Prince Jean and Family, News and Events Part 1: June 2003 -

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At the bottom of this link,you can find a link where you can download the guest list

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It is interesting that Prince Jean's wife Diane's last name is listed as of Luxembourg, given that the grand-ducal court identifies her since 2012 as Countess Diane of Nassau. I believe there are three possibilities: 1) Princess Astrid and Ralph Worthington disagree with the Grand Duke's choice to award Diane a lesser title than her husband, 2) the Grand Duke has at last created Diane a Princess of Luxembourg, or 3) the guest list calls the guests by the names they use for themselves (and Diane has always used the title Princess of Luxembourg, without the blessing of the Grand Duke). I am inclined to believe in the third option.

ETA: Also interesting is that the guest list uses of Nassau and not Willms for Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau. The position under the both the house laws of the House of Nassau and the civil code of Luxembourg is that the legal surname of married princesses remains "of Nassau", but every other princess of the blood has used her husband's last name.
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Prince Jean as Patron of the Forum’s WDA-World Diplomatic Academy attended the Crans Montana Forum in Geneva, Switzerland (November 16-19) and was pictured with the President of Slovenia ⁦Borut Pahor also Patron of the Forum’s WDA-World Diplomatic Academy:

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Another grandchild for Prince Jean and his former wife!

Prince Carl-Johann of Nassau (b.15 August 1992) [youngest of four children of Prince Jean of Luxemburg (b.1957) & his first wife Hélène Vestur (b.1958)] & his wife Ivanna, nee Jamin (b.1994) had their second child this year; name and sex are currently unknown.

A sibling for Xander (b.2021).

As you may see in both links - according to Hein Bruins Carl-Johann and Ivanna married in 2019.
Prince Jean and Princess Diane attended an exhibition of Ira of Fürstenberg's collection of art objects in Gstaad, Switzerland:

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Prince Wenceslas has a family of his own!

According to the Instagram page royaladdicted_new Prince Wenceslas of Nassau (b.1990) [third of four children and second son of Prince Jean of Luxemburg (b.1957) & his first wife Hélène, nee Vestur (b.1958)] married Elisabeth Lamarche (b.1990) in May 2021; they already have a baby son.

Descendants of King Christian IX of Denmark
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