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Thanks for the news bourronmarlotte. I have some questions. What was the play about and what role did Alex have... Some deatils... Thanks in advance...
the ballet was about the world creation, and the little princess wa a "coccinelle" I'm sorry I don't know the name in English.
she had a very nice pink costum, I post also a picture


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Oh she was a little "ladybird", I guess that is the right word... So cute, thanks...
Thanks for the infos; I think it's great that Pss Alexandra has big brothers who could be out with their girlfriends but choose to see their little sister's ballet some parents have to force their kids to attend these fuctions.
BTW hope your daughter had fun too!~
Very rare photos of Alexandra

FINALLY I managed to scan those clippings from family visit to island Vis, Croatia in 2004. When you would only knew how many miles this magazine "has traveled" to come again in my hands..:p :) (All from Gloria magazine)


Princess Alexandra with Mommy; "Darling, this is yours" Vis harbour, 2004..:)

Mommy, I'll sit with you!:)

This is one of my favorite photos..Kiss for Mommy..:) Look at the bottom of photo - Alexandra's doll and sneakers..:p (Full photo I'll in PC and PEA photo thread)
Rare pics

Full photo No. 1..(from previous post)

Princess Alexandra, Princess Caroline, that cute boy is son of family's friends who were with them on Pacha..In article isn't mentioned his name..(Gloria magazine)

Thanks Ianna! You're great as always!
Ianna, thank you so much for these great pics, especially that pic with Alex kissing her mommy is soooo sweet!
Did you have to buy it back from the USA? ;) And welcome on board of the watermark-group ;)
Wow, great pics Ianna, I just love them... Thanks for posting....
Sweet pictures of Pss Alex w/Mummy (in Croatia) - so cute! It's obvious that Caroline has a great, loving relationship w/her children - boys are more (publically) affectionate when they're young - you wouldn't see the guys huggin' and kissin' on her now, but you know they love her, or they wouldn't spend time w/her. Of course, Charlotte at her age is still publically affectionate, as daughters are forever, and I'll bet 10 - 15 yrs from now we'll still see little Alexandra wanting to spend time w/her mother.
bourronmarlotte said:
here is the picture

Interesting, if true - but, this could be anyone (even a woman) w/long, shaggy hair. Now, if you scored some pictures when the lights came up, I'd be less skeptical. I don't doubt that the guys did show up for her recital, but unfortunately, this picture isn't enough to prove that.
You're welcome Tosca, Koko, Iceflower (No USA involved, magazine was travelling all over Croatia:D ), Tbhrc, Photofan, Horseygal...
I'm glad you liked it!:) ;)

Agree with you Horseygal, Princess Caroline is very devoted mother. The same summer when they were in Dubrovnik, Alexandra was in Mommy's arms almost whole evening/night..The little one didn't want to go on boat althought being sleepy..:p :)

@berry; Don't know name of that handsome boy..He was with them on lunch too, but there wasn't much news about him.

One bigger pic from Lamu, Kenya holidays in January of 2004..Charlotte and Alexandra were helping Princess Caroline clean the beach from branches, big stones, etc. It was also mentioned that Alexandra learned to swim there with no help:) ..(Gloria magazine)

are you sure that this girl is charlotte? in that time charlotte was very skinny.
Great pic again Ianna. Here is similar version of one of your pics. Do you also have the complete version of this one? Thanks...


Tbhrc, that pic wasn't published, it was only available on Gloria's website.:( Hope that eventually would be put in magazine, like that one of Ernst which was published this spring or summer (from that occasion)..Magazines love to have "hidden" archives..P.S. Tomorrow, or better to say today (but hours later) I'll post photos of Caroline and Ernst from that summer..;) :)

@Tigerlilly..I also doubted that, since that year Charlotte was very skinny..In article is mentioned 17 year old Charlotte and 4 and half year old Alexandra -giving thought she'll celebrate her 5th birthday later that year like Charlotte too. I no longer have whole magazine, only that page. Bikini style fits to those Charlotte used to wore, but her figure really doesn't fit at that time..:confused:
Alex fishing with mommy and Charlotte - Viennareport

I posted this first in the wrong thread..... So again....

One screencap from RTL.... Leaving the hospital

Tbhrc, as you know I admire your work for the forums and I share your passion for every single pic one can get, but as it goes to screencaps some are sometimes to bad to be posted ;)
Several Pics form BUNTE



Her eyes look gorgeous in this pic :) I love it!

Oh that bunch of pics makes me sad, we haven't seen NEW pics of her in a long long time... :(
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