Prince Nikolaos & Princess Tatiana current events 2: February 2016 - December 2021

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Did Nikolas and Tatiana have any children?
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Princess Tatiana competed in the 34th Athens Authentic Marathon in Athens, Greece on November 13:

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Princess Tatiana with Queen Mother of Buthan, in Dubai, participating in Royal Bridge Convergence with the Greek platform, TRIA ETC (tria etc collaborates with talented artisans and artistic minds in Greece to create exclusive accessories and homeware , Which masterfully merge tradition with innovation...).
Photo of her instagram
Νew interview of Princess Tatiana in Vimagazino

"Born in Caracas, Venezuela but raised in Switzerland, Alps. Since very little is particularly tied to her mother after her father died when she was seven. He has a brother and three step-brothers."

Maintains contact with all of his brothers? "Always maintain a close relationship with all my brothers. You know, one of the elements of Greek culture that I appreciate and adopt the sense of family. How is tied. Influenced by this, in fact, I suggested to my mother to meet together in Greece the past summer. And so he did. We spent two wonderful weeks in Antiparos. It is the first time we did this since we were kids. "

How he decided to come to Greece? "For Nikolaos, it was a dream life to settle in Greece. As for me, after ten years in London, I was ready for a change. "

Meet Nikolaos in 2001. he was love at first sight? "Yes, it was love at first sight, but there was a long period of courtship. He was too polite with me. Approached very romantic way. Then I was still in Washington. Nikolaos lived in London. We sent letters to each other. Rather we had yet familiar with e-mail. »

How is a day to day but them? "It is filled with many obligations and starts very early in the morning starting the ride Rumi together with Nikolaos in Penteli mountain, near our home. It is a time we devote to one another. From ten onwards and until late in the afternoon, the day is full of meetings, always with different people and interesting project. And the day usually ends in the kitchen, the space that helps me low and calm. Cooking for me is a form of therapy. "

How he feels entitled "princess"? "I do not feel different than before. I see, but as an opportunity. An opportunity to offer. To unite your powers to personalities and organizations around initiatives that support those most in need within the country and also internationally disseminating comparative advantages. "

He feels, perhaps, vulnerable to Greece because of the ambivalent attitude of some Opposite the royal family? "First, I would like to say that I feel honored that I am a member of the family of my husband. In Greece I only felt hospitality. Everywhere, wherever you go, with surround people with positive feelings. But now I create roots in Greece. Not only that I respect Greece, do not like just, but has won and has fascinated. I have very strong feelings about the country and through the initiatives for which I work with great people, i come close with Greece more and more. "

And beautiful pictures

Princess Tatiana presented her book "A Taste of Greece: Recipes, Cuisine & Culture" in Athens yesterday, December 14. Prince Nikolaos took some photos of the event himself :)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 **
it seems that tatiana has embraced her husband's greek roots. does she speak greek?
:previous:I have read that the speech given by Princess Tatiana has been in greek. She speaks greek, they live in Greece from 2013.
Tatiana said in a vogue interview that she spoke no Greek before the move. She has made an effort though to learn it but it has only been three years. She does make a concerted effort when in public, to address people in Greek when she can.
eya - thank you for posting this link and all the others to Christmas messages.
They are pleasant reading and help make me feel a connection with the citizens of those countries as we mark the festivals world-wide.
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Yesterday , in a facebook group, a person asked, " where will the Greek royal family receive the new year ?, and I said, I did not know but it was obvious that they were not in Greece, because if they would be in Greece then Tatiana or Nikolaos had shared photos in the snow in Athens, and they had not done it, at that moment they had not shared photos. But in the afternoon, surprise!!!!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:, they shared photos in the snow hahaha they are In athens hahaha This was obvious, snowing in Athens and the princes of Nikolaos at home, it could not be.:lol::lol::lol::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
"Comes" Nicholas - The "Royal Party", the role of Frank, the City of London and the double currency

Nicholas, the holidays, discussed with many people. Many say - and not contradicted - that is ready to proceed with the creation of a new royal party with the participation of young people and the support of powerful businessmen lying next to his family. He, when they ask him, says that he is interested in the homeland. In fact, as reported by the environment, homeland ... written with a capital P, with all that this means, possibly the name of the new political project.

The discussion began to take "fire" after the interview of former telecast. Asked to Constantine if Nicholas will lead a new political formation, the answer was: "Ask Nicholas."

The questions, of course, there are many. The important thing is ... why Nicholas, not Paul, who is the successor ... Paul considered successor is one who replaces the king. There is a successor to lead a political party. For Nicholas, such an issue does not arise. Therefore, Prince Nikolaos is the one most likely to fall in the arena of politics, if and when so decided.

In the "projects" of the new party, sounds more the name of General Frangos Frangoulis, who is said to operate as a "precursor" of Nicholas and therefore the royal family, to "poll" the public opinion, which is considered very positive .

Also, many entrepreneurs have expressed their desire to cooperate with Nicholas, whom have personally met at London City. Indeed, young people who know their business flourishing in Britain, have very close last time ... It is said - never confirmed and transfer it with caution - that Nicholas is working on a new economic model that the country should follow us has to do with the double currency. The Greek pound on internal trade and the euro for external trade of the country.

«Έρχεται» ο Νικόλαος – Το «βασιλικό κόμμα», ο ρόλος του Φράγκου, το City του Λονδίνου και το διπλό νόμισμα - mononews
:previous:King constantine said in a interview to one greek channel of tv ,at june,"Neither I nor my son want to enter politics. I do not think it is appropriate, we are not politicians, we do not know this work,".

About the constant rumors on his son that he would be supporting or going to create a political party, the King denied it sharply, "I have the impression that Greece has many politicians, does not need one more, in fact I would say that it has more politicians than it needs to solve the problems." ,
:previous: :flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers:

"Reflecting on Clean Monday (Καθαρα Δευτερα), which officially marks the beginning of lent. A day filled with traditions, seafood, tahini, halva and, of course, friends and family."

This important day for the Greeks Prince Nikolaos with Princess Tatiana obvious spend with the Kings!!
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it seems that tatiana has embraced her husband's greek roots. does she speak greek?

She seems a very bright, sophisticated woman who has embraced all things Greek. It wouldn't surprise me if she has learned the language.

Go Princess Nikolaos!;)
"Ready to sail from Nidri to Meganissi is Prince Nikolaos. Nikolaos visited our parts as a member of the volunteer team of the nonprofit AXION HELLAS, which operates these days to offer free medical and other services to the residents of our islands of Meganissi, Kalamos and Kastos."

A photo as arrive Meganissi taken from Prince Nikolaos

Meanwhile Princess Tatiana visit her mother in Geneva . From Instagram of her mother!

" "Blessed to have breakfast with my baby ☀️"
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I love seeing Prince Nikolaos in these solidarity projects. :clap::clap:
I have read that was the birthday of Princess Tatiana´s mother
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Princess Tatiana in London supporting new program "Thought for Food" who supporting Greece through agriculture!

Princess Tatiana participated as Designer jewelery in charity exhibition. In This exhibition participate 110 jewelery designers whose creations auctioned for charity!

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