Prince Nikolaos & Princess Tatiana Current Events Part 3: January 2022 -

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Princess Tatiana was appointed Ambassador of the Dual Career Program organized by the Athletes’ Committee of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.
The late King would be so proud and happy!
No, King Constantine would be very proud of his son Prince Nikolaos, who is one of the creators of Axion Hellas, an organization that received the highest decoration of the Greek Republic in February, and which no one has talked about...Evidently did not attended Prince Nikolaos to collect it, it was another member who collected the highest decoration of the Greek state, for the relevant work of this organization, which by the way is in Sifnos this week, with all the organization's projects...Regarding Tatiana I congratulate her, for this project. the President of the Greek Olympic Committee was a friend of King Constantine, he was among those invited to Windsor. King Constantine greatly defended Greek sport and its athletes... but I think it is unfair that the work of Axion Hellas is impressive, as the recognition shows, we don't talk about it

Very sad news indeed. Hopefully they are indeed able to remain friends; especially as they both intend to stay in Greece.
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