired, in 1995, I was decided to mount to máster next to another companion of the chain TO BE. Now I distribute courses on voice, image and leadership.
- How it was like student?
- very nervous Era and spoke very fast. It had much tendency to run and it was in that aspect which it was more necessary to affect during the celebration of máster. Nevertheless, it was able to be a splendid speaker to the front of the television newscast, as much in his passage by Spanish Television as in nonesdrujulea Channel +. and speaks Castilian a perfect one, with a very good intonation. One of its main virtues is its capacity of improvisation before the camera.
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