Prince George and Princess Charlotte, General News 2: May 2015 - May 2016

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Very lovely pictures. She's a cutie pie indeed. Her clothes are lovely but I'd be so pleasantly surprised to see her in some more casual clothes. But I get that her parents probably like more traditional style for their kids.
My parents and grandparents also dressed me in a traditional and conservative way when I was a boy. I just like the way it looks.

I always knew William and Catherine would produce beautiful children, and they did!
She's a British princess and these are official photos. I think the traditional clothes are pretty and completely appropriate. I would assume both children have more casual clothes, though their "play clothes" probably cost several hundred dollars apiece.

She resembles several family members, as is probably most common. I see a lot of her father in her, but she also has some of her mother's features. I had always thought Prince George most resembled his maternal grandfather until I saw some of the footage of Prince Charles as a toddler. George also has some similarities to his paternal grandfather! Both children are unique and will grow up to look most like themselves.
what a treat! the pictures of charlotte are adorable. the best bit are those cute little clothes she is wearing - i love the little knitted cardigans!

what a great couple of weeks we are having with respect to official pictures of the BRF!
Absolutely wonderful pictures! Catherine is very talented with the camera and Charlotte looks precious. I'm very much in favor of dressing children like children, in clothing that is age-appropriate and Charlotte's outfits are definitely in that category.

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Aaaah, how sweet is our little princess. Happy 1st birthday tomorrow, dear Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. :rose2::rose::heartflower::twohearts::heart1::fireworks:

She reminds me of her big brother George; there is no denial they are siblings. But she seems to look like William as a toddler, but she is more striking beautiful because she is, for now, a brunette with such beautiful blue eyes. :wub:
She is too precious! I love her sweet dresses and Mary Janes.

Looks-wise, I think she has Michael Middleton's face shape, Carol Middleton's eye shape, Kate's hair, and a very Windsor-looking nose and mouth. Although she also looks JUST like William and Diana from the side! She's going to be a stunner when she grows up, and is absolutely adorable now.
Actually her hair is like Katherines in color only, as Katherine has very curly hair if you look at her pictures from childhood. Clearly she straightens her hair. I do agree that she looks a good bit like the Middletons. It will interesting to see her grow up and change in looks, she has beautiful eyes. She is a cutie!!
She is so adorable :flowers: Love the photo:)

I don't mind the traditional clothes, but it would be nice for a change up. She looks like she is wearing the same dress and sweater in all photo shoots (except the skiing one of course). I know its not, but it looks like the same. Even British princesses don't always have to look like they are born a hundred years ago. I have a feeling she will be like Louise for a decade or so, when we see her at Easter.
Charlotte is adorable. These are some great photos and I like the fact that Kate is the one taking them.
Sweet, happy little one year old. Can't get much better than that. Charlotte seems to be sweet mannered too from the photos.

I also noticed Lupo in the background so it seems where kids go, Lupo follows and when kids get distracted, he takes off for his own playtime. One thing that instantly crossed my mind though is "Ut oh! There's two little ones on foot searching for troubles". Once they get going, they don't seem to want to stop.

Kate did an excellent job with these photos. I like how she takes her own pictures of the children and releases them. :D
Charlotte is a lovely little girl. I see a lot of QEII in her.

the pictures are nothing special, something any parent would have taken, they don't show any experienced photographer skills imo.
Seeing pictures of Kate as a child and Charlotte, she seems to take after her mother strongly when they were both the same age.
I first saw the photos not long after I'd woken up this morning, and it was such a lovely surprise to wake up to. Little Charlotte is a beautiful baby, and she also seems to be rather happy too, which is cute to see. I think she looks the most like George, although in the photo of her with the baby walker, she reminds me more of Catherine.

I personally loved all her outfits in the photos, and I thought it was sweet how they had colour coordinated her bows with them. I think British royal children just seem to wear traditional clothing for official photos and events, but unofficially I can imagine that they wear more modern looking clothing, but of course I don't know that for sure but the outfits Lady Louise, as an example, wears for less formal dressed events like the Royal Windsor Horse Show, are more modern in appearance than the outfits she wears to more formal events like Trooping the Colour.
I think the dresses she wore here are more timeless or vintage than old fashioned, but that's just how I personally perceive them and we all have different opinions on what's old fashioned and what's not. I also think traditional clothing suits girls better than boys in most cases.
absolutely adorable. Lovely blue eyes. I love the white cardigan and the baby blue tights and blue shoes. I think these are "good" clothes for special occasions and the children have everyday or "play" clothes mostly. How nice to see these pictures.
The pictures are so lovely! About her looks, I love that she is a brunette with dark blue eyes (resembles her mommy that way), but on the other side her facial features totally resemble William as a toddler. What a sweetie!

I might be the only one, but I don't see any similarity with George, of course they might have some small things that resemble each other, but they're totally diferent on my opinion.
Today is her day!

Oh yes, on these new pictures Charlotte looks like her big brother. On the other hand, on the pictures from the winter holidays she shows similarity to the Queen.
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