Prince of Wales: Visit to Jordan - October 26-29, 2004

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Safaa Batin

Sep 5, 2004
Prince Charles arrives in Amman
Amman/ Oct. 26/ (Petra)-- Upon an invitation by Their
Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Emir of
Wales Prince Charles on Tuesday started a several-day working
visit to Jordan.
During the visit, Prince Charles will meet Their Majesties
King Abdullah II and Queen Rania and will visit a number of
development projects including educational and cultural programs
funded by British organizations.
Prince Charles will also tour a number of historical
and cultural landmarks in the Kingdom.
Injadat/ Petra
charles in amman


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P charles meets youth activities

P charles meets youth activities


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AMMAN, JORDAN: Britain's Prince Charles meets with Prince Ghazi, cousin of Jordan's King Abdullah II, upon arriving at Amman's Queen Alia Airport 26 October 2004. The Prince of Wales began a four-day official visit to the kingdom on the last leg of a foreign tour that has already taken him to Turkey and Italy


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Knowing of his interest in such matters, I wonder if Prince Charles' programme will include a visit to the Royal Institute of Interfaith Studies and the Ba'adia Progamme. Sadly, I somehow doubt it, as these are both pet projects of Prince Hassan's, and so he ( a former colleague and maybe also friend to Prince Charles for over three decades) would have to be part of the official programme, which might not be the sort of thing that the present people in charge want to remind the Jordanian public about.
SALT, JORDAN - OCTOBER 27: The Prince of Wales (C) watches students at work with university officials during his visit to workshop of Islamic Arts at Al-Balqa University during his official four day tour that has already taken him to Turkey and Italy.

The Prince also visited the to the Salt Training and Resource Institute for Disability--in Salt's Old Hospital.


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Prince Charles Visits Salt City

Salt, Oct. 27 (Petra)--His Royal Highness Prince Charles of
Wales, who started an official visit to the Kingdom at the
invitation of Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al
Abdullah, visited on Wednesday the city of Salt accompanied by His
Majesty's Personal Representative and Special Advisor His Royal
Highness Prince Ghazi Bin Mohammad.
Prince Charles began his tour by visiting the Resources and
Training Center for the Handicapped that aims at training
and habilitating teachers of handicapped children and those who work
with them in the Middle East.
About 2000 trainees have benefited from the center's programs
since 1995.
The Prince of Wales met a number of officials and employees at
the center and looked into the renovation works at the old Anglican
Hospital which was built at the end of the 19th century.
Upon arrival he was received by Governor of Balqa and other
officials from the Balqa governorate.
The Prince of Wales accompanied by Prince Ghazi, also visited
the Traditional Islamic Arts College at the Balqa Applied
University where they toured the various sections and looked into
projects being implemented by the college.


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King meets Prince Charles

Amman/ Oct. 27/(Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II
Wednesday met at the Royal Court Prince Charles of Wales, who is
currently on a four-day visit to Jordan.
Talks during the meeting focused on ways to further cement
ties of friendship and cooperation between Jordan and the United
Kingdom in addition to other issues of common interest.
King Abdullah highly appreciated the significant role
undertaken by Prince Charles to strengthen bridges of cooperation
and understanding amongst world nations cultures.
For his part, Prince Charles commended Jordan's efforts
under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah to promote peace
and stability in the region and paid tribute to Jordan's development
projects and programs designed to realize sustainable economic and
social development.


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shelley said:
Knowing of his interest in such matters, I wonder if Prince Charles' programme will include a visit to the Royal Institute of Interfaith Studies and the Ba'adia Progamme. Sadly, I somehow doubt it, as these are both pet projects of Prince Hassan's, and so he ( a former colleague and maybe also friend to Prince Charles for over three decades) would have to be part of the official programme, which might not be the sort of thing that the present people in charge want to remind the Jordanian public about.
What do you mean? They sound like good things and I thought Abdullah had an interest in interfaith activities.
Charles Lands In Jordan For Four Day Visit

27 OCTOBER 2004 Charles has arrived in Jordan for his first trip to the Middle Eastern country since 1999.

Upon arriving the 55-year-old was received at the British ambassador's residence in Amman, where a group of young Jordanians presented him with a commemorative shield to mark the occasion.

The Prince of Wales' trip comes during the holy month of Ramadan, and he is expected to join King Abdullah and Queen Rania for Iftar, the meal that comes at the end of each day of fasting. His four-day visit will also see him inspecting a number of development projects and indulging his interest in Islamic art.

The last time Charles travelled to the country was for the funeral of King Hussein five years ago. Relations between Jordan and the UK are strong, though, and Queen Rania, who is currently expecting her fourth child, has made several visits to Britain in the last year.

Charles jetted into the capital from Turkey, where he reopened the British consulate on Monday. The facility was devastated in a bombing last year, but the future king was insistent the terrorists would not succeed. "Far from sowing division between us, those who planned these attacks simply brought us together - Briton and Turk, Muslim, Jew and Christian," he said.

