Princess Lalla Salma Picture Thread

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She is beautiful indeed, I find her more beautiful than Rania but I don't see that she is really active as Rania :D I like her hair and her eyes :D
no dear i believe she didnt go to china after the wedding . i saw this picture in a fan page in facebook the same day of the wedding . :)
This is not a picture from today, it's old.
how old is this pic?
I was wonder who took the pic a tourist maybe as Lalla salma don't let the paparazzi come that closer to her:D
thanks alot for posting BTW.

That was on 2010, she went for the universal exposition, and had visited the moroccan exhibition pavillon.
intersting i didn't know she'd been in China for the expo i remember the event but not Lalla Salma attending,do you Sephora have a link?
I also didn't know she was is China for the expo,too bad we didn't get pics at that time.
thanks for the infos Sephora.
The pic was taken during her engagement in Switherland
i also think the original picture is much better than this version but i cant hepl: i looooove the hair:)
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