Princess Aimee Expecting First Child

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Oct 26, 2005
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Welcome to a new thread for the impending birth of the 1st child of Princess Aimee and Prince Floris, which is expected in October 2007.

Please post any and all information on this subject here, including suggested names, if you so desire. For the meantime there will be no seperate thread for names or for guessing the sex of the child.

Other current events and news not regarding the pregnancy should go in the current events thread for this couple.

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On behalve of the couple the RVD (Government Information Service)has just announced that they expect their first born in october.

They were married on october 22nd 2005.

Royal Images

btw,by now the news is on teletekst as well.
that's great news! they are such a cute couple. i can't wait until the birth of the new member of the dutch family!
That's really fab news! :wub: I was wondering when they would start a family or whether they were taking the whole idea really slowly because they weren't ready for kids. Anyway, I'm happy for them, great news to hear in the early hours of the morning [before school] :lol: . The only reason why I got intrested into the extended family of the House of Orange was because this prince, Floris has the same birthday as me, [an actual-living royal, not a dead one, like King James the forth of Scotland] :flowers: . All the best Floris and Aimee ;) .
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Great news! Congratulations to the couple! :flowers:

(They are the last of the VanVollenhoven couples without children, aren't they?)
Congratulations to the expectant parents.
Congratulations to the couple! :flowers:
Another baby for the Dutch Royal Family. :wub:

Congratulations to the family!! It's a wonderful new.
2007 is the babies year , congratulations to all !!
Good for them. I've been thinking any day now there would be news reported about them starting their family. Congrats!
Wonderful news I wish them a healthy,happy baby:flowers:
here's hoping for another little boy for granddad opa Pieter..
Congrats to Floris & Aimee! :flowers: Another little van Vollenhoven!
I think it would be funny for Floris to be the first of the Orange cousins to have a baby boy first? :lol:
That's really great news. Surely the couple, of course Princess Margriet and Pieter will be so happy with this news. Congrats to them!
Congratulations to the expectant parents and the Dutch Royal Family!
Is there any news on when the baby is due?

Congratulations Floris & Aimee
and Orange Royal Family
Congratulations to the couple!!!
Congratulations to the couple and their families!!!
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