Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles News 1: October 2002-October 2003

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Polfoto 01-09-2003 The Prince of Wales is greeted by a crowd waving Union Jacks as he officially opens Britain's first complete restoration of a Victorian glasshouse Monday September 1, 2003. Charles looked relaxed as he toured the pavilions at Sheffield's Botanical Gardens, which have been restored as part of a £6.6 million project. See PA story ROYAL Glasshouse. PA photo Phil Noble


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Prince tours restored glasshouse

Prince Charles has officially opened Britain's first complete restoration of a Victorian glasshouse.

He toured the pavilions at Sheffield's Botanical Gardens, which have been restored as part of a £6.6 million project.

He spent about half an hour examining the hundreds of plants from around the world in the collection as well as chatting with those who had made the scheme possible.

He officially opened the glasshouses and was presented with a weigela shrub.

The pavilions, built in 1836, are the oldest existing curvilinear glasshouses in Britain and were among the earliest ever built.

The five-year £6.68 million project to restore the gardens, including the pavilions, has been mainly funded with a £5 million grant from the Heritage Lottery fund.

The glasshouses were opened to the public on Easter Sunday and more than 18,000 people visited in the first three days.

Story filed: 14:10 Monday 1st September 2003
The prince can tour a restored glass house and yet he can't attend the laying of the foundation stone for the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial. What happened? I thought Charles was trying to play the self-styled widower. :rolleyes:
Prince helps fund studies into alternative medicine

The Prince of Wales has agreed to fund studies into alternative medicine at a research institute in the United States.

He has approved the donation of an undisclosed amount of money to the US National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

The donation was made after the Prince and his companion Camilla Parker Bowles met Dr Marc Blackman, clinical director of the institute, based in Maryland.

The institute studies "mind-body medicine" including the use of mistletoe to treat cancer.

Dr Blackman and his wife Linda were guests at a private dinner at St James's Palace last November to discuss ideas about complementary medicine.

After the meeting the Prince agreed to approve a donation from the Prince of Wales Foundation, a charitable organisation based in Washington.

A spokeswoman for the Prince said: "The US foundation has given a donation to this institute. I can't confirm how much or exactly what the money is going towards. It is to go towards research generally.

"The donations are approved by the Prince of Wales as an active supporter of alternative medicine.

"He believes further research into this area is important. It is one of the Prince's key areas of interest."
On the second of two days visiting Northern Ireland, The Prince of Wales visited a 100-acre organic farm, run by the Laughlin family at Kilrea, Co Antrim.

The Prince, who runs his own organic farm at his home at Highgrove, showed great interest in the farm which has been run by the same family since the 1920s.

Earlier in the day, His Royal Highness visited Ireland’s only surviving water-driven spade mill at Templepatrick, Co. Antrim, which is now run by the National Trust.

Chief spade maker, Colin Dawson, presented The Prince with two different spades from the 171 varieties made at the mill.

His Royal Highness then moved on to Ballylumford Power Station near Larne, Co. Antrim, to officially switch on its new £200 million gas-powered turbines.

Owned by Premier Power - part of British Gas - the plant is the first new power station in Northern Ireland for 20 years.

The Prince ended his two-day trip to Northern Ireland with a garden party at Hillsborough Castle.

Before touring gardens and talking to some of the 2,500 guests, His Royal Highness officially opened a newly refurbished art gallery inside the castle which exhibits the work of Derek Hill, an English artist with strong connections to Ireland.

The Prince was also invited to plant a tree assisted by Stewart Finn, gardener, at Hillsborough Castle.

The Prince chatted with many of the guests who shared his passion for conservation and the environment - the theme of the garden party.
Prince to urge public passion for old buildings

The Prince of Wales will urge the public to help rescue thousands of crumbling listed buildings around the country in a special message recorded for the finale of BBC2's Restoration series.

The Prince, who has been watching the show keenly, is to remind viewers that while one historic site will be saved by the programme, much of Britain's architectural heritage remains at risk.

His five-minute message will be shown as part of the climax to Restoration, which is to be broadcast live from the Tower of London tonight.

The series has profiled thirty architectural treasures from around the country over the course of ten hour-long programs, with viewers voting on which should be saved.

During the live show starting at 9pm, the public is to choose which of ten finalist sites will have its future secured with funds from programme-makers Endemol and £3 million pledged by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A spokeswoman for St James's Palace said the Prince had seen and enjoyed much of the series, and wanted to show his support for what it was trying to do.

"The Prince of Wales is very interested in the built environment, and always has been," she added. "He works on behalf of a number of charities to help preserve historic buildings."

However, she refused to say whether the Prince had a favourite site that he would like to see win.

The 10 buildings that have made it through to the live final will each be represented by celebrity advocates.

Phone lines opened on Thursday morning and makers Endemol say at least 17.9p from every 30p vote will go to a charity set up to restore the winning building.

Voting is due to close at 10.10pm, and the winner is expected to be disclosed at 10.17pm.

The Cook, The Prince, and the Royal Banquet

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver served up a meal fit for a future king on Wednesday, when Prince Charles invited him along to cook for a party in Clarence House. The Prince of Wales was hosting a VIP banquet to celebrate the growing popularity of organic food in Britain.

