Princess Aimée is Pregnant

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May 10, 2006
TH Prince Floris and Princess Aimée of Orange-Nassau, Van Vollenhoven, are expecting their second child in July 2009.
Great news ! They have already a daughter no ?
Great news!!!:wub:
Congratulations to the princes and their daughter.

I guess it'll be another girl called Leonie Julienne/Juliana, as they don't mind using names twice in the same family (like Magali(= also Aimee's sister) Margriet (= also Floris Mum) Eleonoor (=also Aimee's Mum).
As a third name i vote for the name of Aimee's gran, who is unknown to the press (at least i couldn't find anything about Aimee's wider family).
Aww congrats to them very happy news.:flowers:
Great news .. congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great news. All the best to them.:clap:
great news! lots of children in the dutch family... no wonder they all seem so happy!
Congratulations to Floris, Aimée and little Magali! :flowers: Best wishes for a safe pregnancy
Oh my gosh! Already? Congratulations, and I can't wait to see the new addition! We're expecting a few adorable additions this coming summer at TRF!
Congratulations to the couple.
One year and two months
she was born in october 2007
Congratulations to Floris, Aimée and little Magali!!!!!!
I was just thinking the other day that Aimee would likely be expecting her second very soon. I was right! The tendency for the Dutch seems to be to have their children fairly close in age. Great news! I'm excited to see the new Van Vollenhoven!
Congratulations, and I can't wait to see the new addition!
Congratulations !!!
Congratulations!!!!!! A new baby brother or sister for little Magali. This is wonderful news.:wub:
The Dutch royal babyboom is not stoppable. Since the birth of Countess Leonore there was always one dutch princess pregnant. After Leonore it follows Zaria, Emma, Ariane, Magali, Benjamin, Julia and Pieter. The boom starts 2,5 years ago. Lets see who is the next princess pregnant. I hope for Mabel.

I wish Floris, Aimee and Magali an easy pregnancy and a healthy girl.
Hope its a boy a little Brother Pieter Johan Bernhard Oscar
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