Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 19: May 2023 -

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The best I've seen her looking in ages, elegant, festive and very, very happy. Love her hair too.
Indeed she is. It's almost as if she got her glow back. I am very glad she lightened her hair back to where it was . . . that dark brunette just sucked the colour out of her and made her look positively pallid.

I am astounded at how much of a difference a change of hair colour and a new makeup pallet can change one's appearance. Add in a inner happiness that is almost palpable and a smile that crinkles the eyes and you have Monaco Magic. I have to admit that sequins an lurex have become passe but, whereas Charlene used to look Pale and Interesting in those cool coloured silver.s and whites, now she just looks positively radiant.

I love her red ensemble and her red and black/charcoal plaid coat is amazing on her and the return of limited splashes of colour is very welcome.
Another win in a recent series of wins for the Princess except for the cut of her trousers at the bottom. Apart from that I think she looks great.
Princess Charlene wearing a velvet dress on this year's Christmas card photo:

Now that's a really beautiful gown on Princess Charlene and loving her hair with a bit of length in it.
It’s a gorgeous, festive gown. I’ve loved her choice of evening dress for the Christmas cards in recent years.
It’s a gorgeous, festive gown. I’ve loved her choice of evening dress for the Christmas cards in recent years.

So have I, they always match the Season perfectly.
Charlene always chooses the perfect gown for the Christmas cards. The one she chose this year is breathtaking.+
Gorgeous gown and fabulous brown/gold color for her. Goes with the room also. Best ever
:previous: I love the more upbeat colours Charlene has been sporting, and somehow, she seems so much more engaged and even though we had one pretty bland pre-Christmas offering, she got it right far more often than not. I think in the Christmas card the gown she chose was positively sumptuous with the rich gold velvet and her hair styled with more volume than usual. Needless to say the family photo was amazing.
Gold color of this dress suits her natural coloring. She looks very elegant.
Now that's a very beautiful and flattering dress for Charlene. A lot nicer than black, and as others have mentioned, it even suits the surroundings.
Her look is magnificent!
Not quite sure what has changed in recent times, but Charlene has been looking happier, healthier, and very fashionable. Love this dress! Her hair looks fluffier. I'm loving her whole look lately.
You can't beat a velvet dress at Christmas, she looks sensational, as does Princess Gabriella. Love that dark red velvet PG is wearing too.
Nice splash of Festive red under the black coat :previous:
Oh I covet those red suede boots! I can’t recall Charlene giving us so much colour as she has done during this festive season.
I think these are same red boots she wore on National Day, LOL.
Lovely red splashes but still too sombre for Christmas time.
Princess Charlene in red velvet for the New Year’s address:

She looks more beautiful than ever.

Yes she does and she's wearing earrings that have appeared several times over the years. So much of her jewellery appears to be borrowed so its nice to see her in pieces that seem to actually belong to her. Love the dress too.
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The Princess looks wonderful and the colour is very festive for NYE!
Princess Charlene was looking happy and relaxed and her dress was magnicient. The gorgeous earrings added the final touch. Bravo Charlene!!! May you and your family have a wonderful 2024.
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