Prince Ali, Princess Rym & Family: Picture Thread 2

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Jul 18, 2004
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Prince Ali, Princess Rym & Family: Picture Thread 2
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Yes a i saw this photo zohrab published it beautiful family
Amazing pic !!! .. thanks for sharing it.
The kids are adorable... Zayed, Aljalilah/s & Abdullah :)
That`s right but princess Jalilah bint Ali is older than Sheikha Ajalilah al Maktoum.
Lovely cousins x _ x. GOD bless them all :)
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sweet family photo thanks for posting.
it's lovely to see all those kids growing up together:)
adorable kids,it's wonderful to seem them together enjoying time with their parants.
The first pic was taken during their visit to the late Queen Alia´s tomb.
Yes Rossina I am sure.
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