And Jamie had to cater to some discerning palates, as Sting, Trudie Styler, Steven Fry and Camilla Parker Bowles were all among the guests. He was assisted by chefs from his restaurant 15 as he cooked up a storm using produce from the Prince's pesticide-free farm near Highgrove.

Prince Charles is a leading advocate of organic foods and his own range, Duchy Originals, is one of Britain's most popular brands. "Jamie Oliver is a keen supporter of organic food," said a Clarence House spokesman. "He devised the menu, which they wanted to be totally organic."

Jamie is currently taking a year out from his TV career to have more time with his family and concentrate on his restaurant. He set up the popular eaterie by taking 15 unemployed youngsters and training them to work as chefs.

Prince Charles also showed his support for Jamie's efforts by donating £15,000 to his charity, Cheeky Chops.


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Comedian Stephen Fry chats with Camilla Parker Bowles at the dinner


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Rock star Sting and the culinary whizz share a few words at the Clarence House evening


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Prince Charles Scraps 'Mission Statement' on Camilla's Advice

The Prince of Wales has scrapped plans to issue a "mission statement", after his companion Camilla Parker Bowles told him it was a bad idea.

The future king had been planning to publish a document setting out his role as heir to the throne. Aides believed the statement, which was dubbed "the alternative Queen's speech" by courtiers, would help improve his public image. The idea was to focus more attention on the Prince's charity work and his service to voluntary organisations.

But sources at Clarence House have revealed that Camilla strongly objected. "She felt that he's been around long enough as Prince of Wales and had no need to explain to people who he was and what he did," a friend was quoted as saying.

The decision comes after a financial report, which was intended to portray the Prince as a frugal spender, backfired. Clarence House had been hoping to show the 55-year-old was a man of modest tastes, but Charles suffered a press backlash after it was revealed he spends £2 million a year on himself and his sons.


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from Yahoo News

British tourists point with their umbrella at an advertising hoarding for Channel Tunnel rail service Eurostar which shows Prince Charles' head superimposed on an athlete's body, in central Brussels, October 3, 2003. The image, representing a faster schedule for trains running between Brussels and London, can be seen all over the city.


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A pedestrian with an umbrella walks past an advertisment for Channel Tunnel rail service Eurostar showing Prince Charles' head superimposed on an athlete's body in Brussels, October 3, 2003. The image, representing a faster schedule for trains running between Brussels and London, was plastered on the side of an office block under construction.


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A woman looks at an advertising board for Channel Tunnel rail service Eurostar showing Prince Charles' head superimposed on an athlete's body in Brussels October 3, 2003


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that funny pictures of Prince Charles! not makes me sense! :lol: :blush:

Sara Boyce
:woot: :lol: What's with the WWI cross medal? Or is it from WWII...very Imperialistic-style picture. Hahaha, political humour...crazy.

Charles spends 2 million pounds a year? My god...with all that money I'd have expected him to do something about those brobdingnagian ears of his. :lol:
Hello, This is my first post, and I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Really enjoy all the information and photos! Thank you!
Camilla Parker Bowles with a ring on her engagment finger THE WEDDING OF ALICE ELLIOT TO LUKE IRWIN, STOURPAINE, DORSET, BRITAIN - 04 OCT 2003


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what do you think of the ring
some people say it looks like Dianas ring
A close up of Diana's engagement ring


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What a scud! Giving his late wife's engagement ring to that hag? *Cough* excuse my stars! Why would he? Well...I suppose he does have rights to it..still, what a crud-bum! :angry:
I don't think it's the exact same ring. It looks more square than Diana's, and the setting is not the same.
Originally posted by Bubbette@Oct 7th, 2003 - 8:56 am
I don't think it's the exact same ring. It looks more square than Diana's, and the setting is not the same.
that good question!

but Princess Diana have big famous blue square than Camilla when Diana engagement to Charles in February 1981 but Diana wanted to kept her rings after her divorces from him! but i dont think so Camilla cant led have Diana's rings like that! that my chances! because Diana was globe woman of the world! she was young woman who marry to future king to Prince Charles!

Sara Boyce
Prince Charles attending the Service of Remembrance for the Iraq War, Oct. 10, 2003.

Polfoto 10-10-2003 Gary Lee / London - HRH PRINCE CHARLES arriving for the service of rememberance for Iraq at St Paul's Cathederal.


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    26.1 KB · Views: 221 - Memorial service for service personnel killed in the war in Iraq, St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Britain - 10 October 2003.


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    33.1 KB · Views: 194 - Memorial service for service personnel killed in the war in Iraq, St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Britain - 10 October 2003.


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Polfoto 16-10-2003: The Prince of Wales wearing the third beret of the day when he inspected the Gurkha Regiment. He was on an official engagement at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, where he paid tribute to the bravery of the Army's young recruits. * He is Colonel In Chief of the Gurkhas and the Parachute Regiment and is Colonel of the Welsh Guards and he watched all three being put through their paces, with the Prince swapping berets three times in the course of the visit.


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