Prince Joachim & Princess Marie visit Lyon, France: January 24-25, 2011

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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #04, 2011.
Vi har besøgt tvillingerne mange gange - We've visited the twins many times.
Written by Henrik Salling, our Lyon correspondent.

Joachim and our Marie had been delayed and only managed to arrive in the very last minute to the reception for the competition for cooks at the Lyon Chamber for Commerce, Bocuse D'or.
Despite Joachim tap dancing with impatience to move on. They nevertheless answered a couple of questions.
Have they visited the twins?
Marie: "Yes, many times". - With bette Henrik too.
She added: "The twins are fantastic. So we've visited them several times".

Joachim gave a speech in French at the reception, with an encouragement to locate the next cooking competition in Copenhagen. - Yesterday I think, it was announced that a Dane, Jeppe Kofoed, won the competition for cooks.

And that's basically what BB managed to get in their magazine edition before deadline.
Has it already been posted that the Danish chef won the Bocuse d'Or during the competition?
Marie smokes also and if they both smoke indoors and around the baby, he's more than likely to develop respiratory problems.
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