Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 32: January - February 2007

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the Prince and Princess of Asturias.

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Prince: the formation of the human capital is guarantee of social welfare Prince de Asturias emphasized today that the best guarantee '

for the economic growth and the well-being social' is a society with a great development of science and the investigation and, mainly, the formation of the human capital. With those words Don Felipe, to that accompanied Princess de Asturias, he ended the act in which the report of the Foundation appeared Knowledge and Desarrollo (CYD) 2006 on the contribution of the Spanish universities to the development.

The report raises the necessity that the superior centers, the companies and the administrations impel the innovation and that first they are added to the economic and social development.

The Prince showed that these information of the CYD reflect the increasing interest of the Spanish company by a stable and permanent collaboration with the University, which reinforces ' our confidence in porvenir', that every time depends more on the capacity to perfect to us like society of the innovation and the knowledge.

The Heir of Corona praised the report and emphasized of him three of his objectives: to foment the development of the enterprising culture in the University, to intensify the enterprise perception that the Universities offer to their innovating strategy and to value the increasing paper of the Universities like motor of regional development.

In its words, Don Felipe remembered that Spain is the eighth economy of the world and enumerated the immense capacities of the country to assume the challenges of the future, between which it emphasized the human capital ' reinforced by the Spanish young people who with their eagerness to improve and to perfect their formation and its professional capacity represent our better resource to confront futuró successfully. And in that aspect, it continued, the University is irreplaceable to create and to spread the knowledge and to transform it into added value reason why ' reinforces our possibilities and contributes directly to the progress and the well-being of Españá.

Report presented/displayed in seat of Ministry of Industry, whose holder, Joan Clós, introduced the act in which also they took part minister of Education and Ciencia, Mercedes Goatherd, the president of the Conference of Directors of Universities (CRUE), Juan Antonio Vázquez, and the president of Foundation CYD, Ana Patricia Booty. According to Booty, the indicators of the report reflect that positive changes in the investigating capacity and transference of technology to the companies are taking place, although have to deepen in a legal but flexible frame, to develop a system of financing by objectives and to define a system of management indicators.
it seems Letizia is feeling much better theses days. I like her hair today, seems wavy in a sort of way, though her dress print looks like a much older women could pull it off
Since Getty Agency seems to stop making pics of the Princes of Asturias - too bad for Letizia because ones of her better shots were de Getty- Weirimage and Deadline give good pics but with big watermarks.

Nevertheless , we can see the Princess in all her finery of pregnancy women and it's a true pleasure.

I reed but I forgot where that the Princess is very impressed by all that is written about her -and her family- but I think that now she is abble to overcome all the gossips/stupidities/ and some on. The message is really clear: she will never be a model of designers, it's not her job; she will never be the archetype of the luxury women, it's not her feeling but she want to be elegant,sobre and refined to be beside her husband and give the importance at the events, speeches, meetings not at herself ( in the hypothesis where we can think she want that all the eyes are focus on her)

Even with a warde robe very sobre she looks wonderfull, it's the true elegance!
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Princess Letizia seems to be radiant and relaxed...
The dress she has worn today is pretty but I would like to see it better.
And i agee with you Adelaide she will never be a model of designers because it isn´t her job and only an intelligent and responsible princess can think thus.
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adelaide said:
The message is really clear: she will never be a model of designers, it's not her job;

Exactly ! her job is a crown princess who attends different events and official meetings/dinner and also is a figure. but when it comes to fashion, she should be comftable but yet elegent, does not matter which desiger she goes for.and talking about a model i dont think she should think of being a model, thats not her job:)
Please!!! the photos on London Feautures large!!!!! Sorry i d0n't speak english hahahahah i speak spanish!!!
did the princess letizia get a hair cut???? her hair looks shorter today...
bigheadshirmp said:
did the princess letizia get a hair cut???? her hair looks shorter today...

Yeah, I also think her hair looks a little shorter but it's kind of hard to tell.
I think she looks great! Much better than a few days ago. Her hair looks wonderful, and I do love her dress!
letizia look good, very different of face, I don't know how said it, she look with some weight more and is very very good in her
Her face looks beautiful today, she probably had a hair cut, the dress i'm with planetcher, i don't care for the prints.
May be the fact tha the Princes know the sex of the baby and they didn't hasitated to give it public, is for Letizia stressless.

It's sure that she has taken weight, and her looks so sparkling give us the proof that all is ok!
cinderella_star said:
Please!!! the photos on London Feautures large!!!!! Sorry i d0n't speak english hahahahah i speak spanish!!!

Doesn't matter, Cinderella_star, a lot of people on this forum aren't fluent at all, but by the end we can succeed to understand us. :flowers:
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Her face looks great (love the hairdo, it's one of the best I've seen her with lately:flowers:) but the dress is...:wacko::wacko::wacko:
I mean, the print is...not pretty:ermm:
Her face now looks the same when she was a journalist! With more weigth she looks the same has she was previous her marriage! Now we can see the difference and we can see how mucht weigth she lost.
Princess Letizia looks young and beautiful in these recent pictures. Glad to see her again.
Thank you adelaide!!! ... the photos are beautiful!!!! The Princess is very pretty and i love this royal couple
Yes is very sympathetic to see the Princess with a so beautifull features, she mad my day when she has her so sparkling look.

It's totally obvious that we would to see her with a pregnancy gown but it's also obvious that the futur new infantita seems very heavy to wear and you can imagine .... stand up during many years.... It's a challenge with any interest, isen't it?
I do not get tired to say that ......... she is really beautiful!
Yes, this pregnancy has got the best of her.......... that is everything, she is a truly beautiful woman, and I love to see her.
She's really big considering how far in the pregnancy she is. The bigger the better :) I don't mind the grey dress she wore that much, but this one is really ugly. Not a flattering print. But the most important is that she is feeling rested and comfortable, and she does look both rested and confortable.
linda85 said:
She looks okay. But does she color her hair:? During pregnancy you are not supposed to color or dye the hair? Her hair seems more blondish now.

I can't tell if she did or not but don't worry past the fourth month you can.
Pregnancy can do funny things to a woman. Hair color may spontaneously change during pregnancy and may or may not return to its natural color after birth. It's all the raging hormones! So I don't know if Letizia dyed her hair or not but it could just be her pregnancy hormones working overtime.
The princess is as beautiful as ever-even-if a bit tired.

I miss seeing pictures of her but can understand if the pregnancy is taking a toll and she needs more rest.
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