Princess Laurentien's Work with Literacy and Learning

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That is a warm embracement. Annejet van der Zijl has written two (acclaimed) biographies linked to the Oranges, not always flattering for the royal family:

The American Princess, about "aunt Allene" formerly Mrs Theodore R. Hostetter, formerly Mrs Morton Colton Nichols, formerly Mrs Anson Wood Burchard, formerly Prinzessin Heinrich XXXIII Reuss zu Köstritz, formerly comtesse Pavel Pavlovitch de Kotzebue, aunt (by marriage) to Prince Bernhard and godmother to Princess Beatrix:

Bernhard, a hidden history about Bernhard Prinz zur Lippe-Biesterfeld, husband of Queen Juliana:
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On the occasion of the Week of Reading and Writing Princess Laurentien spoke at the Dutch TV show „Good Morning Netherlands“ this week:

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Princess Laurentien was a guest speaker at the autumn event AANtWERK in Uden today, September 28, and held a speech on the topic „Language does not speak for it itself“:

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On April 20 Princess Laurentien attended the „Language Treasure Conference“, a conference series on her initiative, in Waalwijk to discuss the development of language of children from 0 to 4 years with parents and professionals.

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Yesterday, April 21, Princess Laurentien as director of the Number 5 Foundation attended a meeting in Dordrecht about the language development of young children:

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Last Wednesday princess Laurentien was one of the speakers at the 75th anniversary congress/celebration of CPS (a national pedagogical center supporting primary and secondary schools). She was also one of the panel members. See CPS website (I am still looking for pictures of the event).
Princess Laurentien read aloud at the National Reading Breakfast in Rotterdam this morning, January 25:

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It's wonderful to see how committed she remains to the topic of literacy. She's been participating in this event that encourages adults to read to young children for years... According to royalblog, the campaign is celebrating it's 20 year anniversary and if I'm not mistaken she participated from the start.
Princess Laurentien opened the biennial conference "Am I hearing that right? - about heard and unheard language" of the Our Language Society in Haarlem today, June 17:

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Princess Laurentien launched a collaboration between the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) and The Reading Corner in Gilze today, June 21:

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Princess Laurentien participated in the conference "The State of Inclusive Education" in Den Haag today, November 16:

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Princess Laurentien visited the preschool Robbedoes in Den Haag on April 16 on the occasion of Preschool Day:

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