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bgnparisgurl said:
To me, it's his personality, there is a lot of his mother in him.

Really, in what ways? I never got interested in the BRF until after the car accident, so I don't know too much about the particulars of Diana's personality (just that she did a lot of amazing charity work and had a difficult private life). How does PW exude his mom's personality?
Corazon, here is one more pic of the photo call you once asked me for, I hope you'll find it here ;) And the last one with the little airplane is too cute :)


Laviollette said:
June 2005; graduation from St. Andrews University, AP photos
I don't want to sound stupid or ask this stupid question, but here goes anyway (please forgive me for this):
Is William standing on something or is he really this tall?
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He's really that tall. That pic was taken when he did a walkabout after his graduation to greet the people. I think the pic was taken far away with a close up so he appears to be very tall. In reality William is 6'3 and Harry is 6'1
And I have never seen these last three pics before, funny contrast between that little boy and his elegant bodyguard or whatever this man was.. Thanks a lot, Iceflower!!
I think most people looks sharper in a uniform, they usually stand up straighter, too.
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

Prince William w/members of the BRF attending the unveiling of the Memorial Fountain
in honor of his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, July 2004.


photos: Reuters
I'm a bit late with that ;) but you are welcome almab and Romy,
here are some more:

(Paris Match, Hello)
Romy said:
And I have never seen these last three pics before, funny contrast between that little boy and his elegant bodyguard or whatever this man was.. !!
I think that bodyguard was Barry Manneke. He was in a lot of pictures with the Waleses in the early 80's.
William vacationing on the Island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean with
girlfriend Kate Middleton in August 2004 (photo credit: Bauer-Griffin);
William in New Zealand in June-July 2005 (getty images); and on a
sailing trip in April 2006 (bruno press)
You can deffenently tell who his mother was!:) Thanks for the pics!
A day out at the dolphinarium for William and Harry during their holiday in Majorca with the Spanish Royals in 1986.
I could not decide whether to post this pic in Harry's or in William's picture thread :)


Some HOLA clippings from the photocall in 1984:


I remember when most of these pictures were released to the public for the first time. Wow ~ how long ago! Thanks everyone for the walk down memory lane. I forget sometimes just how young Diana was when she married into the RF and had Wm. What a doting mum. I miss her!
Big thanks for he photos from photocall 1984, Ice! espectacular photos! william was a adorable little boy, charles look pround!
I cant imagine the happiness of charles with a daughter
You are most welcome, corazon :) . It would have been very interesting to see how a girl would have grown up with Diana and Charles, I'm sure Charles would have been a great father for a girl as well. Maybe you meant that it would have been something different if their first child had been a girl?!
Iceflower once again your photo collection amazes me! Thanks so much to you and all the other members who posted such sweet pics of William and Harry. My fave though is post #29 of Harry on the rather hairy Shetland pony. How cute. Thanks to all once again.
It's always a pleasure to share unknown pics, kelly1972, you are most welcome :)
Here are two pics of William in 1986, he was given the white pony as a present but prefered to ride on his smaller, black pony for his riding lesson :)


Lady Jean, your pic was taken on the day Diana and William visited Andrew together with Sarah, wasn't it? I'm not quite sure..:)


(Picture Press)
yeah, the photos is when sarah and diana with william visited the andrew's ship.
Thanks for answering my question, Lady Jean and corazon :)

Here is a pic from 1986 - Williams makes a quite cute face, doesn't he? :p ;)


He was really cute! In this picture he looks really like his mom.
Thank you for pictures Iceflower!
You are very welcome, mims111!

Here are two pics from 1990, William on the first day at his new school:


Prince William has grown up to be quite a handsome young man. :flowers:
Ianna said:
Awesome family portrait..One od best
This is a cute picture of father and son and so fitting out on the polo grounds. There had to have gotten a time when the boy hated being out there and away from home with his toys. But, it is grounded into him to one day play the sport of Kings.:)
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A very cute pic of William in 1986, he's making a cute mouth, could anyone please tell me how this is called in English? Pouting, is that the right word?!


Adorable picture, Iceflower! He was such a cute little boy and now he's an astonishingly handsome man.
How lovely those photos,And how lucky princess william to had a wonderful mom as the real princess lovely Diana.

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Reality said:
How lovely those photos,And how lucky princess william to had a wonderful mom as the real princess lovely Diana.
Damn! Did I miss the biggest scoup of royal secret!:lol:
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