1.The Prince of Wales shakes hands with a young student at a local institute for the disabled

2.Charles was also taken on a tour of a town called Salt

3.Young Jordanians welcome the royal visitor at the ambassador's residence

4.The prince was also greeted by King Abdullah's cousing Prince Ghazi


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Queen Rania nad prince Charles visit Aljoun reserve (pics of Polfoto and Abaca Press):


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Amman, Oct. 28 (Petra)-- Prince of Wales, Prince Charles
visited on Thursday Al Karma Center of the Jordan River Foundation.

The four-year-old center, providing job vacancies and training
opportunities especially for women.


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Queen Rania, Prince Charles visit Ajloun Nature Reserve

Ajloun, Oct. 28 (Petra) -- Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah
and HRH Prince Charles of Wales on Thursday visited the Ajloun
Nature Reserve, which is a pioneer eco-tourism project launched by
the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) in cooperation with the Royal
Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN).

Queen Rania and Prince Charles were briefed by RSCN President
Senator Layla Sharaf about the nature reserve project which started
18 months ago, following which RSCN Projects Director Chris Johnson
gave a brief overview of the society's work and future plans in the

Touring the reserve's campsite enabled Queen Rania and Prince
Charles to take a first hand look at products and facilities
provided at all of Jordan's nature reserves through samples
showcased in the reserve's different cabins. Those include Dana,
Moujeb, Azraq, and Shomari reserves.


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other pics


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Nine Britons on a pilgrimage tour have died in a bus crash near the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. The British tourists were travelling on a coach from the top tourist attraction when one of its front tyres burst and it collided with a small pick-up truck. Three more people, two Jordanians and one Egyptian, died in the crash. Prince Charles, who is touring Jordan, visited survivors of the accident who were being treated at the King Hussein Medical Centre in Amman. He described the crash as a "ghastly accident", and said his heart went out to those who had lost their relatives.

My thoughts and prayers are with their families and those who are being treated by the excellent staff," the Prince of Wales, who arrived at the hospital accompanied by the Jordanian King Abdullah, said in a statement.

Clarence House later confirmed that Prince Charles would follow the official programme by visiting Petra's so-called "Treasury" building on Friday, as scheduled.

Samir Samawi, the 36-year-old tour guide who was travelling on the coach, told relatives a front tyre blew out just before the collision with the small truck. After that, the coach somersaulted, Mr Samawi reportedly said. After the crash, survivors were airlifted to Amman. British ambassador Chris Prentice said it was "sad news" and that his prayers were with the families and injured.The accident happened 155 miles (250km) south of Amman, on the Desert Highway between Wadi Rum and Madaba.

Prince Charles, due to visit Petra on Friday while on a tour of the country, was in north west Jordan visiting a nature reserve with Queen Rania when the accident occurred.
A Jordan Tourism Board spokeswoman earlier on Thursday said the driver and guide were Jordanian. "It's not yet clear just how many people were on board or if there were any other nationals among the passengers." The board confirmed that Pilgrim Travel, in Deal, Kent, had organised the tour.
The eight-day tour of Jordan began on 23 October, the company's web site said. It included a flight from Heathrow to Amman, with the visit of Petra described as the "highlight" of the trip. The tourists were to stay at Petra Palace Hotel Petra, before seeing Bedouin camps in the desert and sites of religious significance. Their final night was to be at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel, before flying out to Heathrow from Amman.
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Safaa Batin said:
that is sad .

Very sad indeed.

Have you noticed how many blown tires there are to be seen all along the Desert Highway ? I wonder if there is something wrong in the the composition of the road surface ?
prince of wales visits Baptism site

Prince Charles visited Bethany, the place where Jesus was baptized, and the place of the preaching of John the baptist.
it is nice to know that P charles was baptized with water from Jordan river.


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P charles visits mount Nebo

P charles visits mount Nebo.


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It was a busy day for prince charles.
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Some more pics from today by gettyimages..

P.S. I must say I absolutely adore Rania scarf, probably Jordanian...


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and some more pics....


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hosting iftar banquet for breaking fast in Ramadan


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AMMAN, JORDAN - OCTOBER 27: The Prince of Wales stands alongside King Abdullah II, who is hosting the Iftar Banquet - held to honour the breaking of the Ramadan fast - on October 27, 2004 at the Palace in Amman, Jordan.


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more pictures.


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more pics from getty and fotobank:


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Prince Charles Visits Petra

Petra Oct. 29 (Petra) -- British Crown Prince Charles visited
Friday the red rose city of Petra and looked into its archeological
and historical sites.

Prince Charles, accompanied by Prince Ghazi Ben Mohammad, Kings'
Private Envoy, walked through Siq to Khazna than toured the city of

Prince of Wales listened to a briefing on the archeological city
of Petra and its historical role due to its location in addition to
its touristic role.



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Some more pics from Prince Charles's visit to Petra with Prince Ghazi
From gettyimages


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