Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 44: April - May 2008

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of the Princes of Asturias

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I thought the same thing a few weeks ago but perhaps it is only the dress that is a little bulky in the belly, isn´t it?

haha, I believe we've had this discussion a couple of weeks ago indeed. The dress could indeed be a little bulky, but who knows, maybe she is pregnant. They did anounce the 2nd pregnancy just before Leonor's first birhtday, and it is almost Sofia's first birthday now, so who knows.... :wub:
Letizia looks very nice in these pictures and yes when I saw these pictures I wondered if she is pregnant.
Seems like Letizia continues dressing the girls in partner-look. :lol:
They are too cute:wub::wub:

Sofia for future Queen of Denmark!
OMG they're so cute :wub: Thanks so much for the pictures. How long will they be staying in Palma?
Felipe's hair is a bit longer in these pictures doesn't it? Nice and curly, he looks so good with it! I love that Leonor is so smiley and Sofia wants to smile so much! I really hope we get some more pictures, I can't get enough of seeing these georgeous girls
You noticed that Leonor has a new haircut? ;)
Her hair is much shorter and less curley.
The girls are beautiful! And Letizia and the Infantas all in shades of purple/lilac. Nice!
They are so cute family:wub:
Leo is wonderful but Sofia's cute too.
lovely set of pictures! the girls are two dolls. i love how sofia is so active and always smiles and waves to the press...
Ohh... many thanks Lula!:flowers:

What a pleasant surprise!They looks so happy and relaxed..
Lady Leonor loves the cameras, she looks very beautiful and genial as always:wub::wub:
And what can i say about little Sofía?she is "the sweetness personified".
The prince of Asturias´daugthers are really extrovert:wub:

They are a fantastic family. I love them!
Gorgeous pictures of the whole family,leonor looks adorable!:flowers:
La Princesa sonríe de nuevo -
The Princess smiles again A sad day and extinguished. And fresh and on the following day smiling. Letizia has shown two faces to us in hardly 24 hours. Two faces totally opposed. Wednesday, in the opening of the new legislature of Cortes, serious and with repeated images of sadness throughout the day. Yesterday, with a great smile in the delivery of the annual prize of the Defender of the Minor of the Community of Madrid.

Las dos caras de doña Letizia -

The princess of Asturias, Letizia Ortiz, will be the president of honor of the First Hall for the Personal Autonomy and Quality of Simple Life 2008, that will be celebrated in Barcelona from the 5 to the 7 of June, according to informed today in a Fira official notice of Barcelona
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