Prince Harry Picture Thread 1: March 2003-September 2004

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i love the first photo!! he's soo cute!!what a winning smile!! :p
thanks for your photos josephine!
Picture of Harry in a Hat! (From The Sun)



They don't say who the girl is though. ;)
The blonde girl is Laura Gerard-Leigh. They are said to be "involved." ;)
I think i saw that pictures of Prince Harry and new girls in polo weeks ago both looks perfect.
Prince Harry is already a man, but I found this irresistable picture of him as a little boy. Hey, want to go on a date with a guy who definitely likes animals?

Picture from Corbis, of course:
And this guy is not too formal. At least wasn't then.

Prince Harry and Prince William Attending the VJ Day Parade
On August 19, 1995, members of the royal family watch the parade commemorating the 50th anniversary of VJ day. Half way through the long event, the young princes checked their watches and Prince Henry kicked off his shoes. (Awww, how cute).

Photo by Corbis:
I'm seriously trying to find some serious pictures, but this stuff just keeps coming...

Corbis photo:
Oh, my! He has definitely grown up. What a difference. And what a pose!

Thanks Corbis, for the photo!

And that hair! Maybe it needs just a little tiny cutting. But those blushing cheeks look so sweet. Picture from last summer.

Very sporty prince. Polo at Cirencester in Gloucestershire. Prince Harry(Henry) laughing while receiving prizes at a polo match. Prince Harry's team lost. He was given a Burberry bag as a prize for taking part.

Eeek, isn't he just cute in the first picture. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Pictures from BBC news.


Harry was the Parade Commander for his school's tattoo
The picture text says: Even princes like horsing around! Well, I think we already guessed that...

BBC News:

Yes, what a natural poser!

BBC News writes: The prince can make perfect toast. (Hmmm....)

harry so cute! gr8 smile :p thx for all these photos Mia! B)


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Thanks for the Harry link. I'm extremely new here and it shows and so far I've actually found just the jewels board. Sorry for flooding... :innocent:
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