Prince Albert & Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 3: April 2013 - February 2015

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Here are some more pics and a video of the gala of the 'Woman of the year 2013' on May 7:

** Soirée de gala "La Femme de l'année" **

** parismatch: Monaco honore les "Femmes de l'année" **

** pp: Charlene de Monaco : De retour d'Afrique du Sud pour deux Femmes de l'année **

Remise du prix Monte-Carlo « Femme de l'Année » - YouTube

Yesterday, May 10, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attended the White Feather Foundation Charity Ball 2013 in Monaco. The event rasied funds for Julian Lennon's charity, The White Feather Foundation, which aims to give a voice and support to those who cannot be heard, aids ongoing humanitarian and environmental projects, with an emphasis on water projects in 2013.

** White Feather Foundation ** gettyimages gallery 1 ** gettyimages gallery 2 **
How amazing Albert & Charlene met up with Whoopi Goldberg.
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Yesterday, May 15, the senior restaurant "A Pignata" and the "Snoezelen Room - Senior Animation" were inaugurated in Monaco in the presence of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene.

** Pic ** video: Inauguration officielle du restaurant A Pignata **

** Le Couple princier a inauguré le restaurant sénior "A Pignata" et l'Espace Snoezelen, animation sénior **

On Monday, May 20, Prince Albert and Princes Charlene will visit the island Corsica:

** monacomatin: Albert II et Charlène de Monaco en Corse le lundi 20 mai ** translation **
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They look very much in love ! Nice to see !
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Yes, it is! Corpus Christi, Corpus Domini, Fête du Saint-Sacrement, Fête-Dieu that's one and the same..:flowers:
i really like her clothes. She could be more stravangant!
Prince Albert and princess Charlene receiving this evening at the palace for the festival

The photos of the sharks with Albert and Charlene recall me the photo of Charlene in 2000 when she was in Sidney during the olympics games

Olympians Simon Thirsk And Charlene Wittstock Are

Charlene uses to protect all sorts of animals

An other photo given by the palace about the reception of the artists at the palace yesterday evening

other photo of the reception of evening on twitter

Photo by coraliepaul • Instagram

a photo of Albert and Charlene with Patrick Duffy and Linda grey, Albert wore glasses of star.

Linda Gray Prince Albert II Of Monaco Princess
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Great photos and she looked to have a great time, he a good one. It's not every day a princess gets to feed a baby shark then pet him, gets flowers from a giant stuffed shark and things like that. :lol::lol::lol:

Sharks are rough, kind of like fine sandpaper, rather than smooth. It's surprising when you get to touch sharkskin!

On July 1st, Prince Albert, accompanied by Princess Charlene, has awarded the MonacoUsa Association the Ordre de Grimaldi, Monaco's second highest distinction, at the Princely Palace in Monaco.

** Pic **
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