Princess Christina of Sweden Jewels

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Nov 8, 2002
I thought this princess need her own thread becouse she takes part in many gala events in sweden

and i may have some pictures some of you have not seen beforethis is from the nobel site

princess christina nobel

princess christina nobel (new for me) i am wondering about the brosch

princess christina nobel

the tiaras she has worn

* her own tiara
* cut steel tiara
* baden fringe tiara
* 4 button tiara
* 6 button tiara
* Connaught tiara
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I wonder if in the second picture you posted, the pearl choker she is wearing is the same as the one Madeleine now wears or her own? She seems to have a pretty nice personal jewel collection, along with access to some nice family pieces.
Yes, that's Queen Viktoria's diamond and pearl choker in Josefine's 2nd pic.
Apart from Princess Christina, Queen Silvia has also worn it on many occasions during the 80s and 90s, but not recently.
What a nice idea to finally give Princess Christina her own jewellery thread!

She wore the Connaught tiara at her own wedding:
Here she is wearing the cut steel tiara at the Nobel Awards in 1999:
The four-buttons tiara:
Last summer at CP Victoria's wedding she wore the six-button tiara:

At the Nobel Awards 2010 she wore her own pearl tiara at both nights:

Boris, unfortunately the picture of the nine prong tiara does not show up for me.
Could somebody pls. post a picture of her wearing the fringe tiara?
Thank you, Boris! I haven't seen this picture before.
When did Princess Christina wear the Baden fringe tiara? Was that also during the time when she acted as First Lady?
If you do a lot of hunting on google/anp/ibl/scanpix etc and in the search put in "Princess Christina" or "Prinsessan Christina" LOTS of images come up - many of them showing her wearing the Baden fringe tiara, which she did very successfully IMHO. Not all of them are identified as to what event/year, but in addition to the Danish wedding, she definitely wore it for at least one opening of parliament (back when court dress was still used), two nobel ceremonies, and at least one official portrait which may or may not have been in conjunction with a state visit...don't know.
Dearest Rascal, for you to just post a few links to the LOT of pics of Princess Christina wearing the Baden Fringe would have been so highly appreciated (just copy and paste -).;)
I believe Princess Christina wore it for the Nobel ceremony 1971, but I really find it hard to discover any more clear pics online.

Scanpix' blurry pic from Nobel 1971:
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Dearest Rascal, for you to just post a few links to the LOT of pics of Princess Christina wearing the Baden Fringe would have been so highly appreciated (just copy and paste -).;)
I believe Princess Christina wore it for the Nobel ceremony 1971, but I really find it hard to discover any more clear pics online.

Scanpix' blurry pic from Nobel 1971:
Scanpix | Forhåndsvisning

Hi, Boris. I'll give it a try as I am not very good at posting links and pics (YET!) but will give it a go. It might take some time to find them all but if y'all can be patient, I will persist. :)
I'll continue to look out for them too... it would be lovely to have just one nice, clear pic of Christina in the Baden Fringe. :)
Here are a couple of tries...

This one doesn't have any tiara, but there is definitely some glitter:
ANP Beeldbank meeting the Supremes

This link goes to one of the pages from the Glittering Royal Events site...a feast for the eyes. This page deals with guests (IN GLITTER) at the previously-mentioned wedding of then queen-to-be Margaret of Denmark and the future Prince Consort of Denmark:

Imageshack isn't letting me upload any pics right now, so in lieu of that, here is a link to one of the sites I periodically check. It seems that they all rotate some photographs in and out, as some of the others I have seen of Christina in the fringe are gone. On the IBL site, I have searched her many times over the last few years. This week is the first time the photo from 1973 in the nine-prong tiara showed up. So check back occasionally and you may find another "glittering treasure".

Regardless, there are many interesting pictures from throughout the life of this extraordinary woman IMHO. All my best wishes to her and her family as she fights the disease of cancer.

Välkommen till Sjöberg Bild Alla bilder Sjöbergbild archive for "Prinsessan Christina"

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Princess Christina wore her pearl tiara and a pearl necklace last night at the State Banquett for the president of Estonia.
Picture from Belga: Picture details
Darlings, I love the Baden Fringe tiara more than the pearl tiara {Tilia don't u get mad at me, luv u n' ur posts loads :wub: }..when i get married, i'll go for a similar fringe tiara full of diamonds n' aquamarines {my fave stone tho i'm Cancer}..just luv that super duper dazzling effect of the diamonds,hope i'll tie the knot with my Sweetheart very very soon..:in_love: :twohearts:
have we talked about this broach? - nobel 1981
Does anyone have a better photo

here is some other photos - 1984
in the second photo is it the same pearl necklace i have seen princess lilian wear?
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Princess Christina is wearing the Baden Fringe tiara and the Napoleonic amethyst necklace, which Queen Silvia had made convertible in 1979 into the amethyst tiara which is worn today.

Screen Shot of Princess Christina (in court dress) at this State Opening of Parliament:
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thank you Boris the necklace i kind of saw but the baden i tought were something else
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Here are two interesting portraits of Princess Christina in full gala from the early 1970s.
In the first one, she’s wearing her own small diamond and pearl tiara which originally belonged to Queen Sofia, Queen Viktoria’s diamond and pearl choker, and a large, intricate diamond brooch which is unknown to me:
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In the second portrait, she wears the Baden Fringe tiara and Queen Viktoria’s ‘Entrance Jewel’ necklace of sapphires, diamonds and pearls:
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Very bad news from Stockholm:
Princess Christina’s jewelry was stolen from her apartment in Stockholm Palace by a 19-year-old acquaintance of hers and her husband Tord Magnusson.
The items stolen are worth a minimum of 110.000 Euro and include cufflinks from King Gustaf VI Adolf, a watch which came from the Ethiopian Emperor Hailie Selassie, and most importantly ‘a tiara’ – most likely her own small diamond and pearl tiara which once belonged to Queen Sofia, assessed to be worth 40.000 Euro.
The thief was arrested after he sold most of the pieces and claims he threw the tiara into a Stockholm river; attempts to retrieve it have been so far unsuccessful.

Link to article from ‘Sverige Radio’, in Google English:
The news was the first I heard on the radio when I woke up this morning. The watch from Haile Selassie was made of braided gold treads. Are there any pictures of it? The tiara was thrown into the stream and the "nationella insatsstyrkan" has been diving there without finding it.

Most media mention the watch, the tiara and the cuff links, but Svensk damtidning(which is an unreliable source) also mention two rings which belonged to princess Sibylla and they claim that the tiara was once owned by Sibylla.
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