Prince Ernst August of Hanover seeks retrial in assault case

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A Royal Pain: Prince Ernst August's Case Heads to Court -- Again - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

In 2004, Prince Ernst August of Hanover was convicted of brutally beating up a nightclub owner with a knuckle duster. Now, a German court is examining whether the case should be retried. At stake is a lot of money and the prince's reputation.

Prince Ernst August of Hanover seeks retrial in assault case - Telegraph

A German cousin of the Queen who was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm after he beat up a man with a knuckleduster has launched a bid to clear his name.

Prince Ernst August demands retrial after knuckleduster claim - Times Online

Prince Ernst August of Hanover has rarity value in Germany: a blueblooded aristocrat with a jetset lifestyle, he is married to Princess Caroline of Monaco, is a cousin to Queen Elizabeth and he brings a touch of glamour to a country short on celebrities.
Ehrensache: „Du Zuhälter, du deutsches Schwein“ - Hintergründe - Gesellschaft - FAZ.NET

Translated version

July 2008 It is not easy in those days about Prince Ernst August and Princess Caroline of Hanover in experience. At the beginning of the week, the only news wasthat she now but as a witness in which he sought retrial of Kenya process "support. For details, she does not, but is rather in absolute discretion.

Gericht in Hildesheim: Prinzessin Caroline muss zu geheimer Vernehmung | RP ONLINE

Translated version

In the process Marathon to the sentencing of Welfenprinzen Ernst August of Hanover dangerous because of injury but is now even his wife Caroline as a witness testify.
Anders als bei einer ersten Ladung würden Ort und Zeit der nichtöffentlichen Vernehmung aber nicht mitgeteilt, erklärte das Landgericht Hildesheim am Montag.​
Unlike a first charge would place and time of the closed hearing but not notified, said the district court of Hildesheim on Monday.

Prinzessin Caroline wird an geheimem Ort als Zeugin vernommen (Schweiz, NZZ Online)

Translated version

Princess Caroline of Hanover is now but in the retrial of her husband Prince Ernst August testify as a witness.
Date and place of the hearing would be kept secret, however, said the district court in Hildesheim on Monday.
Call me blind, but I don't see the glamor of EA.

Well, ten years ago he wasn't that bad (though not so handsome as Stefano was). Shame he's always been so hot tempered.
I always thought EA behaved rather poorly ... and I can't understand why, especially as he's a first cousin to Sofia, a queen I revere.
Can somebody please translate this peice of news, as I dont understand any German, it would be much appreciated. Thanx
Princess Caroline in Hildesheim Court as witness
Caroline was questioned as a witness in private, regarding the court case "marathon" of the sentencing of E.A. for grievous bodily harm.
EA's wife did not attend the earlier hearing; the family's solicitor states that she was following a recommendation of the Monegasque Government which was concerned about safety.

Now the German court decided to question Caroline again, but the time and location will be kept secret.

The case goes back to the incident in Kenya in 2000 when EA is said to have assaulted a German hotelier. A higher court has to decide whether the case will be resumed. If that happens, then PC would have to give evidence in public.
Princess Caroline of Monaco will be summoned as a witness in the assault trial of her husband, Prince Ernst August of Hanover before the District Court of Hildesheim.

This is according to Online Focus Politik -

The defense had sought to summon all the crime scene witnesses, said yesterday one of the lawyers of Ernst August. The statement is for Caroline's next hearing in Hildesheim, Germany on 1 October if possible. Ernst August has been accused to be responsible for an attack on a German hotel owner in Kenya.
I don't understand the reason this case is being tried in Germany. Shouldn't the jurisdiction be in Kenya since the criminal act allegedly took place in Kenya?

The circus goes on.
Well, maybe because the hotel owner is German - maybe he's returned to Germany, so it doesn't make sense to have the trial in Kenya anymore? I agree w/you, though - seems odd that it isn't going to be where the crime took place. In the US when venue changes, it doesn't mean that the trial leaves the state - maybe a city or town away, but not out of the jurisdiction of where the crime took place.
That's what I thought, since both gentlemen are German. But that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, although maybe American rules of jurisdiction wouldn't apply.
This thread seems to be running in two places: here, and under "German-Austrian Royalty". Why?
This thread seems to be running in two places: here, and under "German-Austrian Royalty". Why?

I guess at that time when other threads concerning Prince
Ernst-August and his German family were moved to the
"German-Austrian Royalty"-subforum, this one was left here
as to Princess Caroline's involvement in the current proceedings.
Wow I don't know much about Prince Ernst August but after reading that article he seems to have a temper...
Unfortunately, there are plenty of pictures of him reacting badly to the paparazzi, so this doesn't sound out of the realm of possibilty of truth....sad, embarassing time for them.....
I am certainly no big fan of Prince Ernst, but this case never passed the smell test with me. The whole thing seemed like someone exaggerating their mistreatment to cash-in on a prince with a history of bad behavior the courts would be inclined to rule against. From what I know of retail the customer is always right and the good businessman will try to make the customer happy. The Prince was upset because his experience was not what was agreed upon, he admits and Princess Caroline testified that he did slap the man, but that's a far cry from being seriously injured with brass knuckles & all that -sounds to me like that stuff and the 'serious injuries' were trumped up after the fact, then the case was taken to Germany where I think the accuser thought the results would be better and all that to make an easy buck off a wealthy prince with a bad reputation. Again, certainly not fan of Ernst August, but I don't think he's been dealt with fairly in this instance.

:monacoflag: :germanyflag:
Didn't the prosecutor admit in the closing arguments that Brunlehner exaggerated the injuries? I think I read that in one of the articles. :ermm: The charge given by the judge was intentional bodily harm, with no mention of brass knuckles and I'm sure he took Ernst's previous "indiscretions" into account as well - which he has to. I certainly think the fine is a little steep but it won't hurt Ernst. We all know that he's not exactly strapped for cash and the fees for the lawyers and everything probably cost more. Most judicial systems aren't to do with justice, they're to do with law (please excuse the politicised comment :whistling:) and let's face it - a judge isn't really going to consider Caroline's testimony the most reliable, because of the rather obvious bias. I'm not saying Caroline would commit perjury, but the judge has to take things like this into account. The most reliable testimony (unless there were other witnesses - the incident was at a party wasn't it?) would in fact be Josef Brunlehner's. Not exactly fair, but it's the truth. Besides, he can always appeal again.
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